Marshfield Motor Speedway LLC

WAXX 104.5 Night At Marshfield Motor Speedway

Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on August 25th, 2009

Photos by Tom Loos

A very happy Skylar Holzhausen in Victory Lane!

Darren Jackson, Rory Melbinger, and Jason Weinkauf sustain damage in SLM Feature wreck on lap 4!

Chad Selk receives heavy damage!

Blake Horstman observes damage to his SLM!

Chris Weinkauf, Jason Weinkauf, and Chad Selk receive heavy damage!

Travis Stebane receives right side damage to his SLM in lap 4 melee!

Randall Wilhorn Tops 4-Cylinder Feature!

Lee Johnson wins the exciting Motorcycle Feature!

Kyle Rasmussen is back on track with Junkyard Warrior Feature win!

Holzhausen scores big win against large field of cars at MMS!