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Don “Thunder” Turner Wins First Marshfield Feature This Season

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on August 6th, 2006

By Brian Back

August 6, 2006; Marshfield, WI: – The WGLX and CarQuest week of racing came to a conclusion at the Marshfield Super Speedway. The Super Bikes began the day with an early practice followed by six laps of qualifying. The show continued at regular schedule for the stock program. Eugene Gregorich Jr. took home his first fast time of the season in the CarQuest Super Lates. Super Stock driver Matt Pyburn set yet another quick time. Kyle Opelt also scored another 4-Cylinder fast time.

The CarQuest super late model feature saw its share of three-wide racing as Elliott Weiler dove to the inside of pole sitters Don Turner and Ben Pettis entering turn one. His efforts went unrewarded, as Eric Wisz and Rick Grunden brought out the first caution before completing the first lap. As they retook the green, Turner shot into the lead with a half car length advantage over Pettis entering turn one. He took the outright lead entering turn three, with Weiler closely following. The pace was slowed by caution on lap three as Jim Cormack slowed to a stop on the backstretch. Turner again gained a big lead on the restart as they retook the green, while Pettis dove low of Jay VanDerGeest exiting turn two to take away third on lap four. Troy Nelson began a charge on the high side overtaking Dean LaPointe for fifth on lap five. Pettis made his move to the bottom on lap six, as Weiler slipped up in turn one. Weiler battled back trying to retake the position, but eventually slipped to fourth as Pettis and VanDerGeest motored past. Jason and Chris Weinkauf hooked up in the high line, passing John Froelich on lap eight for seventh and eighth place. Chris then moved high of brother Jason Weinkauf, pulling along side before running off the backstretch on lap ten.

Taking advantage, Eugene Gregorich charged past the recovering Chris Weinkauf, and rolled past Jason Weinkauf on the high side on lap 13. He then followed Nelson past Weiler, and immediately sliced to the low side, sliding into the fourth position on lap 18. The brothers Weinkauf followed, with Jason challenging low of Nelson and Chris latched to his bumper. Weiler began to fade late, as LaPointe, Froelich, and Frazier passed him by with five to go. Nelson’s determination was rewarded with four laps to go, as he held onto fifth over Jason Weinkauf when the caution flew for the spinning Larry Schotten. Turner’s experience paid dividends as he stretched a huge lead at the restart. Gregorich made a bold move low in turn one, taking away third from VanDerGeest with three to go. He then moved to the high side of second place Pettis, and overtook him as they took the white flag. Turner’s restarts turned out to be the final difference maker. Gregorich closed to his rear bumper cover entering turn three, and looked high exiting turn four. The aggressive move was not enough to overtake Turner, as Gregorich made contact with the front stretch wall and slid to a stop, receiving an ovation from the crowd for his failed attempt at victory. Third place went to Pettis, followed by VanDerGeest and Jason Weinkauf.

The CarQuest Super Stock feature was lead by polesitter Andy Munthe on lap one. Outside polesitter Matt Raykowski overtook the lead on lap two, and would hold it until a caution on lap five between Munthe and Randy Meyer on the backstretch. The restart saw Travis Zvolena challenge newcomer Travis Hancock to the inside to take over the second position on lap seven. He then over took the leader Raykowski on the low side one lap later. Corey Jankowski followed Zvolena, showing impressive speed on his first visit to the speedway this season. Jankowski passed Zvolena for the lead on lap 11, followed by Brian Weinfurter and Wes Coon by lap 13. Matt Pyburn began to close on the lead group, as he passed Hancock and Zvolena to take over fourth on lap 15. Weinfurter began to challenge Jankowski to the low side late in the race, allowing Coon and Pyburn to close in on the lead pair. Jankowski slowed to protect the bottom, and Coon seized the opportunity, charging by both Weinfurter and Jankowski on the high side on lap 18. He led the field to the finish, followed by Jankowski, Weinfurter, Pyburn, and Zvolena.

Jason Ferrel of Oshkosh took fast time in the Super Bike qualifying and then went on to win the main contest. Shawn Purkis of Marshfield was able to secure the second quick and second in the feature. John Smarek of Elk Mound did not make it in time for qualifying, however was able to race up into a third place finish. Bill Larson of Ripon took fourth in the feature followed by Brian Frank of Omro in fifth.

The 4-cylinder feature went quickly to caution, due to a multiple car crash in turn two on the first lap. Erin Schlough wasted no time taking the lead, passing pole sitter Ron Sischo as racing resumed. As the field completed lap one, Paul Berg, Dan McGiveron, and Steve Stewart entered turn one three-wide. The track proved to be too narrow, as Stewart and McGiveron spun, sending both to the rear. As the racing restarted, it was again slowed by caution. Three-wide racing between Eric Haring, Stewart, and Don Elmhorst send Elmhorst up the track, stopping inches from the turn two wall. Don Dunow used the caution to his advantage, quickly passing Berg and Kyle Opelt on the high side for the fourth position. On lap three, Derk Hauser moved inside of Steve Hauser taking the second position. One lap later, he looked inside of leader Schlough to take the first position, followed by Steve Hauser. Flick began to charge toward the front diving under Schlough on lap five and Steve Hauser on lap six followed closely by Opelt. Tire problems on the Berg machine brought out another caution on lap eight. As racing resumed, Jeremiah Strauss overtook the fourth position from Dunow entering turn one. Flick also powered to the high side of Derk Hauser pulling nose to nose with the leader entering turn one of lap nine. Opelt moved low of the lead pair entering turn three, but wisely backed out as the opening closed. Flick completed the pass of the persistant Derk Hauser on lap ten with Opelt following closely. Opelt closed to within a half a car length of Flick, only to end up three car lengths back as Flick took command by the checkered. The top five crossed with Flick the victor, Opelt, Derk Hauser, Strauss, and Steve Hauser rounding out the top five.

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