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Posted under News by Wayne Brevik on August 29th, 2011


Fairchild, WI, August 27, 2011 – With point battles for track championships tightening up, tonight’s racing should certainly produce much excitement for the fans attending tonight’s racing here at Marshfield Motor Speedway.

Super late models were on the docket and with double features scheduled, fans were in for a treat! Leading the field to the green flag in the first feature event was heat winner Jeff Weinfurter and Dean LaPointe. LaPointe grabbed the early lead and held it until lap five. As Ronnie Rihn and LaPointe exited turn two, Rihn was able to edge by LaPointe for the race lead. Passing cars and working his way through the field from his eighth starting spot was Merrill, WI driver, Jason Weinkauf. On lap eight, Weinkauf was able to motor up to the back bumper of Rihn. One lap later, Weinkauf eclipsed the car of Rihn and took over the race lead. Weinkauf, who has been extremely fast this year in the familiar number 76 machine, had nothing but clear sailing the rest of the way. The real race on the track would be for second and third. Cardell Potter, still looking for a track championship this year, was also very fast. Potter did a great job of driving as well as he worked his way to the third spot. But once the gaggle of cars took the checkered flag, it was all Jason Weinkauf, winning yet another feature event at Marshfield Motor Speedway. With Bloomer, WI driver Ronnie Rihn taking second and Cardell Potter locking up the third spot, Marshfield’s Dean LaPointe and LaCrosse, WI driver Don Turner finished fourth and fifth respectively. Top qualifier was Jason Weinkauf turning a lap time of 18.215. Weinkauf also captured the win in the Napa of Marshfield Dash 4 Cash.

1. Jason Weinkauf

2. Ronnie Rihn

3. Cardell Potter

4. Dean LaPointe

5. Don Turner

6. Paige Decker

7. Ben Pettis

8. Jordan Thiel

9. Randall Wilhorn

10. Claire Decker

11. Jack Greenwood

12. Zach Priess

13. Jeff Weinfurter

14. John Totzke

Once the Super Late Model cars took the green flag for their second feature event of the night, it was Randall Wilhorn and Jordan Thiel leading the way. Wilhorn quickly grabbed the early lead away from Thiel and build on his lead as laps progressed. It was Wilhorn and Thiel, first and second, until lap 13. That was when Don Turner worked his way to the second spot with an inside pass of Thiel exiting turn four. Turner was able to cut into Wilhorn’s lead slightly, but it was Wilhorn out front by 8-car lengths. With three laps remaining, Jason Weinkauf was able to get to the trunk lid of Turner, and one lap later made the pass for the runner up spot. This race was going to go to Randall Wilhorn however, as the rookie driver captured his first Super Late Model feature win! With Weinkauf and Turner finishing second and third, Cardell Potter took fourth and Jeff Weinfurter taking home fifth.

1. Randall Wilhorn

2. Jason Weinkauf

3. Don Turner

4. Cardell Potter

5. Jeff Weinfurter

6. Ronnie Rihn

7. Jordan Thiel

8. Ben Pettis

9. Dean LaPointe

10. Claire Decker

11. Zach Priess

12. Jack Greenwood

13. Paige Decker

14. John Totzke

With a bounty on the car of Ryan Hinner, I’m sure the young Stevens Point driver is feeling a bit of pressure to win lately. Hinner again tonight was able to trip the clock fastest is qualifying with a lap time of 19.841. Ryan Gutknecht and Hinner took home the heat wins in the CWSSA division.

As the bounty on Hinner increases, the car count has been as well. Joe Nowak grabbed the early lead away from Bryan Langreck and John Kasboski. Leads were brief for several drivers as well as Claire Decker led for one lap and Brian Weinfurter grabbed the lead for two laps. With three different leaders in the first four laps, Ryan Hinner powered his way past the gaggle of cars on the inside and wasn’t about to look back. Hinner worked his way to a 7-car length lead. Brian Back appeared to be the only car tonight that might have something for Hinner. Back started in the ninth position and worked his way through the field of cars to take the second spot. Back appeared to close on Hinner slightly, but with the lead that Hinner built for himself it was going to take a caution for Back to have a chance tonight. Without the caution flag appearing, it was once again Ryan Hinner taking home the cash tonight! Brian Back had a great run coming home in the second spot. Brian Weinfurter, making his first appearance of the year at Marshfield Motor Speedway pocketed the third position. Ryan Gutknecht, Mark Langreck, and Kyle Wolosek finished fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively.

Next week will be the last chance of the year that anyone will have to take home bounty money on the rising super stock star of Hinner. The BOUNTY on Hinner next week will be $1000 dollars plus purse! Wisz Racing Team has added to the bounty to make this a record top prize for any Super Stock feature in the history of any track in Wisconsin’s history! Who will take home the record amount of cash; it should be very excitng for drivers and fans alike!

CWMSA 4-Cylinders took to the track once again tonight and it was Steve Hauser clocking in fastest with a lap time of 22.718 seconds. Derk Hauser and Rick Brandl pocketed heat wins tonight.

Ten cars took the green flag in the 20-lap feature event. Mike Dixon grabbed the early lead and stretched his lead to nearly 10 car lengths. Halfway into the feature event, Dennis Goetsch was able to get to the deck lid of Dixon’s car. One lap later, Goetsch was able to work his way past a very fast Mike Dixon. With Goetsch enjoying a comfortable lead, Steve Hauser worked his way past Dixon for the second spot. Hauser now had his sights on Denny Goetsch for the race lead. Derk Hauser eclipse the car of Dixon for the third spot and started reeling in his father Steve, and leader Goetsch. Steve Hauser appeared to close on Goetsch for the race lead, however, every time Hauser looked like he might make the pass on Goetsch, Goetsch was able to hold of Hauser. Once starter Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag, it was Dennis Goetsch crossing the line first followed by Steve Hauser and Derk Hauser. Mike Dixon and Ricky Brandl crossed the finish line in fourth and fifth.

Bandits were apart of the show tonight with Tim Anderson tripping the clock fastest with a lap time of 23.660 seconds. Auburndale’s Anderson also took home top honors in the heat Charlie Nickel a close second. In feature action, Charlie Nickel and Ron Cole led the cars to the green flag. With Charlie Nickel jumping out to the lead, Anderson was in hot pursuit of the Chili, WI driver. Nickel and Anderson raced side by side for several laps. Once the drivers took the checkered flag, it was Tim Anderson narrowly getting by the Nickel car for the race win. Ron Cole took home third with Tyler Raab coming home in the fourth position.

Motorcycles were once again part of the program tonight and put on a spectacular show per usual! In heat action, Bobby Fedrowitz took the early lead, but it was Cliff Eckes first once the checkered flag was flown.

In feature number one for the cycles, it was Cliff Eckes powering his way down the shoot to gain the early lead. Steve Kasten, a threat cycle driver wherever he races, was on the heels of Cliff Eckes the entire race. On lap eight, Bobby Fedrowitz and Woody Eckes tumbled to the blacktop as they made their way through the 3-4 turn. With the red flag coming out and the race halted to tend to Bobby Fedrowitz, it was Cliff Eckes the race leader. Fedrowitz would be seen at a local Marshfield hospital and sustained a broken arm. Woody Eckes sustained shoulder and leg injuries but was not transported to the hospital. Once the race resumed, it was all Cliffy Eckes. Eckes powered his way to the race win with Steve Kasten and Craig Lewis finishing second and third.

1. Cliff Eckes

2. Steve Kasten

3. Craig Lewis

4. Ted Strebe

5. Jon Smrecek

6. Woody Eckes

7. Bobby Fedrowitz

Feature number two for the motorcycles, it was once again Cliff Eckes darting out to the early lead. With the sparks flying in the corners from the foot of these two-wheeled warriors, they put on another magnificent show for the Marshfield fans. Steve Kasten once again found himself in the second spot behind a very fast Eckes. Trying the inside and the outside groove, Kasten made every attempt to pass Eckes. However, it was once again Cliff Eckes taking the win. Kasten rode home in the second spot with Cliff Lewis crossing the line in third.

1. Cliff Eckes

2. Steve Kasten

3. Cliff Lewis

4. Ted Strebe

5. Jon Smrecek

6. Woody Eckes, DNS

7. Bobby Fedrowitz, DNS

Next week, it will be the Yellow River Racing Series race #3. Jason Weinkauf holds the lead in points for the YRRS Super Late Model drivers. Fans will be treated to Twin 40-lap features for the Super Late Models! It is also Season Championship night with many close point battles in all divisions! With the $1000 bounty on Ryan Hinner in the Super Stock division, many cars should hit the ½ mile pavement of MMS to take home the record pay should they knock off Hinner. 4-Cylinders and Bandits will also hit the track in hopes of their respective championships! For further information, log into or join us on Facebook.