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Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on August 22nd, 2011


Fairchild, WI; August 20, 2011 – With summer winding down, the large crowd at Marshfield Motor Speedway certainly enjoyed hot racing action displayed by the four divisions participating!

The ASA Midwest Scag Truck Series put on another great show at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Tripping the clock fastest in qualifying was Madison’s Jerry Wood.  Wood, who drives the familiar #73 truck, turned a lap time of 18.911.  Once the drivers lined up for their 40-lap feature event, it was Dustin Karl and Jason Dunn leading the field to the green flag.  Jason Dunn jumped out to the early lead: On lap 3 of 40, Dann Barber edged by Dunn on the outside as the two drivers entered turn three.  As Barber enjoyed the lead, Ty Majeski and Rick Corso battled for the runner up position.  Corso’s truck looked great early, as he held down the second spot and set his sights on Barber.  As Corso and Majeski’s trucks battled down the backstretch on lap nine, Majeski was able to slide to the inside of Corso’s truck.  Once Ty Majeski eclipsed a very fast Corso, it only took him one lap to run down and pass Dann Barber.  As Majeski built a very comfortable lead, five drivers battled for the second and third position.  John Wood, Rick Corso, and Austin Luedtke, raced side by side for numerous laps in hopes of earning the position.  With Majeski enjoying a large lead, it was evident that the rest of the pack was going to need a caution flag in hopes of winning the ASA Midwest Scag Truck feature event.  With the gaggle of drivers battling for the second spot, fast timer Jerry Wood was working his way through the field from his tenth starting spot.  Wood raced his way toward the front of the field with some experienced inside and outside passes of his counterparts.  Another driver showing his talents was that of Austin Luedtke.  Luedtke, in his #6 truck, was able to drive by Jerry Wood on lap 28, and John Wood one lap later.  The Wood brothers then battled for the third position with Jerry Wood winning out.  With ten laps remaining, there were no more changes for the top positions and once starter Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag, it was all Ty Majeski as he earned the ASA Midwest Scag Truck Series feature win.  With Austin Luedtke having a very impressive run and coming home in the second spot, Jerry Wood battled to a podium finish taking the third position.  John Wood and Dann Barber rounded out the top five.  Heat winners were Gary Baxter and Rick Corso.

  1. Ty Majeski
  2. Austin Luedtke
  3. Jerry Wood
  4. John Wood
  5. Dann Barber
  6. Rick Corso
  7. Bill Collins
  8. Jason Dunn
  9. Chad Knaus
  10. Kyle Brinkmann
  11. Dustin Karl
  12. Gary Baxter
  13. Andrew Buhrow


Super Late Models had a full night of racing with two feature events scheduled.  Wisconsin Rapids, WI driver Jeff Weinfurter’s last win at Marshfield Motor Speedway was in last year’s Fall Shootout.  Weinfurter, being one of the top drivers in Wisconsin for a number of years, would get the start from the pole position.  Once the race started and Weinfurter building a sizeable lead, the real battle was for the second spot.  Fox Valley’s Jordan Thiel and hotshoe Mark Eswein was nose to tail for numerous laps.  Eswein closed on Thiel entering the corners, but Thiel would regain his spot exiting the corners.  Working his way through the field of cars from his tenth starting spot was Merrill’s Jason Weinkauf.  Weinkauf, who earlier in the evening captured another Fast Time Award, worked his way to fourth eclipsing Cardell Potter by the halfway point of the race.  On lap 18, Eswein finally worked himself around Thiel for the runner up spot now setting his sights on Weinfurter for the race lead.  As Eswein was closing in on a very fast Jeff Weinfurter, it also appeared that Weinkauf was closing in on Eswein.  The last five laps got real exciting as the three drivers battled for the top spot.  As Mark Eswein worked his way to the inside of Weinfurter entering the corners, Weinkauf would follow suit as he worked his way to the outside quarter panel of Eswein.  Once the three drivers crossed the line receiving the white flag, it was Weinfurter, Eswein, and Weinkauf.  As the three drivers entered corner one, Eswein and Weinkauf made contact with Eswein spinning in the middle of the turn bringing out the caution flag.  If a caution flag is displayed after the drivers receive the white flag, the race is then deemed complete.  With Weinfurter collecting the feature win, Eswein and Weinkauf would be placed in the rear as they caused the caution flag.  Earning the runner up spot would be Jordan Thiel with Bloomer, WI driver Ronnie Rihn collecting the third position.  Rounding out the top five was Cardell Potter and Napa of Marshfield Dash 4 Cash winner, Don “Thunder” Turner.  Heat winners tonight were Jeff Weinfurter and Jordan Thiel.

  1. Jeff Weinfurter
  2. Jordan Thiel
  3. Ronnie Rihn
  4. Cardell Potter
  5. Don Turner
  6. Randall Wilhorn
  7. Monte Gress
  8. Dean LaPointe
  9. Joel Schultz
  10. Mark Eswein
  11. Jason Weinkauf
  12. Jack Greenwood
  13. Ben Pettis, DNS, Engine
  14. Erin Schlough, DNS, Engine


Super Late Models hit the track once again participating in their second feature of the evening sponsored by PK Auto of Marshfield.  With fast timer Jason Weinkauf starting on the pole, he would be a hard guy to pass to earn the feature win.  One of the more impressive runs come from two drivers this evening.  Mark Eswein and crew worked long hours all week to get his familiar #71 car back to the track.  The “Back” car chassis car has not seen the track in a couple of years and needed much work to make Marshfield this Saturday night.  The other driver was Ronnie Rihn, whom of which suffered a major shoulder injury earlier in the week and wasn’t even suppose to participate in Saturday’s racing action.  With Jason Weinkauf enjoying a very comfortable lead, it was Eswein racing in the second position and Rihn working his way through the field from his ninth starting position.  Eswein was able to cut into the lead that Weinkauf made for himself, but it was evident this feature was going to Merrill’s Weinkauf.  The real battle would be for the podium finishers.  Ronnie Rihn worked his way past Dean LaPointe and Randall Wilhorn for the third spot and was looking to take second away from Eswein.  Once the race was complete however, it was all Jason Weinkauf.  Mark Eswein earned runner up honors with Ronnie Rihn taking third.  Randall Wilhorn and Dean LaPointe finished fourth and fifth respectively.

  1. Jason Weinkauf
  2. Mark Eswein
  3. Ronnie Rihn
  4. Randall Wilhorn
  5. Dean LaPointe
  6. Cardell Potter
  7. Jeff Weinfurter
  8. Don Turner
  9. Jordan Thiel
  10. Jeremy Schultz
  11. Monte Gress
  12. Jack Greenwood
  13. Ben Pettis, DNS
  14. Erin Schlough, DNS


Super Stocks once again took to the track and still with a bounty on Ryan Hinner.  Hinner was not able to qualify due to mechanical problems.  With that, a very fast Kyle Wolosek tripped the clock fastest with a lap time of 20.064.  Having been able to temporarily fix his mechanical problem, Ryan Hinner edged Marv Flick for the heat win.  Once the drivers took to the track for the feature event, it was without point leader Ryan Hinner.  Hinner’s mechanical problems continued, hence, the bounty on Hinner will continue next week!  Natalie Decker jumped out to the early lead getting by pole sitter, Joe Nowak.  Decker expanded her lead over Nowak with fast timer Kyle Wolosek hot on their heels. As the laps diminished, so did the lead that Decker had built up for herself.  Wolosek closed to the back bumper of Decker once the two drivers took the white flag indicating one lap remaining.  As the two drivers hit the remaining corners, Wolosek gave it one last shot on the inside entering turn 3 and exiting turn 4, but chose to race Decker clean.  Natalie Decker powered her way to her first feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway!  With Kyle Wolosek earning runner up honors, Joe Nowak captured third, with Bryan Langreck and John Kasbowski rounding out the top five.  With many more super stock drivers slated to race next week, the bounty on Ryan Hinner will continue!

The always exciting Bandits took to the track once again tonight and put on another great show for the fans attending.  Tripping the clock fastest was Auburndale, WI driver Tim Anderson.  Anderson clocked in at a time of 23.701 seconds.  Marshfield’s Harry Bell took home heat honors.  Charlie Nickel grabbed the early lead in the feature event with Phil Malouf knocking at his door.  Malouf over took Nickel on the backstretch and took over the lead.  Tim Anderson worked his way to the second position by lap four and raced his way along side of Malouf.  The two drivers, Malouf and Anderson raced side by side the rest of the feature event with Anderson edging Malouf for the feature win.  Charlie Nickel, having another great run, grabbed the third spot.  Christine Schmude, Ron Cole, and Harry Bell rounded out the top six.  Bell, experience mechanical problems dropping him to the sixth position.  Dan Nickel was unable to take the green flag as he experienced mechanical problems.

Next week, it is Back to School Night at the races!  Kids will receive race car rides!  Also, there will be a 10,000 penny drop for the kids.  There will be many kids giveaways including, bikes, IPODS, toys, remote control items, school supplies, and much, much more!  Super Late Models and Motorcycles will be competing in double features!  Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders, and Bandits will also be apart of the night’s festivities.  Bandits will be racing for double points.  Visit us online at for further updates.