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Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on July 25th, 2012

Marshfield, WI, July 25, 2012 – When visiting the pit area at many area and Midwestern race tracks, one driver that will always take time to chat with a race fan, driver, or crew member walking by, is Bangor’s Steve Holzhausen.  Holzhausen, knows that without the fans, he would not be able to do what he loves to do most, and that’s racing.

Growing up in the Coulee Region of Wisconsin, Steve’s dad, Bud, ran a Ford garage.  Hence, whenever you seen Steve compete on the race tracks of Wisconsin, it was always in a Ford!  Years ago, there was just a handful of drivers that competed in Fords, and that was generally in the 68-70 Mustang era.  The Holzhausen’s, Dick Trickle, Mike Miller, John Brevik, Don “Thunder” Turner, Bobby Gunn, and Tom & Ted Musgrave are some of the drivers that had much success racing the famed “Mustang.”  “I remember back in the mid 70’s, my dad loaded some of us kids in the car and said were off to Bud’s (Holzhausen), to get some much needed Ford parts to race yet that same night,” stated Wayne Brevik, promotor at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  See, the Holzhausen’s have always been caring folk, and would give the shirts off their backs for anyone.  Today is no different, whenever anyone has had the opportunity to visit with the Holzhausen’s, I’m sure you will agree with that statement.

Not only is the Holzhausen demeanor at a top level, so, too, is the way the racing Holzhausen’s compete.  After recently racing side-by-side, numerous laps, for the feature win in the Yellow River Racing Series at Marshfield Motor Speedway, Jason Weinkauf stated, “If I’m going to race someone side by side for the win, I’m glad it was Steve Holzhausen.”  Weinkauf futher stated, “we ran 20-laps side-by-side, and never touched each other once.”  As it is, with Steve Holzhausen and Jason Weinkauf each winning one of the first two legs of the Yellow River Racing Series, they are now tied atop the leaders in points, with one race remaining at the annual Fall Shootout.

Bud & Mary Holzhausen had two other sons that competed on the paved ovals of Wisconsin as well.  Greg and Brian Holzhausen also did quite well for themselves winning several feature events throughout Wisconsin.  Greg’s number was 87, Steve’s number was 78, so Brian decided his number should be 787!  Of course we should remind everyone that Bud also raced, whereas, Steve decided on the number 78!

Today is a different story; Steve carries the number 97 as he pilots the Pete Kempf Logging race car.  Pete “Petey” Kempf raced for several years proudly carrying the 97 number.  With ace crew chief Gary Back, Pete Kempf as a car owner, and with Steve Holzhausen piloting the race car, it is no wonder why they are a top notch team!

Okay, so who carrys the number 78 Holzhausen number today?  Well, none other then Grandson to Bud, and Son to Steve, Skylar Holzhausen.  If you haven’t noticed, Skylar carries the same demeanor as his father and grandfather, and also the same attributes as he races in and around the tracks of Wisconin.  Skylar Holzhausen, in the past few years, has always been a threat to win at any track, including the ASA Midwest Tour!

Steve Holzhausen will be competing several more times this year at Marshfield, however, if you have the chance, get out and see Steve compete this weekend in the Larry Detjens Memorial at State Park Speedway, you will be glad you did!

In closing, after the races, go down and visit with the Steve Holzhausen team in their pit area.  Then, if you don’t already know, you will realize why they are one of the most liked race teams in America!