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Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on August 31st, 2015


Marshfield, WI, August 29, 2015 – It was Season Championship night at Marshfield Motor Speedway tonight, and many divisions of racing uncertain who will be the 2015 track champion.

Reagan May turned the fastest lap in qualifying for the Super Late Models.  Reagan turned a lap time of 18.474 seconds, edging out Ryan Hinner.  Super Late heat winners tonight were Frank Nitzke and Ryan Hinner.  Hinner also wrapped up the Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash championship with a win.

In feature action, it was Frank Nitzke grabbing the early lead in the 35-lap event.  Nitzke’s lead was brief however, as Stratford, WI youth Derek Kraus made the pass of Nitzke, for the race lead.  For the 13-year old, who earlier in the year captured fast time at neighboring track State Park Speedway, was looking for his first career feature win in a super late model.  Kraus grabbed the lead on lap two, and soon had Ryan Hinner in his rear view mirror.  Very rarely are there caution flags at Marshfield Motor Speedway; Hence, with a 5-car length lead, Derek Kraus was certainly sitting in the catbird’s seat.  Kraus did a remarkable job working his #9 machine through lapped traffic. Hinner, who was looking for his first career SLM track championship, cut the lead to 3-car lengths with 10-laps remaining.  Kraus, who earlier in the year won a feature in a truck at Rockford Speedway, stated, “with ten to go, my car started getting a little loose.”  However, the 13-year old driver was able to fend off any challenges that Hinner provided, and went on to score his first career feature win.  It was a very joyous victory lane for the young Kraus.  As he exited his car, the fans cheered and his crew were doing high 5’s.  Congratulations to the whole team on a job well done.  Ryan Hinner was crowned the 2015 SLM Track Champion, congratulations to the Hinner race team.

  1. Derek Kraus
  2. Ryan Hinner
  3. Reagan May
  4. Ben Pettis
  5. Frank Nitzke
  6. Monte Gress
  7. Derrick Van Dreel
  8. Dave Neitzke
  9. Jack Greenwood, DNF
  10. Dalton Zehr, DNS
  11. Mark Eswein, DNS, Broken rearend

In Super Stock action, it was point leader Brian Weinfurter grabbing fast time honors tonight.  John Zuch earned the heat win over Rachel Kallas.  In feature action, it was Brian Weinfurter leading flag to flag, earning the feature win.  John Zuch finished a solid second place, with Rachel Kallas passing Kyle Genett on lap six, to finish third.

Brian Weinfurter captured the 2015 Track Championship with his win!

  1. Brian Weinfurter
  2. John Zuch
  3. Rachel Kallas
  4. Kyle Genett
  5. Greg Mathews

The Pure Stocks wrapped up their season tonight, with Karl Genett already having the track championship in his pocket.  Kyle Genett, brother of the aforementioned Karl Genett, was looking to keep his brother out of victory lane.  Kyle Genett was quickest in qualifying, earning fast time honors.  In heat action, it was Kyle Genett besting his brother, to earn the win.

With a win in the feature, Kyle Genett could take home the sweep.  Kyle Genett, whom if which was doing double duty tonight, (super stocks), put his familiar 16X car out front, and never looked back.  It was Kyle Genett with the sweep here tonight, at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  With Karl Genett finishing second and wrapping up the championship, it was Kurtis Wosick and Brandon Knoblock finishing third and fourth respectively.

X-Treme 4’s took to the track tonight, and it was Brandon Elmer taking home fast time honors.  Brandon turned in a lap time of 21.559.  Brandon Herr and Tim Hintz pocketed heat wins, putting their cars in victory lane.

As the drivers took the green flag for their 20-lap feature event, it was Brandon Herr grabbing the early lead.  The Greenwood, WI driver extended his lead by 3 car lengths over the second place driver of Charlie Nickel.  Tim Hintz made the pass of Nickel for the second position, and had his sights set on a fast Herr machine.  On lap 13, it was Adam Krzykowski taking the runner up position away from Hintz.  With Herr enjoying a five-car length lead, Krzykowski cut into the lead slightly, but tonight, it was Brandon Herr putting his Ford in victory lane.  With Krzykowski finishing second, it was Tim Hintz finishing a strong third.  Ricky Brandl and Kevin Eckes finished fourth and fifth respectively.  Kevin Eckes was crowned the 2015 X-Treme 4’s Track Champion!

  1. Brandon Herr
  2. Adam Krzykowski
  3. Tim Hintz
  4. Rick Brandl
  5. Kevin Eckes
  6. Adam Eckes
  7. Brandon Elmer
  8. Charlie Nickel
  9. Ron Sischo

In Bandit action, it was Keith Wosick clocking in fastest in qualifying, earning fast time honors.  Wosick also took home the heat win, finishing ahead of Jerry Brickner and Mike Wegner.

In feature action, it was George Seliger grabbing the early lead.  Seliger’s lead was brief however, as Keith Wosick made the second lap pass.  Wosick, who has been fast all year, was looking to make the sweep tonight with a feature win.  Point leader Jerry Brickner, put his car in the runner up position and was looking to cut into the lead that Wosick enjoyed.  However, Brickner never got any closer than 3 car lengths on the first place machine of Wosick.  As starter Geno Eckes threw the checkered flag, it was Keith Wosick earning the feature win.  With Brickner finishing second, he wrapped up the 2015 Bandit Track Championship!  George Seliger finished a respectful third, with Mike Wegner and Jenna Brietenfeldt rounding out the top five.

  1. Keith Wosick
  2. Jerry Brickner
  3. George Seliger
  4. Mike Wegner
  5. Jenna Breitenfeldt
  6. Jonny Lepinski
  7. Mike Brahmstedt
  8. Christine Schmude

Up next, at Marshfield Motor Speedway, is the 2015 Annual Fall Shootout, on September 11th & 12th.  Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, Modified, Vintage, X-Treme 4’s, and Bandits will be competing.  The Yellow River Racing Series Championship for the Super Late Models, will be decided on Saturday the 12th.  Also on Saturday, the day will be highlighted by a Special $1000 to win for the X-Treme 4’s The X-Treme 4’s is a 4 cylinder modified division at the speedway.  Also, the Vintage class will be competing on Saturday!

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MMS Season Championship Races Postponed to Saturday, August 29

Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on August 28th, 2015

MMS will be postponing the Season Championship Races to tomorrow, Saturday, August 29 due to inclement weather. The start times will remain the same.

Discover Wisconsin will be here filming for a future episode.

Marshfield and Black River Falls Residents get in FREE* (*must show valid ID).

We will also have special admission prices for ALL OTHERS:
Adults: $10*
Students (9-14 years)$5
Kides 8 & younter: FREE

*No Senior Discount