Marshfield Motor Speedway LLC

WAXX 104.5 Night At Marshfield Motor Speedway

Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on August 25th, 2009

Photos by Tom Loos

img_7733-small A very happy Skylar Holzhausen in Victory Lane!

img_7712-small Darren Jackson, Rory Melbinger, and Jason Weinkauf sustain damage in SLM Feature wreck on lap 4!

img_7728-small Chad Selk receives heavy damage!

img_7717-small Blake Horstman observes damage to his SLM!

img_7720-small Chris Weinkauf, Jason Weinkauf, and Chad Selk receive heavy damage!

img_7719-small Travis Stebane receives right side damage to his SLM in lap 4 melee!

img_7748-small Randall Wilhorn Tops 4-Cylinder Feature!

img_7745-small Lee Johnson wins the exciting Motorcycle Feature!

img_7753-small Kyle Rasmussen is back on track with Junkyard Warrior Feature win!

img_7732-small Holzhausen scores big win against large field of cars at MMS!