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Marshfield, WI, May 22, 2015 – It was another night for great racing action, here, at Marshfield Motor Speedway. The half-mile paved oval always provides great racing, and tonight was no different, with the running of the first leg of the Yellow River Racing Series.

Veteran driver, and local hotshoe Mark Eswein, paced the super late models in qualifying, setting fast time for the night. In the Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash, it was Travis Volm edging out Jeff Weinfurter for the win. Heat winners tonight in the super late model division was Neillsville’s Darek Gress, and Mosinee driver Travis Volm.

In feature action, it was Derrick Van Dreel leading the first 5 laps, with Jeff Weinfurter hot on his heels. On lap six, it was Weinfurter taking the lead with an outside pass on the backstretch. Weinfurter continued to set the pace in the YRRS 50-lap feature, with Darek Gress running in the second position. On lap 21, it was Mark Eswein getting by Darek Gress for the runnerup position. Lap 28 would be the lap that Eswein moved out in front, to set the pace. Travis Volm moved to the fifth spot, but had no where to go as Don Turner and Darek Gress battled side-by-side for 20 laps. Volm finally stuck his nose in between the cars of Turner and Gress, and moved to the outside of Turner as Gress slipped up the track, in the middle of the 3/4 corner. Eswein was enjoying a comfortable lead with Weinfurter and Volm, running second and third respectfully. With ten laps remaining, it was evident that Volm was catching Weinfurter, but he just ran out of time to a very fast Jeff Weinfurter machine. With Eswein cruising to the YRRS feature win, it was Weinfurter finishing second, with Volm placing third. Rounding out the top five was Don “Thunder” Turner, and Ryan Hinner.
1. Mark Eswein
2. Jeff Weinfurter
3. Travis Volm
4. Don Turner
5. Ryan Hinner
6. Darek Gress
7. Monte Gress
8. Wayne Breitenfeldt
9. Derrick Van Dreel
10. Mike Sievers

The CWSSA Super Stocks was once again part of the card tonight. Brian Weinfurter set fast time with a lap time of 20.435 seconds. Marv Flick, once again made is appearance at MMS, and pocketed the heat win. In super stock feature action, Rachel Kallas setting the early pace, as she would lead the firt four laps. Greg Mathews would get his chance to lead a few laps, but it was Brian Weinfurter getting by Mathews for the race lead on lap seven. John Zuch had another fast car tonight, as he would get to the back bumper of Weinfurter. Zuch pressured Weinfurter to the end. but tonight, it was Brian Weinfurter taking the checkered flag.
1. Brian Weinfurter
2. John Zuch
3. Kyle Genett
4. Rachel Kallas
5. Phil Malouf
6. Greg Mathews
7. Marv Flick

The X-Treme 4’s would put on another spectacular show tonight, and it was point leader Charlie Nickel grabbing fast time honors. Heat winners tonight was Tyler Raab and Adam Eckes! Once the field of X-Treme 4’s took to the track for their feature event, it was Tyler Raab taking the early lead. With Raab setting the pace, it was Auburndale, WI hotshoe Tim Anderson working his way to the runnerup position. On lap 7, it was Anderson overtaking teammate Tyler Raab for the race lead. Anderson would hold the lead until lap 15, that was when Charlie Nickel motored by Anderson for the lead. Nickel, a 2014 graduate of Loyal High School, has been nothing short of sensational, the first two weeks of the season at MMS. With Charlie Nickel grabbling anoher checkered flag, it was Tim Anderson edging out Adam Eckes for the second spot. Kevin Eckes and Derk Hauser rounded out the top five. Note: Steve Hauser was involved in a warm up lap incident, doing much damage to the front end of his machine. Tyler Raab, on lap 14, got off the backstretch and rolled his #4 machine. Neither driver was injured in the incidents.
1. Charlie Nickel
2. Tim Anderson
3. Adam Eckes
4. Kevin Eckes
5. Derk Hauser
6. Phil Malouf
7. Jared DeBoer
8. Charlie Dixon
9. Ryan Polansky
10. Tyler Raab
11. Steve Hauser
12. Ron Sischo

Pure Stocks made their appearance again tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway. It was Dan Weinfurter setting fast time tonight. Weinfurter turned a quick lap of 21.839 seconds. Heat winner tonight for the Pure Stocks was Rangeline, WI driver Karl Genett.
In feature action, it was Karl Genett led the entire race, pocketing his second consecutive feature at MMS. Rookie driver Dillon Mackesy raced to a very respectable second place position. Shane Sparks and Dan Weinfurter, finished third and fourth respectfully.

Bandit drivers showed up tonight and put on a great show!. Of the 12 participants, it was Jerry Brickner earning fast time honors; Brickner clocked in at 22.479 seconds. Nekoosa driver Tim Hintz made a return visit to the popular half mile of Central Wisconsin, and took home the win in his respective heat. It was point leader Jerry Brickner grabbing fast heat honors.
In the Bandit feature, it was Greg Blount jumping out to a nice lead, with Mike Wagner running a close second. Jerry Brickner got caught up in traffic early, and had to gradually work his way through the field. By the time Brickner cleared the cars he was racing against, Blount had a 8-car length lead. Once starter Geno Eckes through the checkered flag, it was Greg Blount grabbing the early season featue win. Mike Wagner, whom of which is also off to a great start to the season, finished in the second spot, with hard charging Jerry Brickner grabbing third.
1. Greg Blount
2. Mike Wagner
3. Jerry Brickner
4. Keith Wosick
5. Brian Hudson
6. Tim Hintz
7. Jenna Breitenfeldt
8. Brandon Polansky
9. Randy Polansky
10. Christine Schmude
11. Zach Onson
12. Jonny Lepinski

Next Friday night, it’s Memorial Day Week Veteran’s Special. All Veterans will get in FREE! Also, all kids 10 years and younger will receive a FREE Hot Dog! Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, Pure Stocks, X-Treme 4’s, and Bandits will all be competing. Admission for adults 15 and older is just $12, students 9-14 is just $8, and children 8 and under are always free at Marshfield Motor Speedway! Fan gates open at 6pm, qualifying is at 6:30pm, with the hot racing action beginning at 7:45pm.

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Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on May 9th, 2015

Marshfield, WI- With the 2015 race season kicking off Friday night at Marshfield Motor Speedway, many drivers showed up and put on a great show for the fans.

Super Late Models were on the card tonight, racing on a new affordable racing tire. Fastest is qualifying tonight was Mosinee, WI driver Travis Volm. Ryan Hinner won the Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash, with Monte Gress and Ryan Hinner winning the heats.

When the Super Lates took to the track for their feature race, it was Brett Widdis cruising out to the early lead. Don “Thunder” Turner held the second spot with Jeff Weinfurter running third. Weinfurter took over the second spot and held that spot until lap 11, when Ryan Hinner moved up to he runner up position. Weinfurter recaptured the runner up spot a few laps later with the pass of Hinner. With Widdis holding a comfortable lead, Mark Eswein worked his way through the pack and started putting heavy pressure on Jeff Weinfurter to the second position. Eswein made the pass of Weinfurter and started working on Widdas for the race lead. With Widdas holding a large lead, the best race was between Eswein, Hinner, and fast timer Travis Volm. As the race unfolded, it was Brett Widdis capturing his first ever feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Mark Eswein finished second, Ryan Hinner third, with Travis Volm and Jeff Weinfurter rounding out the top five.

1. Brett Widdis
2. Mark Eswein
3. Ryan Hinner
4. Travis Volm
5. Jeff Weinfurter
6. Monte Gress
7.Don Turner
8. Darek Gress
9. Derek Van Dreel
10. Brent Strelka, DNF
11. Darren Jackson, DNF
12. Jack Greenwood, DNS
13. Wayne Breitenfeldt, DNS

The CWSSA Super Stock took to the track Friday night, and it was Brian Weinfurter setting fast time with a lap time of 20.269 seconds. Weinfurter also pocketed the heat win, with John Zuch and Kyle Genett, rounding out the top three.
In super stock feature action, it was Kyle Genett leading the whole way until the last corner, when John Zuch edged by Genett for the feature win. Rounding out the top five was Brian Weinfurter, Phil Malouf, and Greg Mathews.

Joining the divisions of racing tonight were the Pure Stocks. Fast timer, Karl Genett, clicked of a lap of 21.699 seconds, him fastest lap ever turned at MMS. Genett also grabbed the heat win edging out Dan Weinfurter. As the drivers took the green flag for their feature, Genett and Weinfurter swapped leads the first 6 laps, with Genett finally getting by a very fast Dan Weinfurter. Karl Genett eventually went on to capture a clean sweep. It was Dan Weinfurter grabbing second, with Bo Bennish and Dillon Mackesy coming home fourth in his first night as a Pure Stock driver.

One of the more excitable divisions of racing at MMS, are the X-Treme 4’s. Kevin Eckes grabbed fast time tonight, with a lap time of 21.577 seconds. Heat winners were Phil Malouf and Charlie Nickel.
In X-Treme 4’s feature action, it was Mike Dixon taking the early lead. Dixon’s lead was brief however, as Tyler Raab would grab the top spot. On lap 6, it was Charlie Nickel looking strong as he motored by Raab for the race lead. Kevin Eckes got by Tyler Raab for the runner up position, and now had his sights on a very fast Nickel machine. Eckes closed in on Nickel’s bumper through the corners, however, it was Nickel out powering Kevin Eckes down the shoots. Once the drivers took the checkered flag, it was Charlie Nickel getting the feature win! With Kevin Eckes having an impressive second place finish, it was Adam Eckes, Steve Hauser, and Tyler Raab rounding out the top five.
1. Charlie Nickel
2. Kevin Eckes
3. Adam Eckes
4. Steve Hauser
5. Tyler Raab
6. Tim Anderson
7. Derk Hauser
8. Chuck Dixon
9. Phil Malouf
10. Ron Sischo
11. Mike Dixon
12. Jared deBoer
13. Brandon Herr

In Bandit racing tonight, it was Jerry Brickner pocketing fast time, getting around the half-mile oval of Marshfield Motor Speedway in 22.781 seconds. Brickner also grabbed the checkered flag in heat action. Keith Wosick grabbed the early lead in the Bandit feature. Mike Wagner made the outside pass of Wosick for the race lead after four laps. On lap five, it was fast timer and heat winner, Jerry Brickner moving to the top spot. Bricker would go on and earn his first feature win of the 2015 race season! Mike Wagner was impressive as he took home the runner up position, with Keith Wosick taking third place.
1. Jerry Brickner
2. Mike Wagner
3. Keith Wosick
4. Brian Hudson
5. Brandon Polansky
6. Jenna Breitenfeldt
7. Johnny Lepinski

Marshfield Motor Speedway will continue its racing action Friday Night, May 22nd. It will be the first leg of the Yellow River Racing Series, a special 75-lap feature for the Super Late Models. CWSSA Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, X-Treme 4’s, and Bandits will all be competing!