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Kris Kelly, Dirk Henry, Mark Zeidler, Phil Malouf, & Charlie Nickel Earn Feature Wins on Day One of Annual Fall Shootout

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 13th, 2010

Fairchild, WI; September 12, 2010 – The Annual Fall Shootout at Marshfield Motor Speedway provided much racing excitement for the fans that attended this past weekend.

Super Late Models roared around the ½ mile paved oval on Saturday and Sunday.  Earning his first Super Late Model fast time award was that of youngster Bobby Kendall tripping the clock at 18.564.

The 25-lap Super Late Model feature was led early and often by Chris Grimes.  Grimes appeared to have the field covered as his machine had showed great grip on the track.  Attempting to run down the leader was Frank Nitzke in his familiar green colored #18 car. At the halfway point of the race, Grimes started to receive heavy pressure from Kris Kelly as Kelly edged by Nitzke for the second position.  Two laps later, it was Kris Kelly working his way past Grimes for the race lead.  Once Kelly raced his way to the front, it was all over as the Michigan driver cruised the remainder of the race and earned the feature win.  With Chris Grimes finishing second and Frank Nitzke third, Adam White and Ben Pettis rounded out the top five finishing order.

  1. #77 Kris Kelly
  2. #11 Chirs Grimes
  3. #18 Frank Nitzke
  4. #8 Adam White
  5. #7-11 Ben Pettis
  6. #97 Brian Goodwin
  7. #15 Dean LaPointe
  8. #2 Travis Stebane
  9. #89 Matt Tifft
  10. #11 Bobby Kendall
  11. #80 Monte Gress
  12. #75 Chris Brooks
  13. #33 Jack Greedwood
  14. #21 Jesse Pokszyk


Visiting the track for the first time in many years was the Click Club USA “Race For Hunger” Legend cars.  With 18-cars qualifying in for the feature event, Dirk Henry tripped the clock fastest at 21.830

Leading the way for the first couple of laps was Pat Zandstra. However, Zandstra’s lead was brief as Jon Lemke and Aaron Moyer exchanged the lead for the next 15-laps.  On lap 17, Dirk Henry decided it was his turn to lead as he motored past a very fast Moyer. Max McNamara started to close in on Henry for the lead.  The two drivers battled nose to tail for numerous laps.  Once the field of eighteen Click Club USA Legends crossed the finish line, it was Dirk Henry edging out Max McNamara for the Fall Shootout Feature Win!  Aaron Moyer, Tim Brockhouse, and Jon Lemke rounded out the top five.

  1. #3 Dirk Henry
  2. #24 Max McNamara
  3. #140 Aaron Moyer
  4. #13 Tim Brockhouse
  5. #17 Jon Lemke
  6. #40 Matt Ostdiek
  7. #81 Bryan Keske
  8. #99 Kim Kraus
  9. #29 Shon Jacobson
  10. #12 Chris Grimes
  11. #7 Derek Lemke
  12. #11 Andy Jones
  13. #35 Paul Byum
  14. #22 Kyle Hansen
  15. #34 Stacy Nuebuer
  16. #18 Dan Ostdiek
  17. #82 Tony Moyer
  18. #27 Pat Zandstra


Drivers from all over the state competed in what was a very competitive Limited Late Model feature event.  Jeremy Miller tripped the clock fastest with a fast lap time of 19.309 to earn fast time.

Jim Sauter, Jr. led the first two laps until Bo Bennish decided it was his turn to take the point.  Bennish got some early challenges from Mike Ehde and Skylar Holzhausen, but continued to fend off all challenges.  With the lead group trading paint for the race lead, Kris Kelly worked his way to second and appeared to have something for the Bennish machine.  With seven laps remaining, Kelly squeezed to the inside of Bennish exiting turn 4, and made the pass for the race lead.  Once Kelly took the helm, he cruised to the victory with Bo Bennish holding off the challenge of Jeremy Miller for second.  Skylar Holzhausen and Jesse Oudenhoven finished fourth and fifth respectively.

  1. #1k Kris Kelly
  2. #03 Bo Bennish
  3. #5 Jeremy Miller
  4. #78 Skylar Holzhausen
  5. #1j Jesse Oudenhoven
  6. #14 Brandon Conrad
  7. #58 Cardell Potter
  8. #45 Mike Litchfield
  9. #53 Rod Brewe
  10. #86 Jacob Zelinske
  11. #23 Jim Sauter
  12. #8 Nick Boldt
  13. #2 Jimmy Ganski
  14. #18 Mike Ehde
  15. #58 Gary Natrup


Motorcycles took to the track again and had the loyal fans on the edge of their seats.  Once the drivers received the green flag, Mark Zeidler out motored Craig Lewis to the first turn and gained the advantage going down the backstretch.  Mark Will started fifth on the field and worked his way to the runner up spot at the completion of lap one. Cliff Eckes motored past Will for the second spot and started to set his sights on Zeidler for the race lead.  As Eckes and Will battled side by side for the second spot, they had the fans roaring!  Once the riders received the white flag indicating one lap remaining, it was Zeidler holding the advantage over Eckes.  Once the checkers flew, it was Zeidler, Eckes, and Steve Kasten, first, second, and third. Craig Lewis rode home fourth with Mark Will coming home fifth.

  1. #25 Mark Zeidler
  2. #61 Cliff Eckes
  3. #59 Steve Kasten
  4. #7 Craig Lewis
  5. #66 Mark Will
  6. #13 Ted Strebe
  7. #55 Larry Eckes
  8. #3 Ron Bean


The Bandit Class always provides much edge of your seat excitement and tonight was different.  Tyler Raab posted the fastest lap in qualifying to earn fast time honors.

Steve Rozek and Phil Malouf proved to be the fastest in their respective heats as the two drivers notched wins.

Once the field of 12 took the green, Phil Malouf was simply sensational.  Malouf started towards the rear of the field and by the time the drivers completed the second lap, it was all Phil Malouf.  The talented driver worked his way inside and outside by a number of cars to earn the top spot.  Kevin Burris and Tim Anderson worked their way towards the front, however, by the time the checkered flag flew, it was all Phil Malouf in his #7 Bandit.  Kevin Burris held off the challenges from Anderson to claim the second spot.  Finishing fourth and fifth was Peter Bell and Arkdale’s Lee Gray.

  1. #7 Phil Malouf
  2. #83 Kevin Burris
  3. #17 Tim Anderson
  4. #86 Pete Bell
  5. #45 Lee Gray
  6. #07 Cody Heath
  7. #25 Shawn Carpenter
  8. #17 Nicole Coulthurst
  9. #4C Scott Ciesielski
  10. #6 Steve Rozek
  11. #4 Tyler Raab


Gary Haarklau continued his domination of the Junkyard Warrior Division as he once again captured fast time honors.  Charlie Nickel has made quite a surge to the front of the Division as of late.  The Chili, WI driver has continually gotten better and better.  Today, the young gentleman driver took home the checkers in both his heat and feature holding off a fast Haarklau.  Coletta Gomes came home third with Charlie Dibble and Christine Schmude rounding out the top five.

  1. #12 Charlie Nickel
  2. #9 Gary Haarklau
  3. #99 Coletta Gomes
  4. #21 Charlie Dibble
  5. #81 Christine Schmude


The team of Scott Ciesielski & Rodriguiz earned top honors in the Cruiser Division with a hard fought win over the team of Jeff Wohlrabe and Ronski.

  1. #21 Ciesielski/Rodriguiz
  2. #62 Wohlrabe/Ronski