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More Great Racing Action Tuesday for the Dick Trickle Memorial 99+1

Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on July 21st, 2014

Tomorrow night will be the Second Annual Dick Trickle Memorial 99+1. Drivers from across the Upper Midwest have already entered, and it looks to be an incredible field of cars taking the green flag! Marshfield Motor Speedway will start as many as 43-cars for this particular event!!

SPECIAL: Race fans, on behalf of the MENARDS RACING FAMILY AND MENARDS CHAIN OF STORES throughout the nation, you will have the opportunity to view, in person, the Paul Menard Sprint Cup car, and the Matt Crafton Truck Series truck, on display Tuesday night at Marshfield Motor Speedway!! Admission is just $9.99 for students and adults, Kids 8 and under are always free at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Family of 4, is just $35! Hot dogs and Bud products will be $ .99! Fan gates open at 5pm, qualifying is at 6pm, with racing beginning at 7:30pm!

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Order of Events

Order of Events


Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on July 20th, 2014


Marshfield, WI – (July 19, 2014) – The Yellow River Racing Series was back on tap tonight with a special 75 – lap feature event for the super late models.  Also, if you weren’t in attendance, you missed one of the best fireworks show in the Midwest.  Highland Fireworks put on a magnificent show, and many fans left the facility saying, “wow”!

Once the field of 19 – cars took the green flag for the Yellow River Racing Series 75-lap feature event, presented by Earth Inc., it was two time Yellow River Racing Series champion Steve Holzhausen showed he may know his way around Marshfield Motor Speedway better than anyone Saturday night.  After setting fast time, the veteran racer worked his way to the front to win race two of the 2014 Yellow River Racing Series.

“We just had a little better car tonight,” said Steve Holzhausen, “He had a better car the first time around, but we were able to get it done tonight.”

The lead swapped hands early with Ben Pettis jumping out front, then Tim Schendel, but it was Yellow River race one winner, Dalton Zehr, who took the lead on lap 26.  As Zehr put distance on the rest of the field, Holzhausen worked his way to the front from his 13th place starting position.

On lap 33 Holzhausen made the move around Pettis and into second and set his sights on Zehr.  It took 20 laps for Holzhausen to fully close the gap, but on lap 53 Holzhausen was all over the rear bumper of Zehr and looking for a way around him and to the lead.

Holzhausen stalked Zehr lap after lap.  On lap 60 Holzhausen was able to get to the inside of the 119 car and make a run for the top spot.  The two raced side by side for two laps, when Holzhausen cleared for the lead and never looked back.

Holzhausen held onto the lead through some late race restarts and stretched the lead to nearly ten car lengths by the time the checkered flag flew.  “With 12 to go we had a caution and I thought I was going to make a run at him, “ said Dalton Zehrn, “But he had an excellent start and got a big gap on me and I just couldn’t make it up.  He was actually the faster car and I would have had to jump the start to make it up.”

Zehr finished second, Pettis third, Claire Decker fourth and Frank Nitzke fifth.

Back in May, it was Zehr who better Holzhausen in race one of the Yellow River Racing Series. With one race remaining you can bet it will come down to these two in September to determine a Yellow River Racing Series champion.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to win this series the last two years,” said Holzhausen, “So the goal is definite to go that again, but he’s really fast here too and tough to b eat.”

“Basically it’s gonna be whoever finishes ahead of the other and I imagine with Steve it will have to be a win to beat him,” said Zehr.

Heat winners tonight were Don Turner, Kyle Genett, and Tim Schendel.

1. Steve Holzhausen

2. Dalton Zehr

3. Ben Pettis

4. Claire Decker

5. Frank Nitzke

6. Dean LaPointe

7. Natalie Decker

8. Davey Pennel

9. Don Turner

10. Reagan May

11. Kyle Genett

12. Mark Eswein

13. Tim Schendel

14. Zach Preiss

15. Tim Hintz

16. Ryan Hinner

17. Billy Mohn

18. Chris Grimes

19. Jack Greenwood

In Super Stock feature action, it was Karl Genett grabbing the early lead in their 20-lap feature event.  Genett’s lead was short lived however, as Brian Weinfurter motored by on lap three.  It was Shawn Selzer coming out of retirement and putting heat on Weinfurter for the top spot, but it was Weinfurter coming home victorious.  With Selzer in the runner up position, it was Bryan Langreck, Karl Genett, and Greg Mathews rounding out the top five.  Weinfurter also captured fast time honors and his heat.

The X-Treme 4′s hit the asphalt again tonight and it was Adam Eckes grabbing fast time honors.  Heat winners tonight were Justin Mondeik from Gleason, WI, and Phil Malouf.

Once the X-Treme 4′s took the green for their feature event, it was Justin Mondeik grabbing the early lead.  Mondeik couldn’t hold off a very fast Adam Eckes though, as Eckes took over the lead on lap four.  Eckes received many challenges from point leader Steve Hauser, but it was Eckes taking the feature win.  With Phil Malouf having another strong run finishing third, Derk Hauser and Rick Brandl rounded out the top five.

1. Adam Eckes

2. Steve Hauser

3. Phil Malouf

4. Derk Hauser

5. Rick Brandl

6. Tim Anderson

7. Dennis Goetsch

8. Danielle Behn

9. Dean Zackewski

10. Justin Mondeik

11. Chuck Dixon

12. Christine Schmude

13. Ron Sischo

Dillon Mackesy continued his strong hold on the Bandit division as he had another clean sweep tonight.  Brian Hudson stayed close to Mackesy in the point championship, with a second place finish in feature action.  Greg Blount had another strong run with a third place finish.

Marshfield Motor Speedway is taking just a few days off.  They will be back in action Tuesday night with the Second Annual Dick Trickle 99+1 Memorial Race.  Race fans will be admitted in to the race for $9.99 and Marshfield Motor Speedway will be offering $.99 cent Budweiser products and $.99 cent Hot Dogs!  Also, don’t miss your chance to see the Paul Menard Sprint Cup Car, and Matt Crafton’s Truck, which will be on display Tuesday night at the speedway!

Special thanks to Jana Wimmer and for covering tonight’s racing events on a National level.

Visit us online or join us on Facebook for further information.  We will see you Tuesday night.