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MARSHFIELD, WI, JULY 3, 2015 – Many veterans attended MMS tonight, as Marshfield Motor Speedway honored the veterans with a special, on track ceremony. The weather was perfect for a great night of racing, as the four divisions of racing put on an excellent show!

It was veteran driver Don “Thunder” Turner leading the way to the green flag, in the Super Late Model feature event. Turner, who earlier in the day won his heat race, held the lead for the first four laps. Point leader Mark Eswein grabbed the lead from Turner, with an inside pass as the drivers exited turn four. Caution flew on lap four as Turner and Ben Pettis made contact on the front stretch. Pettis took his car to the pits for repairs and was able to continue. On the restart, Eswein continued to lead the way, however, his lead was brief as fast qualifier Brent Strelka took over the top spot on lap six. As Strelka held a 5-car length lead, the battle for second was heating up as Colin Reffner pulled even with Eswein on lap 20. Reffner and Eswein traded the runner up spot numerous laps, however, Reffner’s car started to push slightly, allowing Eswein to regain the second position. With Ryan Hinner running a solid fourth position, Ben Pettis did a remarkable job working his car back through the field to the fifth position. As laps ran down on the scoreboard, it was Strelka taking home his first career feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway. With Mark Eswein coming home in second, it was Colin Reffner, Ryan Hinner, and Ben Pettis rounding out the top five.

1. Brent Strelka
2. Mark Eswein
3. Colin Reffner
4. Ryan Hinner
5. Ben Pettis
6. Brian Hakala
7. Kirby Kurth
8. Jeff Weinfurter
9. Don Turner
10, Wayne Breitenfeldt
11. Robby Bunkleman
12. Ken Jacoby
13. Jack Greenwood
14. Steve Maas
15. Derrick Van Dreel
16. Jesse Pokszyk, DNS

Pure Stocks were once again apart of the schedule tonight, and it was point leader Karl Genett tripping the clock fastest in qualifying with a lap time of 22.073 seconds.
In feature action, it was Karl Genett grabbing the feature win. Heat winner Dan Weinfurter was runner up to Genett.
1. Karl Genett
2. Dan Weinfurter
3. Kyle Genett
4. Dillon Mackesy
5. Kurtis Wosick

The X-Treme 4’s did another outstanding job putting on a great show for the Marshfield crowd. Kevin Eckes edged Charlie Nickel to earn the top spot in qualifying.
Tim Anderson and Brandon Herr took home the checkered flag in their respective heat races.

In feature competition, it was Auburndale’s Tim Anderson leading the first seven laps. Point leader Adam Eckes was able to make the pass of Anderson, for the top spot, as the drivers completed lap eight. It was Adam Eckes holding a three car length lead, but as the laps ran down, it was Kevin Eckes closing in on Adam Eckes. With two laps remaining, Kevin Eckes made the pass on his son Adam, and took home the feature win. Brandon Herr worked his way to the third position, with Charlie Nickel and Tim Anderson rounding out the top five.

1. Kevin Eckes
2. Adam Eckes
3. Brandon Herr
4. Charlie Nickel
5. Tim Anderson
6. Brandon Elmer
7. Ian Arneson
8. Phil Malouf
9. Jared DeBoer
10. Tim Finstad
11. Ron Sischo
12. Chuck Dixon, accident

When the Bandits compete at Marshfield Motor Speedway, they always put the fans on the edge of their seats. With the door to door, bumper to bumper racing action, tonight wouldn’t be any different then the other race nights!

In qualifying, it was Keith Wosick clocking in at 22.991 seconds, earning top honors. Jenna Breitenfeldt and Greg Blount earning heat wins.

As starter Geno Eckes threw the green flag to start the feature, it was Shawn Kemnetz leading the way. Kemnetz, whom of which was making his first visit to the track in 2015, would hold the top spot for the first four laps. Greg Blount, last week’s feature winner, took the lead over from Kennetz, and would not relinquish that spot. Blount earned his second consecutive feature of the year. Keith Wosick and Jerry Brickner finished second and third respectively.

1. Greg Blount
2. Keith Wosick
3. Jerry Brickner
4. Mike Wegner
5. Shawn Kemnetz
6. Jenna Breitenfeldt
7. Karl Genett
8. Jonny Lepinski
9. Randy Polansky
10. Brandon Polansky
11. Christine Schmude

Next week, July 10, Marshfield Motor Speedway will be having a special event, the FIRST ANNUAL JIM BACK MEMORIAL. This will be a 61-lap feature event for the Super Late Models. Jim Back was one of the great pioneers of racing, and help build auto racing to what it is in the Midwest. In Jim’s memory, MMS is expecting a large car count for the Super Late Models. Also competing next Friday, are the Super Stocks, X-Treme 4’s, Pure Stocks, and the Bandits. Also, MMS will be having their huge FIREWORKS show following the races!

Qualifyng for the Jim Back Memorial, Marshfield’s first of three CWRA Challenge Series events, will be at 6:30, with racing beginning at 7:45pm.

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Marshfield, WI = When the Ben Pettis Racing team makes their trek from the Eau Claire, WI area, you know they bring many race fans to the track, as many brightly blue numbered 22 t-shirts litter the festive grounds of Marshfield Motor Speedway. Ben Pettis and his wife Tracy, now call rural Elk Mound home, and after taking a few years off from racing, they built a new race shop, gathered their thoughts, and certainly are moving in the right direction.

Pettis, gives much credit of his return to racing, to the help he has received from his sponsors, Northern Metal Fab, Masterforce Tools, Culvers, All Season Tire Pros, Idea Signs, Airgas, PESI, Cleaver & Gayle Kronberger, and B & B Race Engines.

After turning a great lap in qualifying in his return trip to the speedway, Pettis found himself in the fourth position. Once the beautiful #22 blue Chevy SS took to the track in the fast heat, it was all Ben Pettis as he found himself in victory lane, a place not uncommon to the gentleman Eau Claire driver.

Once the Super Late Models took to the track in their feature race, it was Brian Hakala leading the drivers to the green flag. Hakala, whom of which was visiting the track for the first time, was very impressive. Hakala led the first ten laps, then Jeff Weinfurter slipped under Hakala in turn one for the race lead. By lap 13, Ben Pettis worked his way to the runner up spot, getting by a fast Hakala car. Pettis now had his sights set on Wisconsin Rapids ace, Jeff Weinfurter. On lap 16, Pettis was able to maneuver around the Weinfurter machine for the top spot. Two laps later, the Weinfurter machine broke a panhard bar in the middle of turns 3 & 4. Amazingly, all drivers were able to avoid the Weinfurter car. On the restart, it was Pettis on the front row by himself, with Mark Eswein and Brian Hakala in row two. Once Starter Geno Eckes threw the green flag, it was all Ben Pettis. Outside of a few red flags for oil on the track from separate engine issues, Pettis dominated the field, showing why he is the reigning champion of Marshfield Motor Speedway. Mark Eswein, current point leader, looked very good coming home in the runner up position, with Hakala winding up in third.

1. Ben Pettis
2. Mark Eswein, Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash Winner
3. Brian Hakala
4. Brent Strelka
5. Ryan Hinner
6. Don Turner, Heat Winner
7. Darren Jackson
8. Wayne Breitenfeldt
9. Derrick Van Dreel
10. Jeff Weinfurter
11. Mike Sievers
12. Jack Greenwood
13. Monte Gress
14. Darek Gress, DNS

The Pure Stocks were once again on the docket tonight, and it would be interesting to see if anyone can stop the hottest driver in the area, Karl Genett.
In qualifying, it was Karl Genett topping the rest of the field with a lap time of 21. 860 seconds. In heat action, it was Dan Weinfurter leading green to checkered flag. If anyone in the area has thoughts of knocking Genett off his fast start to the 2015 season, it would be Dan Weinfurter. Weinfurter, in his visits to Marshfield Motor Speedway, has been nothing short of sensational.
Once the Pure Stocks took the green flag indicating the start of their feature, it was Jake Capek leading the way and leading the first lap. Capek’s lead was short lived however, it was Dan Weinfurter working the wheel to get the top spot. Following Weinfurter was none other than a very fast Karl Genett. In what was truly a great race, it was Dan Weinfurter’s night to visit victory lane. Karl Genett, who has been fast wherever he goes, finished in the runner up position.
1. Dan Weinfurter
2. Karl Genett
3. Jake Capek
4. Cole Varsho

X-Treme 4’s rolled to the line for qualifying and it was point leader Charlie Nickel clocking in fast with a lap time of 21.694 seconds.

Heat winners tonight in the X-Treme 4’s division were Phil Malouf and Derk Hauser.

Ron Sischo led the field of cars to the green flag, but it was Phil Malouf jumping out to the early lead. Malouf’s lead was brief as Derk Hauser grabbed the top spot as he slipped by Malouf. The elder Hauser also made the pass of Malouf, thus, it was a Hauser/Hauser one-two position. Unfortunately, for Steve Hauser, his power plant finally exhausted after years of top notch racing, forcing Hauser to the pit area. With Derk Hauser holding a three car length lead, it was another father/son combo battling for the second and third spots. Adam and Kevin Eckes were really mixing it up for that runner up spot. Just to the delight of Derk Hauser, as he was able to pull away slightly as the to Eckes cars battled in his rear view mirror. Once the drivers took the checkered flag, it was Derk Hauser capturing the feature win. Adam Eckes had a strong night finishing second, with Kevin Eckes coming home in the third position.
1. Derk Hauser
2. Adam Eckes
3. Kevin Eckes
4. Phil Malouf
5. Chuck Dixon
6. Ron Sischo
7. Brandon Herr
8. Steve Hauser
9. Charlie Nicke1
10. Jared DeBoer, DNS

In what has become one of the most exciting divisions of racing, the Bandits at Marshfield Motor Speedway have fans on the edge of their seats with their side by side racing. Tonight, was certain no different then any other night this season, as much excitement was provided to the fans.
Jerry Brickner was once again fastest in qualifying, Brickner turned a lap of 22.845 seconds. Brickner also captured the fast heat, with Randy Polansky winning the other heat.
In feature action, Greg Blount and Jerry Brickner ran side by side for 11 laps. Each of the drivers racing side by side, door handle to door handle, and showing respect to each other. Each driver trading the lead nearly every single lap. With announcers Curt Keene and Brandon Aschenbrenner calling the race, you could hear the excitement in their respective voices as they called this race. Unfortunately for Brickner, he was on the outside the whole time and his tires started to heat up, allowing Blount to gain a one car advantage. In the end, it was Greg Blount, testing the recap tires, getting the win. Brickner, nonetheless, showed what kind of driver he was, and raced to a very impressive second position. It was truly one of the best races in many years at the speedway, and they didn’t have to trade paint to do it….congrats gentlemen. As it was tonight, it seemed like there was a side by side race for every position. Finishing third, and a real threat to get some wins in 2015, was Keith Wosick. Wosick edged Tim Hintz, with Jenna Breitenfeldt notching a top five finish!

1. Greg Blount
2. Jerry Brickner
3. Keith Wosick
4. Tim Hintz
5. Jenna Breitenfeldt
6. Randy Polansky
7. Jonny Lepinski
8. Christine Schmude
9. Corey Stephens
10. Mike Wegner
11. Brandon Polansky

Marshfield Motor Speedway will hit the track again on Friday night, July 3rd. It’s our Veteran’s Special! All Veterans will be admitted FREE! All kids 10 and under will receive a FREE HOT DOG!
Super Late Models, Limited Late Models, X-Treme 4’s, Pure Stocks, and Bandits will be competing!

Fan gates open at 6pm, qualifying will be at 6:30, with racing beginning at 7:45pm.

July 10th will be the CWRA Jim Back Memorial, a special 61-lap feature event in memory of one the best drivers in the Midwest!