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Back Makes Car Third Generation Feature Winner

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on May 22nd, 2004

By Mary Langreck

May 22, 2004; Marshfield, WI: – Another rain threatening night for racing on Sternweis & Sons Concrete night. Jeff Weinfurter set fast time in the Super Lates. Tim Hintz was best in Supers, stopping Laessig from making it six in a row. Keith Wirtz set fast time in the 4-Cylinder division.

Josh Bell led the first three laps of the CARQUEST Super Late Model feature as Elliott Weiler ran second. Gregorich raced third, Gary Back fourth and Dean LaPointe fifth. Brian Back raced sixth and quickly moved up to fourth on lap two. Back then took third from Gregorich on lap three. Then the caution flew for an incident with Mike Leopold and Kyle Davis. When the race resumed, Brian Back passed Bell to take the lead. Bell held second, Gregorich third, Weiler fourth and Brandl fifth. Gregorich got by Bell to take second as Brandl and Ben Pettis raced each other for fifth. Lap eight the caution flew for the spun car of Weiler.

On the restart, Back continued strong in the lead with Gregorich, Bell, Pettis and Brandl right behind. Lap 12, Brandl passed Pettis for fourth and then lap 16 he passed Bell for third. Lap 21 the caution flew again, this time for the spun car of Mike Leopold. Back led the restart, Gregorich second, Brandl third, Pettis fourth and LaPointe fifth. The final caution flew for the spun car of Josh Bell, right as the winner Brian Back took the checkered. Gregorich finished second, Brandl third, Pettis fourth and LaPointe fifth. This feature win accomplishes Brian Back goal to be the third generation to win a feature with this Bac-Kar chassis. Brian’s grandfather Jim Back built the car, raced and won with it. Then Jim’s son, Gary, raced and won with the car and now Brian has done the same.

The first two laps of the CARQUEST Super Stock feature were led by Randy Meyer. Randy Emmerich then took over the lead. Cale Laessig moving through the field fast was in second by lap six. The caution was out right after for the spun car of Matt Raykowski. Emmerich led the restart with Laessig, Larry Schultz, Travis Zvolena and Rick Hetzel racing hard in the top five. Lap ten, Scott Havlicek moved up to take fifth from Hetzel. Havlicek then began to have mechanical problems and was forced to pit. Tim Hintz then moved up fifth, lap 12 he took fourth from Zvolena. Two laps later Hintz passed Schultz for third. Laessig was trying to catch Emmerich who had built a substantial lead, but Hintz was after Laessig. Emmerich won, but was later disqualified for an illegal part. As Laessig and Hintz raced for second, out of turn four, Hintz pulled ahead to take second from Laessig, who then finished third. Schultz took fourth and Zvolena fifth.

George Brandl led the first four laps of the 4-Cylinder feature. JJ Flick led the next two and then fast timer Keith Wirtz took charge of the lead. Flick held second, Dan McGiveron third, Brandl fourth and Erin Schlough fifth. The next lap, Schlough and Kevin Eckes passed Brandl. Lapped traffic brought out the caution on lap 13 as lead lap cars Eckes and McGiveron spun on the front stretch. The field completed the white flag lap and the caution was out again for contact with McGiveron and Eckes. The race was scored complete, Wirtz won, Schlough second, Flick third, Don Dunow fourth and Jeremiah Strauss fifth.

The 2-Man Cruiser race was won by Dickman and Dickman. Szymkowiak and Pionek finished a close second, and Netzel and James Jisko third.

Next Saturday’s racing includes Limited Late Models, CARQUEST Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders and 1-Man Cruisers. Pit Gate opens at 3:30, Grandstand Gates 5 p.m., Time Trials 6 p.m. and Racing 7:30. Saturday’s race is raindated for Sunday Same Times.