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Pure Stock Drivers & Fans Coming Together for the Dan Weinfurter Memorial!

Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on July 20th, 2016

Dan Weinfurter collageCWRA Super Late Models, Vintage, Super Stocks, X-Treme 4’s, & Bandits, Join the Pure Stocks in Dan’s Memory!

Marshfield, WI, (July 20, 2016) – This coming Saturday at Marshfield Motor Speedway, many family members, friends, and race fans will come together and share memories of a fine young man that left us far to early.

A contagious smile, a shy grin, a friendly comment, a helpful hand.  These are just a few things that Danny Weinfurter shared with his friends, family, fellow race car drivers, and race fans alike.  A gentleman first, a race car driver second, is how most his friends characterize Danny Weinfurter.

Having his life cut short by a tragic car accident nearly a year ago, Danny Weinfurter, a third generation race car driver, already showed much success on the race track winning features and earning fast time awards.  But what this young man accomplished in 19 short years, was more than most of us in a lifetime.  Being the Wisconsin State Champion in Skills USA for Carpentry, the young Weinfurter went on to Nationals in Kansas City where he finished an amazing 7th out of 48 states.  Danny also earned awards in Industrial Arts, and excelled in Mathematics and Art.  Danny’s work ethic was second to none, but most recognize the fact that Danny was a true Outdoorsman.  Hunting, a vast variety of fishing, camping, time spent on the water, were just a few things he enjoyed.  However, any free time he had, if it wasn’t helping others, it was working on his race car with his best of buds, his brother Mike.  In his brother’s memory and his love for his brother, it is Mike’s plan to compete with the Pure Stocks in Danny’s purple #4 race car, come Saturday night.

Pure Stocks will be competing for a top prize of $400 to win the feature Saturday night, with $100 to start.  Track promoter Wayne Brevik urges all Pure Stock drivers throughout the Midwest to compete Saturday night in Danny’s memory, moreover, everything Danny stood for.

Along with the Pure Stocks, MMS has planned a great night of racing as the CWRA Super Late Models, CWSSA Super Stocks, Vintage, X-Treme 4’s, and Bandits will all be competing!

Pit gates open at 4pm, fan gates open at 5pm, qualifying begins at 6pm, with the Dan Weinfurter Memorial beginning at 7:30 pm.  Fans are also encouraged to visit the Weinfurter pits after the races and share memories of Danny.

Admission for this special event is, adults 15 and older for $12, students, 9-14 for $8, and kids 8 and under will be admitted free.

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Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on July 17th, 2016




Marshfield, WI, (July 16, 2016) – The Yellow River Racing Series, a three race event, was finally able to get the first leg in, and a great race it was.  On what was a beautiful night for racing, fans witnessed a great night of racing in all four divisions of racing.

Super Late Models were the marque division on the card tonight, and it was standout driver Jason Weinkauf earning the fast time award.  Weinkauf, a Merrill, WI resident, turned a lap time of 18.050 seconds.

The Kafka Granite, LLC Dash 4 Cash was won by Wisconsin Rapids, WI driver Colin Reffner.  In recent weeks, Reffner has been piloting one of the fastest cars at Central Wisconsin race tracks.  Reffner also edged out Dalton Zehr for the fast heat win.  Tim Sauter took his #99 car to the other heat win.

In feature action, Ryan Hinner and Ernie Schlough raced side by side for the first 20 laps, for the race lead.  Caution flew for possible brake fluid on the track, and it was Hinner with the race lead. On the restart, it was Colin Reffner taking over the top spot.  With Reffner at the point, Dalton Zehr worked his way into the runner up position, with Ernie Schlough running a solid third.  Zehr would work his way inside of Reffner, as the two drivers battled side by side for the race lead.  Two laps later, Zehr experienced brake issues, spinning out himself and a fast Colin Reffner.  Zehr took the blame for the incident, giving Reffner the lead back.  On the restart, Reffner jumped out to a one car length lead over Jason Weinkauf.  A few laps later, it was Weinkauf and Reffner racing side by side for the lead.  A few laps later, it was Weinkauf gaining the lead.  As the final 10 laps progressed, it was Reagan May working her way through the field to the runner up spot.  With laps counting down, May cut into Weinkauf’s lead significantly. On the final lap, May pulled to two car lengths of Weinkauf, but it was Jason Weinkauf capturing the 50 lap YRRS feature win. Colin Reffner experienced ignition issues on the final lap, giving the podium spot up to Greenwood, WI driver Ernie Schlough.  Derek Kraus and Tim Sauter rounded out the top 5 respectively.

  1. Jason Weinkauf
  2. Reagan May
  3. Ernie Schlough
  4. Derek Kraus
  5. Tim Sauter
  6. Ryan Hinner
  7. Michael Sauter
  8. Ben Pettis
  9. Dalton Zehr
  10. Brent Strelka
  11. Brian Hakala
  12. Colin Reffner
  13. Justin Mondeik
  14. Kyle Hanson
  15. Jack Greenwood




John Zuch had the best night of his racing career.  Zuch earned fast time honors, heat win, and won both features, as it was a double feature night for the Super Stocks.  Greg Mathews was runner up to Zuch in the first feature, and it was Brian Weinfurter finishing second to Zuch in the first feature.  With John Zuch’s success here Saturday night, he now has the championship point lead over Brian Weinfurter, with Greg Mathews in third.

Minnesota visitor Dave Auringer notched fast time honors tonight in the X-Treme 4’s.  Steve Hauser put his race car in victory lane in the X-Treme 4’s heat action.  In feature action, it was point leader Kevin Eckes taking the checkered flag.  Charlie Nickel edged out Steve Hauser for the second spot.

  1. Kevin Eckes
  2. Charlie Nickel
  3. Steve Hauser                               DSC_0250_20160716_204443
  4. Keith Wosick
  5. Jarad DeBoer
  6. Chuck Dixon
  7. Christine Schmude

Greg Blount tripped the clock fastest in qualifying for the Bandit division.  Blount turned a lap time of 22.828 seconds.  Blount, the point leader, also captured the heat win.  In feature action, it was Brandon Polansky grabbing the feature win.  It was Polansky’s first feature win of the year in his Bandit.  Polansky was all smiles when he visited victory lane.

  1. Brandon Polansky
  2. Greg Blount
  3. Shawn Kemnetz
  4. Bret Breitenfeldt
  5. Kevin Tessler
  6. Jenna Breitenfeldt





Next week, Marshfield Motor Speedway will be hosting the Dan Weinfurter Memorial. With a minimum of 12 Pure Stocks competing in the Dan Weinfurter Memorial feature event, MMS will pay $400 to win, with $100 to start the 20 lap feature event.  The CWRA Super Late Models will also be in action.  Joining the CWRA super lates, will be Super Stocks, X-Treme 4’s, and the Bandits!

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