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Cory Kemkes Tops LLM’s at Fall Shootout, Tim Anderson Claims Track Championship in Bandits

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 13th, 2011


Fairchild, WI – September 11, 2011 – Four divisions of racing competed on the opening day of the Annual Fall Shootout, here tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Leading the group was the always exciting Limited Late Models. Also competing were the Pure Stocks, Midwest Mod 4-Cylinders, and the Bandits. With championships on the line, it was sure to be a great night of racing.

Tripping the clock fastest in the Limited Late Model class was Todd Verhagen. Verhagen clocked in fastest at 19.340 seconds. Cory Kemkes took home top honors in the Napa of Marshfield Dash 4 Cash. Mike Brooks and Adam Degenhardt pocketed heat wins in the Limited Late Model division. Once the field of cars took to the track in their 40-lap feature event, Mike Brooks took the lead from his pole position. Brooks and Iowa’s Zach Less ran in the first two positions until lap 14, that was when Cory Kemkes took over the helm. Kemkes, who earlier in the year won at Marshfield, appeared to have his car dialed in. Kemkes received some pressure from Kris Kelly, but was able to hold Kelly off for the race win. With Kris Kelly taking second, Brandon Conrad, Todd Verhagen, and Sawyer Effertz rounded out the top five finishers.

1. Cory Kemkes

2. Kris Kelly

3. Brandon Conrad

4. Todd Verhagen

5. Sawyer Effertz

6. Mike Brooks

7. Adam Degenhardt

8. Zach Less

9. Mike Ehde

10. Kris Oliver

11. Shane Smiley

12. Wayne Mackesy

13. Joel Wilman

14. Zach Priess

15. Matt Pyburn

Pure Stocks once again joined the divisions of racing at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Leading the way in their Fall Shootout feature event was Duke Leu and Ray Karl, Jr. However, by the time the field of cars completed the first lap, Kyle Gennett found himself in the lead from his sixth starting position. With Gennett out in front, fast timer Jake Capek started cutting into the lead slightly. In the end however, it was all Kyle Gennett as he pocketed another feature win this year. Capek was impressive in his second place finish. Ben Capek took third place with Nick Erickson, Jr. and John VanStedum finishing fourth and fifth respectively. Kyle Gennett also took home the checkered flag in the heat.

1. Kyle Gennett

2. Jake Capek

3. Ben Capek

4. Nick Erickson, Jr.

5. John Van Stedum

6. Ray Karl, Jr.

7. Dave Lashua

8. Cody Thompson

9. Duke Leu

Kevin Eckes tripped the clock fastest in the Midwest Mod 4-Cylinder division taking top honors in qualifying. Dale Robinson had an impressive race taking home the checkered flag in the heat. In feature action, Phil Malouf grabbed the early lead and battled off Dale Louze and Kevin Eckes for the win. Dale Robinson and Bob Dalski took home fourth and fifth respectively.

1. Phil Malouf

2. Dale Louze

3. Kevin Eckes

4. Dale Robinson

5. Robert Dalski

6. Alex Volm

7. Jim Lietz

8. Brandon Herr

9. Chris Ashby

10. Mike Frankwick, DNS


With a championship on the line, all Tim Anderson had to do was start the feature and the championship was his! Anderson started the feature but got collected up in a spin by Roger Cochrane on lap 12 of the feature win. Anderson was unable to avoid the car of Cochrane and destroyed his race car in the wreck. Nonetheless, Anderson did take home the Bandit Championship. This feature was all Tyler Raab’s as Raab took his high powered #40 Bandit to victory lane. Raab also took home fast time honors here tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Kevin Burris crossed the finish line first in the Bandit heat.

1. Tyler Raab

2. Kevin Burris

3. Phil Malouf

4. Scott Ciesielski

5. Charlie Nickel

6. Dave Harvath

7. Ron Cole

8. Dan Nickel

9. Tim Anderson

10. Roger Cochrane