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Fans Were Treated To A Very Exciting Fall “Eve Of Devastation”, Schultz & Phillips Escape The Devastation

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 26th, 2009

September 21, 2009; Fairchild, WI: – Saturday’s capacity crowd not only enjoyed the beautiful sunshine that Mother Nature provided, they also were treated to the excitement that the participants provided in the “Eve of Devastation.”

With the pit area being packed, it was evident that the 2009 Fall Eve of Devastion was going to provide much excitement for the standing room only crowd, here today, at Marshfield Motor Speedway!

Events sparking the interest of the fans and participants today was the Bus Races, Spin To Win, Demolition Derby(s), Relay Race, Tire Race, Burnout Contest, Trailer Race, Junkyard Warriors, 2nd Over The Line, Last Man Race, and ending the night with Fireworks presented by Safe ‘n Sane from Medford!

Great family fun was had by all that attended, here today, at Marshfield Motor Speedway. It was great to see many new faces, both in the crowd and in the pits. Displaying his talents and having much success in every Eve of Devastaion that he participates in, was that of Jon Schultz. Schultz once again went home with much hardware winning the Last Chance (compact), Relay Race (Full), second in the Tire Race (compact). Another driver with much success was Tim Phillips. Phillips went home with the gold in the Tire Race (Full), Last Chance (Full), Spin to Win (Full).

Junkyard Warrior Feature:  Sam Sudduth

Tire Race: (Compact) 1. Andy Rendflesh, 2. Jon Schultz, (Full) 1. Tim Phillips, 2. Andy Felix

Last Chance: (Compact) 1. Jon Schultz, 2. Perry Schultz, (Full) 1. Tim Phillips, 2. Andy Werthman

Burnout Contest: 1. Tyler Strub, 2. Dave Werlein, 3. Tommy Richards

Spin To Win: (Compact) 1. Rich Wagner, 2. Cliff Steponit; (Full) 1. Tim Phillips, 2. Tyler Strub

Relay Race: (Compact) 1. Kyle Gennett, 2. Roger Krause; (Full) 1. Jon Schultz, 2. Drew Irwin

2nd Over The Line: (Compact) 1. Ryan Vanderleest, (Full) 1. Brad Dupee

Trailer Race: 1. Brian Tauschek

Demolition Derby: (Compact) 1. Keith Tees, 2. Tim Anderson

Demolition Derby: (Full) 1. Dakota Osouski, 2. Austin Mohr

Fireworks: 1. Safe ‘n Sane!

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