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Back Wins First RZ Builders Super Stock Triple Challenge

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on June 9th, 2007

By Mae Schultz

June 9, 2007; Marshfield, WI: – Race fans enjoyed a crisp, cool night of exciting racing at Marshfield Super Speedway June 9. In most of the features, the leaders dominated leaving the close racing to the runner-up slots. In his second feature win this year, Brian Back took the checkered in the RZ builders Super Stock Triple Challenge #1 and fast time honors of the night. Kyle Opelt worked his way from the back of the pack to take the 4-Cylinder feature honors. The four-cylinder Bill Dunow Memorial fast time award was earned by Jeremiah Strauss. Marc Baldwin jetted out front and kept it for the win in the Junkyard Warrior feature. Jonathon Zuelke topped the Junkyard Warrior division qualifying event. Kyle Genett won the Pure Stock feature, picking up his third clean sweep of the season.

The RZ Builders Super Stock Challenge Series got off to a rocky start with the first race. Only 2 laps into the race, smoke billowed up from a tangle of cars in turn two. Adam Krzykowski got turned around, bringing Mark Langreck and Randy Emmerich with him. Langreck received the worst end of the deal, ending up on the embankment of the track.

But it was smooth sailing from the restart through the rest of the race. By the third lap, Back had taken second and was on the hunt for first. Back was neck and neck with Brian Weinfurter, who had taken the lead on the restart of the race.

The thinnest piece of paper wouldn’t have fit between the pair who were side by side for several laps. In lap 10, Back nosed out a lead over Weinfurter. Meanwhile, Rick Grunden was close on the leaders’ tails. By lap 12, Back managed a more secure lead and forced Weinfurter to spend the rest of the race chasing him. But it was a fruitless chase. Back earned the checkered and was awarded the Krings Motorsports feature award and the RZ Builders LLC Triple Challenge bonus pay, Weinfurter was second, Grunden third, Randy Emmerich fourth and Travis Zvolena fifth.

Tonights’ cycle event featured timed qualifying: 1.Mark Zeidler 21.199 2.Troy Johnson 21.238 3.SteveKasten 21.523 4.Brad Seavers 21.586 5. Cliff Eckes 21.593 6.Craig Lewis 21.793 7.TJ Zeidler 21.919 8.Randy Ruffi 22.255 9. Woody Eckes 22.606 10 Ted Strebe 22.834 11.Lee Johnson 23.281 12. Dan Vrana 23.389
In the first and fast heat Troy Johnson shot his Rotax into the lead but could not deny the speed of Mark Zeidler who backed up his fastest qualifying performance with the heat win over a fast closing Steve Kasten.
In the second heat Granton’s Craig Lewis led from start to finish over Lake Nebagamon’s Randy Ruffi who shadowed his every move but could not find that little bit more to pass.

With the qualifying and six lap heat races in the book; everyone put forth their best effort for the ten lap feature race. TJ Zeidler put his Kawasaki out front for the first lap before being engulfed by the pack in their quest for the victory. From first to fourth in one corner. Mark Zeidler assumed the point and Steve Kasten gave chase while Brad Seavers waited for either to make a mistake so he could force his way past. Marshfield’s Cliff Eckes Jr. worked his way up to forth by the finish but Mark Ziedler would not be denied; winning fast time, fast heat and the feature race on his Honda 450.
Results: 1. Mark Zeidler HON 2. Steve Kasten YAM 3. Brad Seavers HON 4. Cliff Eckes Jr. YAM 5. TJ Zeidler KAW 6. Troy Johnson ROT 7. Woody Eckes YAM 8. Randy Ruffi YAM 9. Craig Lewis YAM 10 Lee Johnson YAM 11.Dan Vrana HON 12. Ted Strebe YAM
Cycle results by Woody Eckes

Kyle Opelt snuck his way up from the middle of the pack to dominate the 4-Cylinder feature. Early on Brad Conant lead the feature. By lap 3, Derk Hauser had dethroned him but he didn’t keep it long because teammate and father Steve Hauser took the lead from him. While the two Hausers were sparring up front, Opelt had quietly climbed to take third in lap 7. He didn’t stop there. In lap nine, he used the outside groove to take second place. Then he put Steve Hauser in his sites. His patience paid off. In lap 11, Opelt again used the outside to take the lead in turn four. Opelt won the race and the Westside Service of Auburndale award, Jeremiah Strauss was second, Steve Hauser third, Derk Hauser fourth and Don Dunow fifth.

Kyle Genett had to fight to keep his lead in the pure stock feature. Genett was already in second in the first lap. But Gary Haarklau was going to make it hard to take the first spot from him. In the second lap, the two were side by side. In lap 3, Haarklau had nosed out the lead, but Genett was right on his tail. Genett used the outside groove to gain the advantage in the fourth lap. He pulled away from the rest of the pack. In third place, Ryan Mork was right on Haarklau’s tail. In fact there was even contact in the last lap. But Haarklau and Mork kept their cars in check and finished the race. Kyle Genett won, Gary Haarklau was second, Mork third, Coletta Gomes fourth and Joey Kuhn fifth.

Marc Baldwin dominated the Junkyard Warriors feature. He took the lead by the second lap and held it for the rest of the race. He put considerable space between him and his fellow drivers. For race fans, most of the action was in the race for second place. In the second lap, Roger Cochrane took second and was trying to close the gap and catch Baldwin. But, Kyle Rasmussen wanted to give him something else to think about. In lap seven Rasmussen tried the inside groove, but didn’t have the muscle to overtake Cochrane. He tried to use the inside several more times, but Cochrane was able to hold him off. In the last lap he made an attempt at trickery. He went against his pattern and tried the high side. But it was to no avail. Baldwin took the checkered, Cochrane second, Rasmussen third, Jonathan Zuelke fourth and Andy Dean fifth.

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