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Registration Forms Need To Be Completed Prior To Opener!

Posted under News by Marshfield Motor Speedway on April 22nd, 2015

With the upcoming 2015 race season approaching, there are still numerous drivers that haven’t obtained their reserved pit slab. Slabs are $20 per night, or $150 for the season. Slabs are issued on a first come, first saved basis. If you want the same slab as last year, please email me at and I will reserve your slab for you.

Upper Reserve Parking/Decks are now available on a first come, first served basis. There are many very nice spots, including decks available. Call the office to reserve yours today!

Drivers in the support divisions are required to have Race Receivers in 2015. These can be purchased from or on EBay.

Drivers/Pit Crews, to help keep the registration lines shorter and expedite the registration process, please complete the registration forms and return all of them to the Speedway Office as soon as possible. On May 8 we will have an “express lane” for anyone who has completed their registration forms in advance. You will also be entered into a drawing for 4 free pit passes.

Complete registration packet includes all of the below forms:

Forms and money can be returned mailed to: Marshfield Motor Speedway, PO Box 515, Marshfield, WI 54449.


Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on April 11th, 2015

April 11, 2015 – With the racing season just around the corner, Marshfield Motor Speedway has made some significant changes during the off season, in hopes to make racing more affordable to the car owners.

In recent years, racing has become more and more expensive, and many drivers have been forced to park their race cars. Due to the high costs of racing fuel, parts, engines, and tires, many stock car drivers have been forced to put their favorite pastime on hold. As a race fan, I’m sure it has been more noticeable of the lack of cars at all tracks, and yes, it has become difficult for many race teams to obtain marketing partnerships, with the strife within the economy.

Most likely, the biggest expense for race teams is the cost of the race tire. In 2014, A set of tires cost the car owner $540, with many shows being either a 2, 3, or 4 tire show. An added cost is practice tires as well; Many race teams purchase a large quantity of the aforementioned practice tires, in hopes to gain an advantage over their competitor, and have their respective race cars set up perfectly for race day. With most race teams racing a minimum of two shows weekly, one can do the math and see that tires is most likely the biggest expense to compete at the local racing facilities.

With the cost of tires being an increasingly huge issue for race teams, the CWRA, (Central Wisconsin Racing Association), executive board and members have reached out to local tracks in an effort to bring the cost of racing down, and allow more drivers to compete on a weekly basis. In doing this, the most cost effective way to lower the cost, lies within the cost of the racing tire. With this being said, Marshfield Motor Speedway GM and Promoter Wayne Brevik and CWRA officials, did much research and decided that the Towel City recap tire would be the official tire at Marshfield Motor Speedway for the 2015 race season. The cost of this particular tire is significantly less than the past tire that drivers competed on, and will allow drivers to only purchase one new tire, either every week, or possibly every other week. Gary Back, a former top driver in the Midwest, and top-notch crew chief stated, “this is certainly the wave of the future in an effort to keep racing alive in Wisconsin.” Darren Jackson, a Wisconsin Rapids, WI Super Late Model driver stated, “this will definitely provide more opportunities for low budget teams to race.” Jackson further stated, “With tires being a big expense of racing a super late model, bringing in a more cost effective tire, will certainly allow more drivers to compete.” Along with Darren Jackson, top drivers such as Jeff Weinfurter, Kirby Kurth, Monte & Darek Gress, and many others are excited to make the move over to Marshfield Motor Speedway for the 2015 race season.

Along with Marshfield Motor Speedway, Dells Raceway Park, will be hosts to three (3) races each for the CWRA. In these particular races, the driver with the most points gathered in these six races, will be crowned the 2015 Central Wisconsin Racing Association Champion!

The 2015 Marshfield Motor Speedway schedule will be dedicated to the Memory & Honor of drivers that help build the roots of stock car racing in the Upper Midwest! Also, Marshfield Motor Speedway has shifted gears and moved most of their nightly racing events to Friday Nights! For more information in regards to the super late model tire being ran in the 2015 race season, or our exciting plans for the 2015 race season, please email Wayne at: or call 715.533.0796.