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Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on May 1st, 2016

Join us today for the EVE OF DESTRUCTION for day 2 of our action packed weekend! Come out and enjoy lots of exciting smashing and crashing between the competitors as they race their way to the finish line! This great event includes a special appearance by “The Demolition Devil”, Scott Turkiewicz from Justin Sayne Motorsports. He will be performing three special-breath taking stunts!

Other Eve events include, Burnout Contest, Tire Race, Relay Race, Last Man Over the Line Race, Eskimo Nose 2 Nose Race, Tire Hockey, Double O Race, Obstacle Race, Spin to Win, 2nd Over the Line Race, Demolition Derby, Gauntlet Race, and Trailer Race! All this and more, TODAY, May 1st, starting at 1:00PM!

Pit registration will run from 11am-12:30pm. Fan gates will open at 12:30pm. Admission is just $15 for ages 13 and older, 9-12 years old for $10, and kids 8 and under are always free at Marshfield Motor Speedway.

Weekend Opener

Dalton Zehr Scores Feature Win in Spring Opener!

Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on May 1st, 2016


Marshfield, WI, April 30, 2016 – Another winter put behind us, it’s spring, and it was the 2016 Spring Opener at Marshfield Motor Speedway. With Mother Nature threatening to the South, Marshfield track officials did a great job of getting the show in.
New cars, new paint schemes, and a fresh start to the race season, as it was great to see the drivers, crews, and fans for another beginning to the start of an exciting season.

In Super Late Model qualifying, it was Greenwood’s Ernie Schlough tripping the clock fastest, with a lap time of 18.093DSC_0098_20160430_174841_. It was Schlough’s first fast time honor in his young super late model career. In the Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash, it was Chad Butz grabbing the checkered flag.  Heat winners tonight were Jordan Thiel and Ernie Schlough.  In super late model feature action, it was Jordan Thiel grabbing the early lead.  Thiel and Wyatt Brooks would run first and second, however, Justin Mondeik took over the runner up position on lap 4.  With Thiel enjoying a comfortable lead, Dalton Zehr was moving up in a hurry. Zehr and his race team worked through the night to get his car ready for the Marshfield opener.  On lap 17, it was Ben Pettis taking over the third position from Justin Mondeik. Up front, it was Jordan Thiel and Dalton Zehr battling for the race lead.  Thiel’s machine seemed to push up the track some in turns 3/4.  One lap later and with 4 laps to go, it was Zehr sliding to the low side in turn 4, grabbing the race lead.  With Zehr up front, Ernie Schlough looked like he had the car to beat tonight, unfortunately, Schlough’s engine expired as he entered turn 3.  Schlough did an excellent job of getting his car off the track, allowing the race to go caution free.  In the end, it was Dalton Zehr grabbing his first feature win of the year. With Jordan Thiel pocketing second place, Ben Pettis, Justin Mondeik, and Billy Mohn rounding out the top five.

  1. Dalton ZehrDalton Zehr Feature Winner
  2. Jordan Thiel
  3. Ben Pettis
  4. Justin Mondiek
  5. Billy Mohn
  6. Matt Goede
  7. Chad Butts
  8. Wyatt Brooks
  9. Jack Greenwood
  10. Ernie Schlough







John Zuch was quickest in CWSSA Super Stock qualifying, Zuch circled the Marshfield half mile in 20.154 seconds.  Brian Weinfurter was the super stock heat winner, and in the feature, it was Brian Weinfurter edged out John Zuch for the win, with Greg MBrian Weinfurter Feature Winathews taking the third position.










In the Pure Stock division, Karl Genett took home fast time honors with a lap time of 21.602 seconds.  It was Pure Stock Feature WinKyle Genett winning the pure stock heat.  In feature action, it was Kyle Genett earning his first feature of the 2016 race season.  Karl Genett was a close second, with Dave Lashua grabbing the third position, and Kurtis Wosick placing fourth.








The X-Treme 4’s were back on the track after a long off-season.  Fastest tonight in qualifying was the #12 of Chili’s Charlie Nickel.  Nickel turned a lap time of 21.738. Derk Hauser and Keith Wosick were the heat winners tonight in the X-Treme 4’s.  Leading the field to the green flag in the feature event, was Tim Finstad.  Phil Malouf grabbed the early lead, but it was Tim Hintz taking over the top spot on lap 3.  Hintz would lead the race until lap 9, that was when fast time Charlie Nickel took over the top spot.  On lap 13, last year’s track champion Kevin Eckes made the pass of Nickel for the race lead.  It was apparent Kevin Eckes Feature Winthat the Nickel machine developed an issue as his car started to fade.  Kevin Eckes went on to the feature win, with Tim Hintz and Derk Hauser taking seconded and third respectfully.  Keith Wosick and Brandon Elmer rounded out the top 5.

  1. Kevin Eckes
  2. Tim Hintz
  3. Derk Hauser
  4. Keith Wosick
  5. Brandon Elmer
  6. Steve Hauser
  7. Charlie Nickel
  8. Phil Malouf
  9. Tim Finstad
  10. Christine Schmude

Greg Blount was quickest in Bandit qualifying, Blount turned a lap time of 22.698 seconds.  Blount also pocketed the heat win.  In feature action, Shawn Kemnetz took advantage of Greg Blount’s misfortune, and took home top honors in the feature.  Blount, who looked like he was going to have a Shawn Kemnetzclean sweep tonight, had mechanical issues on the final lap of the event.  Brandon Polansky was the runner up, with Blount taking third, and Jenna Breitenfeldt taking the fourth position.






Marshfield Motor Speedway will be off the next to weeks, but will continue racing on Saturday, May 21st.  It will be Kids Night at the speedway. kids will receive free hot dogs with many giveaways.  Joining the Super Late Models, will be the Midwest Trucks, Mid American Series, and the X-Treme 4’s.

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