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Mark Kraus Wins Yellow River Racing Series Championship! Ben Pettis Notches 2010 Fall Shootout Championship

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 13th, 2010



Fairchild, WI; September 12, 2010 – Fans were treated to some of the best weather all year and doubling with some of the best racing all year, here today, at Marshfield Motor Speedway.


Neil Knoblock clocked in the fastest of 32 Super Late Models, all vying for the Fall Shootout Champion coupling with the Yellow River Racing Season Championship.  With Mark Kraus holding a slight advantage over track champion Jason Weinkauf, and Eugene Gregorich looming in third place, it was sure to be an exciting day of twin 50-lap feature events.


On the pole of the first Yellow River Racing Series 50-lap feature event was Kris Kelly.  Kelly already notched two other feature wins over the Fall Shootout weekend, was certainly looking to add a third.  Kelly led the first 47 of the first 50 laps with fending off challenges from Mark Kraus, Chad Selk, Neil Knoblock, and Wisconsin Rapids, WI ace, Mark Eswein.  With Selk falling off the pace with mechanical issues, it left the door wide open for Frank Kreyer to take his shot at Kris Kelly.  With three laps remaining, Kreyer stuck his nose to the inside of Kelly entering turn one.  As the two drivers powered down the backstretch, Kreyer was able to out horse Kelly and gain the top spot.  Once the pass was complete, Kreyer was able to cruise to the Yellow River Racing Series feature win.  With Kris Kelly and Mark Eswein finishing second and third, fast timer Neil Knoblock and Florida driver Dalton Zehr rounded out the top five.


Finishing Order:     Top 5 Starting Positions in Parenthesis

  1. #99 Frank Kreyer (8)
  2. #77 Kris Kelly (1)
  3. #71 Mark Eswein (9)
  4. #70 Neil Knoblock (11)
  5. #119 Dalton Zehr (16)
  6. #78 Skylar Holzhausen
  7. #29 Ronnie Rihn
  8. #76 Jason Weinkauf
  9. #7-11 Ben Pettis
  10. #51 Jim Sauter, Jr
  11. #11 Bobby Kendall
  12. #40 Jeremy Switlick
  13. #14 Eugene Gregorich
  14. #9 Mark Kraus
  15. #12 Mark Mackesy
  16. #3 Jeff Weinfurter
  17. #18 Frank Nitzke
  18. #89 Matt Tifft
  19. #23 Jay VanDerGeest
  20. #80 Monte Gress
  21. #8 Adam White
  22. #52 Tom Lindquist
  23. #75 Chris Brook
  24. #29 Chad Selk
  25. #8 John Totzke
  26. #11 Chris Grimes
  27. #97 Brian Goodwin
  28. #03 Bo Bennish
  29. #33 Jack Greenwood
  30. #58 Cardell Potter
  31. #15 Dean LaPointe
  32. #21 Jesse Pokszyk



With Mark Kraus trailing Jason Weinkauf for the Yellow River Racing Series Championship by 1 point, and Eugene Gregorich within striking distance, anything could happen in the second 50-lap feature event.  Added to the YRRS Championship, anyone of a dozen drivers were still in contention for the overall Fall Shootout Championship!


With the inversion after the first 50-lap feature event, many of the top contenders started the second feature in the mid-pack.  Chris Brooks led the first handful of laps and then was overtaken by Michigan ace driver, Tom Linquist. Linquist would also lead 5 laps before being overtaken by Adam White.  White, who was driving for Mike Butz in the familiar number 8, would lead the next 20-laps getting some heavy pressure from Linquist and Jeff Weinfurter. Other drivers working their way through the field from deep in the pack was Ben Pettis, Skylar Holzhausen, and Rookie of the Year ace, Ronnie Rihn. Another driver having a very impressive run was that of Ohio native Matt Tifft. Tifft, racing for Iron Eagle Racing, worked his way to a top 5 spot by lap-30. On lap-30, Jeff Weinfurter worked his way to the inside of Adam White and earned the top spot.  With Weinfurter enjoying a comfortable lead, maybe the best racing was Ben Pettis working his way through the field.  Pettis, from his 17th starting position, worked his way past Frank Nitzke, and set his sights on second place driver Adam White.  One of the best moves of the day was Ben Pettis on Adam White.  Entering turn three, Pettis faked to pass outside, and shot to the inside of White.  By the time the two drivers entered turn one, Pettis had a two-car length lead.  With only 3-laps remaining and Jeff Weinfurter enjoying a six-car length lead, it appeared Pettis, in the Redline Speedsports #7-11 would have to settle for second.  Pettis, in three laps, cut Weinfurter’s lead in half, but there wasn’t enough time for the former Marshfield Motor Speedway track champion.  Weinfurter, crossed the line first winning one of his biggest feature wins in several years.  With Ben Pettis settling for second, Berlin, WI driver Frank Nitzke came home in a very respectable third place. Adam White, Tom Linquist, and last year’s Fall Shootout Champion Skylar Holzhausen, rounded out the top six.


Finishing Order:     Top 5 Starting Positions in Parenthesis

  1. #3 Jeff Weinfurter (8)
  2. #7-11 Ben Pettis (17)
  3. #18 Frank Nitzke (7)
  4. #8 Adam White (3)
  5. #52 Tom Linquist (2)
  6. #78 Skylar Holzhausen
  7. #89 Matt Tifft
  8. #14 Eugene Gregorich
  9. #29 Ronnie Rihn
  10. #70 Neil Knoblock
  11. #29 Chad Selk
  12. #77 Kris Kelly
  13. #9 Mark Kraus
  14. #51 Jim Sauter, Jr.
  15. #11 Bobby Kendall
  16. #71 Mark Eswein
  17. #76 Jason Weinkauf
  18. #80 Monte Gress
  19. #12 Mark Mackesy
  20. #58 Cardell Potter
  21. #40 Jeremy Switlick
  22. #75 Chris Brooks
  23. #11 Chris Grimes
  24. #119 Dalton Zehr
  25. #99 Frank Kreyer
  26. #21 Jesse Pokszyk
  27. #33 Jack Greenwood
  28. #23 Jay VanDerGeest
  29. #03 Bo Bennish



  1. #9 MARK KRAUS – 620
  2. #14 EUGENE GREGORICH – 610
  3. #76 JASON WEINKAUF – 609



  1. #7-11 BEN PETTIS – 328
  2. #78 SKYLAR HOLZHAUSEN – 320
  3. #70 NEIL KNOBLOCK – 319
  4. #3 JEFF WEINFURTER – 319
  5. #77 KRIS KELLY – 317








Twenty D&D Amusement Games Super Stocks took to the ½ mile paved oval of Marshfield Motor Speedway for their Fall Shootout feature event. 

Nick Clements took the lead away from Don Tieman and continued to lead the first nine of 23 laps. On lap 10, Ryan Hinner took over the helm and continued to lead until lap 14.  That was when Brian Back decided it was his turn at the front of the pack.  Back edged by Hinner and started to build a sizable lead.  Randall Wilhorn, who earlier in the day turned the quickest time in qualifying, had to work his way from the back as he got involved in an earlier caution.  Wilhorn did some masterful driving working his way to the third spot with three laps remaining.  With Brian Back enjoying a comfortable lead, Ryan Hinner was having his been run of the year racing in the second position.  Unfortunately, a non-super stock car made contact with Hinner, causing a right front flat.  This allowed Ernie Schlough and Randall Wilhorn the opportunity to work their way to the second and third postion.  Once Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag, it was all Brian Back.  Schlough and Wilhorn finished second and third respectively, with Hinner doing a masterful job hanging on to the fourth spot.  Keith Bohmsach, driving the #16 car, rounded out the top five.


  1. #61 Brian Back
  2. #45 Ernie Schlough
  3. #88 Randall Wilhorn
  4. #23 Ryan Hinner
  5. #16 Keith Bohmsach
  6. #87 Bryan Reffner
  7. #9 Mark Langreck
  8. #78 Scott Hamel
  9. #75 Blake Horstman
  10. #11 DuWayne Davis
  11. #8 Nick Clements
  12. #99 Don Tieman
  13. #93 Wayne Mackesy
  14. #6 Greg Back
  15. #13 Mark Challet
  16. #91 Caleb Marzofka
  17. #16 Kyle Genett
  18. #40 Ben Capek
  19. #25 Shawn Carpenter
  20. #96 John Kasboski


After a season away from the track, the Pure Stocks were back in action for their Fall Shootout feature.  Kyle Genett grabbed the early lead away from Randy Polansky and built a sizable lead.  Genett, who is fast wherever he races, was going to be hard to beat.  Ben Capek, Caleb Marzofka, and Jake Capek made several attempts to run Genett down, but to no avail.  Genett cruised to the feature win with Ben Capek capturing second place and Caleb Marzofka racing his way to the third position.  Dean Ashbacker and Jake Capek rounded out the top five.


  1. #16 Kyle Genett
  2. #40 Ben Capek
  3. #91 Caleb Marzofka
  4. #81 Jake Capek
  5. #38 Dean Ashabacker
  6. #76 Travis Volm
  7. #7 Randy Plansky


The always exciting 4-Cylinders lined up for their 25-lap feature event and Rick Brandl blasted to the early lead.  Brandl’s lead was short lived however as Phil Malouf powered his #32 machine to the front, on lap three.  Malouf, a Northern Wisconsin driver, is extremely fast wherever he travels to race. The young talent built a large lead before Adam Eckes and Ernie Schlough raced their way out of the pack of 17 cars.  As it was though, it was all Phil Malouf winning his first feature of the year at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Adam Eckes, Ernie Schlough, Steve Hauser, and Dale Louze finished second through fifth respectively.


  1. #32 Phil Malouf
  2. #40 Adam Eckes
  3. #45 Ernie Schlough
  4. #91 Steve Hauser
  5. #9 Dale Louze
  6. #21 Brandon Herr
  7. #04 Natalie Decker
  8. #43 Rick Brandl
  9. #60 Charles Dixon
  10. #97 Jenny Nitzsche
  11. #9 Austin McKeevers
  12. #7 Scott Ciesielski
  13. #15 Robert Dalsky
  14. #3 Corey Stephens
  15. #90 Derk Hauser
  16. #75 Chris Ashby
  17. #4 Mike Dixon


Sportsman drivers visited Marshfield Motor Speedway on Fall Shootout weekend and provided much excitement.  Mark Challet grabbed the early lead but Nick Clements quickly overtook the top spot.  By lap 9, Wayne Mackesy pushed his familiar #93 to the second spot. With Nick Clements building a nice lead, it was too little, too late for Mackesy as he made a nice attempt cutting into the lead that Clements built.  Clements scored a nice win for his team with Mackesy a close second.  Mark Challet, Kyle Genett, and Caleb Marzofka rounded out the top five.


  1. #8 Nick Clements
  2. #93 Wayne Mackesy
  3. #13 Mark Challet
  4. #16 Kyle Genett
  5. #91 Caleb Marzofka
  6. #40 Ben Capek
  7. #75 Blake Horstman


Don’t miss all the action next week at our season ending Eve of Devastation.  With a vast variety of events, it should prove to be very exciting. The evening will end with a large fireworks display.  The Eve of Devastation will begin at 4pm.  Visit us online at for further information.