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“White Knight” 99 + 1 Driver/Crew Info/Tech Notes

Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on July 22nd, 2013

Marshfield Motor Speedway White Knight 99 Plus One. 


                                                        Marshfield Motor Speedway is an ASA Member Track

                                                             Marshfield Motor Speedway uses AMWT Rules.

                                                                            AMWT and Tundra Rules Apply 


(Thursday July 25th.  Tech notes and race procedures.)


  1. Pre-tech will start at 1pm,  (First Come First Serve)   You must pass pre-tech before you are allowed to practice.
  2. You must designate if you are an AMWT/MMS or Tundra Rules Car.
  3. No Mixing or Matching of rules.
  4. Weights will be as rules package for both rules packages.  EXCEPT 58/42 All Cars.
  5. Norway Spec. Engines 2650 60/40 STOCK  604 Engine.
  6. Crane Digital Box Highly Recommended.   Must be wired correctly any ignition, i.e. Crane, MSD, GM, Mallory .
  7. Your safety is of utmost  important to us.  Please check all safety equipment.
  8. ABC Rules will be enforced.      Non ABC Bodies will meet Basic ABC rules.
  9. Minor rules infractions may have penalty weight added to weight packages.
  10. TIRES:   Hoosier 25 and 48.  Tires will be impounded. Qualifying on stickers.
  11.  If, for ANY reason, you do not qualify on stickers you will start 29th or worse in feature event.   Tires you qualify on will be run in all events.  Qualifying number will be total Super Lates at the event times 3.  If  number is over 100 we will use last two numbers. We will qualify in that order going down from number drawn.  You must also be in qualifying tech and pass to     qualify.  Unapproved late qualifiers lose a lap of qualifying, and people who do not pass tech and are late for qualifying. PLEASE BE ON TIME!
  12. Any tire change must be approved by tech.
  13. This is a 43 car feature event.  If you are lapped 4 times you will be black flagged and sent to pit area.
  14. Yellow Flag (caution) laps do not count.
  15. There will be a lucky dog per caution.  We Will be using “pick a lane” on all restarts except with less than ten laps remaining.  Leader will have front row to him/herself.
  16. Spotters will be in spotter stand for feature event.  All cars will have a spotter.
  17. The invert for the feature event will be 10 and the roll of the dice will be by the person who has the fast time of the event.
  18. The top 3 people from the event will report to start finish line.  The 4th and 5thor any others told from race control, will report to scale.  No jacking of car until it is past the scale area and then after being told by tech it is OK to do so.
  19. Pit stop(s), if needed, will be done in your pit area.  Tires again must be approved.
  20. Any one in pit area will rejoin     back of lead lap cars (if on lead lap) You may lose laps in the pit area.  You will rejoin field on front straight as you do for qualifying.
  21. Break Rules. Only 5 gallons of gas maybe brought to the track at break. No tires on track at break.  No tires maybe changed at break for ANY reason. You may move tires from front to back. ANY  tire problem will result in a one lap penalty.  If you do have to change a tire you will be sent out AFTER Field takes green flag after the break.  Break will start when RACE DIRECTOR says  it is safe and track is ready for break.   If you jump the gun you will also loose a lap.  Wait until directed to go.  All cars will stop in order they are running at break.  You will get told your starting spot while on break.   It may take a lap or two to get cars cooled down and in order.  Please stay in the order you are running.  Do not move up or back to be with another member of your team.   STAY IN ORDER.   If you are not ready when the 10 minute clock is done for the break you will also loose a lap.  Please again be ready  to go, helmets on and strapped in. BREAK WILL BE AT LAP 51.
  22. Lucky Dog will be first car one lap down.  Must run 5 laps before a lucky dog is called.  Must also not be involved in the yellow flag that caused the caution.
  23. Pick a lane, Cone Rule, Will be explained at drivers meeting.
  24. Please be aware of Marshfield Motor Speedway procedures for racing. Ask questions at drivers meeting if you are unsure.
  25. Always enter pit area in a safe manor.  Speeding in the pits will not be tolerated.


Please make sure you know your rules package.  If your car is legal in the AMWT or theTundra series does not make it legal for this event.  All cars will be inspected by your rules package as the rules are written for your chosen rules package for this event.  Any questions please e mail or call the Marshfield Motor Speedway Office, 715-533-0796.  We hope, and strive, to have your time and ours, to be a good time. Please call or type with questions, they are better to deal with before the event as after maybe to late.

                                                                                  THANK YOU AND GOOD LUCK!


                                                                      MARSHFIELD MOTOR SPEEDWAY STAFF.