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September 28, 2013 Slam Fest Rules Posted for Marshfield Motor Speedway

Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on September 19th, 2013


COMPETITORS/REGISTRATION  1. Anyone wishing to enter the pit area will need to show their state driver’s license or state ID card.  No one will be allowed in the pits that is under the age of 18.  2. Pit gates and registration will open at 2:00 pm and will conclude at 3:30 pm.  3. Anyone entering the pit area will purchase a $25 pit pass and sign all insurance forms.  4. Drivers must attend mandatory driver’s meeting at 3:30 pm.  5. Absolutely NO consumption of alcohol prior to, or during competition.  6. Featured events will consist of, Tire Hockey, Spin To Win, Burn Out Contest, Relay Race, Last Man Race, Daredevil Jump Contest, Eskimo Nose 2 Nose Race, Tire Race, Obstacle Course, Demolition Derby, 2nd over the Line Race, and Spectator Drags!

VEHICLE & SAFETY:  ALL VEHICLES WILL BE INSPECTED BEFORE ENTERING THE PITS!  All events will be run separately. 1. Absolutely no frame modifying! 2. All vehicles must have a seat belt with shoulder and lap belt, 4 pt. safety harness is highly recommended. 3. Helmets are mandatory for all events.  4. Long sleeve shirt and long pants mandatory. However, a fire suit and gloves are highly recommended! 5. A fire extinguisher place within the car in reach of driver is mandatory! 6.  If the gas tank is removed from its original stock position, a fuel cell needs to be installed behind the driver’s seat, covered and mounted to the floorboards.  7. Cars must be safe for the road or better.  Roll cages is highly recommended!  Door bar or plate is allowed.  8. Cars must have OEM doors, do not gut your car…it is a safety issue!  9. All vehicles must have a windshield….all other glass must be removed completely and vacuumed from vehicle before entering premises.  No breaking glass inside door panels.  Taillight and headlight lenses must be removed.  10. No modifying or reinforcing of front or rear bumpers!  Vehicles must remain stock.  Street tires only!  11. Absolutely no antifreeze….this must be removed prior to entering track property.  If caught having antifreeze, there will be a $100 dollar fine. 12.  It is recommended that you install at least one support bar behind seat to prevent the seat from collapsing.  13. Sun roofs must be removed and covered with metal.  14. All cars must have a number on the doors and be at least 18” tall. 15. All cars will be inspected by track officials.  Failure to comply with said rules will result in $100 fine. . 16. All cars or equipment must be removed from speedway grounds within 24 hours of event.


DOUBLE O LAST MAN STANDING: 1. No heat races.  The 1st 12 signed up for the Full and Non Full sized races will be taken.  2. If any of those cars cannot participate, then the next signed up participant will race in their place.  3. If there are at least 24 cars signed up, then the track may elect to have 2 Features per class.

ESKIMO NOSE-2-NOSE: 1.  Both front bumpers must stay in contact the full way around the track.  2. Backward facing cars engine will not be running and will need to be in neutral.

FREESTYLE BURN OUT CONTEST: 1.  Currently registered street vehicles only!  No Slam Fest cars! 2. Must be wearing a helmet.  3. 30 seconds to burn out and cannot stay in one place and burn out.  It is mandatory to continually move.

DAREDEVIL JUMP: 1.  Winner will be longest distance in the air before landing after jumping ramp.

PAYOUT:  For Features only:  1st – $100, 2nd- $50, 3rd – $15 – PLUS, TROPHIES FOR TOP 3 POSITIONS.