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Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on July 27th, 2015


Marshfield, WI, July 26, 2015 – The Dick Trickle Memorial, a special Thursday night thunder event, is set to hit Marshfield Motor Speedway this Thursday night. As Super Late Models, Pure Stocks, X-Treme 4’s and Bandits compete in this Thursday night special, it should prove to be a great night of racing.

Fans will not only be treated to a special 71-lap feature event for the Super Late Models, additionally, the Paul Menard Sprint Cup Series race car, and the Matt Crafton Camping World Truck Series race truck, will be on display.

Trickle, whom of which passed away at the age of 71, is being remembered for his dedication to the sport of auto racing. With a record 1,000 plus feature wins, Trickle, a Wisconsin Rapids, WI native, is tabbed as the winningest driver in America.

Fan gates will open at 5:30, qualifying is set for 6:30, with racing beginning at 7:45pm. Pit gates will open at 4pm for the drivers and crew members.

Food and drink specials will include $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon, and $1 Hot Dogs! Upper Reserved Parking spots are available, as are Sky Boxes! For reservations, call 715.533.0796.

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It was a special night at Marshfield Motor Speedway, here tonight, as it hosted a Memorial race for one of the all-time legends of racing, Jim Back. Fans were treated to a great night of racing and an awesome fireworks show!

In the Super Late Model division of racing, it was Brent Strelka tripping the clock fastest, earning fast time honors. Winners of the COLEMAN RACING PRODUCTS contingency heats were, Wayne Breitenfeldt, Colin Reffner, Mark Mackesy, and Tim Schendel. Coleman Racing Products donated a set of Brake Rotors to each heat winner. LaCrosse, WI veteran driver Don “Thunder” Turner won the Semi-Feature.

When the Super Late Models took to the track for their special 61 – lap feature event. it was the 2014 track champion Ben Pettis, and Derrick Van Dreel setting the pace. Pettis took the early lead over Van Dreel, then it was Travis Volm moving to the top spot. Volm jumped out to a 6-car length lead, prior to the first caution. On the restart, it was Jeff Weinfurter getting by Volm on the restart, and building up a sizable lead. Weinfurter built up a sizable lead over Volm who was holding down the runner up positon. Volm left the track with clutch issues on lap 20, and it was Brent Strelka darting towards the top spot. Mark Eswein worked his way through the field of cars, to put his familar #71 in the third position. With Weinfurter holding the lead, it was noticable that Strelka was cutting into the lead that Weinfurter earned. On lap 41, Strelka finally gained the advantage over Weinfurter as the two drivers exited turn 4. Strelka then fought off any challengers as he went on to win the Jim Back Memorial. Jeff Weinfurter, whom of which was in a back up car, did an excellent job finishing in the runner up position. Point leader Mark Eswein finished third.

1. Brent Strelka
2. Jeff Weinfurter
3. Mark Eswein
4. Tim Schendel
5. Colin Reffner
6. Ernie Schlough
7. Ryan Hinner
8. Mark Mackesy
9. Ben Pettis
10. Frank Nitzke
11. Brian Hakala
12. Skylar Holzhausen
13. Gary Back
14. Derrick Van Dreel
15. Kirby Kurth
16. Jake Capek
17. Don Turner
18. Wayne Breitenfeldt
19. Monte Gress
20 Travis Volm
21. Jack Greenwood
22. Ken Jacoby
23. Cody Smiley
24. Bernie Fritz
25. Steve Holzhausen, DNS

Super Stocks were back in action tonight, and it was Brian Weinfurter setting fast time. Weinfurter edged out Brian Back in the heat race, and it was Weinfurter topping Brian Back in feature action as well. Greg Back was working his way to the front, but ran out of laps and finished third.

1. Brian Weinfurter
2. Brian Back
3. Greg Back
4. John Zuch
5. Rachael Kallas
6. Greg Mathews

Pure Stocks took to the track tonight, and it was Dan Weinfurter earning his first clean sweep at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Point leader Karl Genett was runner up to Weinfurter in all events. Rookie driver Dillon Mackesy, who has made huge strides in his early racing career, finished third in the feature.

1. Dan Weinfurter
2. Karl Genett
3. Dillon Mackesy
4. Ben Capek
5. Kurtis Wosick

Charlie Nickel has been fast all season, and tonight wouldn’t prove to be any different. Nickel earned fast time honors with a lap time of 21.930 seconds on the paved 1/2 mile. Phil Malouf and Steve Hauser won their X-Treme 4’s heats respectively.

Starter Geno Eckes threw the green flag for the 20-lap X-Treme 4’s feature event. It was Phil Malouf earning the top spot, and continuing to hold that top spot for 13 of the 20 laps. Kevin Eckes grabbed the lead from Malouf, with Charlie Nickel following suit. Charlie Nickel made a valent effort in running down Kevin Eckes, but tonight, it was Kevin Eckes taking home the top spot. Nickel and Malouf finished second and third respectively, with Rick Brandl and Steve Hauser rounding out the top five. It was Brandl’s first night of the year competing, and Hauser was rebounding from a blown engine a few weeks ago.

1. Kevin Eckes
2. Charlie Nickel
3. Phil Malouf
4. Rick Brandl
5. Steve Hauser
6. Brandon Elmer
7. Derk Hauser
8. Ian Arneson
9. Tim Finstad
10. Jared DeBoer
11. Adam Eckes
12. Ron Sischo
13. Tim Anderson

With the Bandits back in action, the race fans of Marshfield Motor Speedway were certain to receive an excellent race! Tim Hintz has been getting faster as each week comes and goes. Tonight, it was Hintz earning fast time honors. Heat winners tonight were Jenna Breitenfeldt and Tim Hintz.

When the Bandits hit the asphalt for their feature event, it was Zach Onsen grabbing the early lead. Onsen’s lead was brief as it was Jenna Breitenfeldt taking over the helm from Onsen. Breitenfeldt held that lead for 3 laps, that was until Jerry Brickner showed up in her rear view mirror. Brickner made the pass of Breitenfeldt for the top spot, and wouldn’t relinquish the top spot. Brickner, who has been fast where ever he races, took the feature win.

1. Jerry Brickner
2. Greg Blount
3. Tim Hintz
4. Keith Wosick
5. Shawn Kemnetz
6. Michael Wegner
7. Zach Onsen
8. Jenna Breitenfeldt
9. Corey Stephens
10. Jonny Lepinski
11. Brandon Polansky
12. Christine Schmude

Marshfield Motor Speedway would like to thanks all the fans and family of legendary driver Jim Back. Your support of the memory of Jim Back was greatly appreciated, and helped put on a very successful program. It was also great to see so many drivers in attendance in support of the Back family.

Marshfield Motor Speedway will be back in action July 30th, for the Dick Trickle Memorial. This special event will be race #4 for the CWRA Challenge Series. Joining the Super Late Models, will be the Pure Stocks, X-Treme 4’s, and the Bandits.

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