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Drost Does It Again in Business After 5 Special

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on August 12th, 2003

August 12, 2003; Marshfield, WI: – The annual Tuesday night MACCI Business After 5 race was held tonight in August instead of the usual June date. Over 800 people from the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce were here to enjoy the food, beverages and racing. Dick Trickle was also on hand to sign autographs for the Chamber guests as well as the fans. Tonight’s racing included our three weekly divisions. Charlie Menard set fast time in the CARQUEST Super Late Models. Point leader Tim Plowman set fast time in the CARQUEST & Coca-Cola Super Stocks and Travis Zvolena was quick timer in the 1-Man Cruisers.

The CARQUEST Super Late Model feature was led by Rick Grunden the first two laps. Grunden lost the lead in turn two as his car spun. When the race resumed, point leader Doug Drost took the lead, Russ Weiler second, Pete Kempf third, Dean LaPointe fourth and Gary Back fifth. Lap four, LaPointe and Wayne Mackesy moved up to third and fourth. Lap five Judd Brandl broke into the top five taking fifth from Kempf. LaPointe passed Weiler for second on lap seven and looked toward the lead. Brandl passed Mackesy for fourth on lap eight. Mark Eswein moved up into fifth on lap nine. Brandl made the pass on Weiler for third on lap 12. Eswein passed Weiler for fourth the next lap. The caution flew again for Grunden as his car spun. The race was quickly underway again with Drost leading, Brandl second, LaPointe third, Eswein fourth and Eugene Gregorich Jr. fifth.

Fast timer Charlie Menard had been racing towards the front and grabbed fifth on lap 16. Eswein and Menard passed LaPointe for third and fourth on lap 17. The caution flew again on lap 23 for the cars of Mackesy and Joe Krzykowski. The race was re-started with only two laps to go, but before another lap was completed, Gregorich’s machine spun in turns three and four. Mackesy’s car was collected in the incident and both Gregorich and Mackesy were forced to retire their cars to the pit area. The time limit on the race expired during this caution and the race was re-started, but if there was another incident the race would be called. As the cars received the green, their was another spin in turns three and four, ending the race. Drost was awarded the win, Brandl second, Eswein third, Menard fourth and LaPointe fifth.

Matt Raykowski led the first four laps of the CARQUEST & Coca-Cola Super Stock feature. Larry Schultz led the next three as Tim Hintz came up to battle for the lead. Hintz led lap eight and then it was Schultz again for two laps. Hintz then took the lead on lap 11 and was able to keep it. Schultz maintained the second spot, as fast timer Tim Plowman had made his way to third. Kyle Davis was racing fourth and Rick Hetzel fifth. Lap 15, lapped cars came into factor, but Hintz held onto the lead. The top five were able to worked their way through the lapped traffic and hold their positions. Hintz won, Schultz second, Plowman third, Davis fourth, and Hetzel fifth.

The 1-Man Cruisers had a spin involving four cars on the front stretch as only one lap was completed. The incident forced Randy Meyer, Steve Bores and Larry Larsh to retire their cars for this race. Pat Dickman led the first two laps, but couldn’t hold off the likes of Rodney Feltz. Dickman fell to second, Travis Zvolena third, Matt Curnoyer fourth and Sam Sudduth fifth. Nick Klimpke passed Sudduth for fifth on lap six. Feltz won, Zvolena second, Dickman third, Curnoyer fourth and Klimpke fifth.

The winner of the Wal-Mart bicycle was Conner Pierce of Pittsville. The winner of the bicycle donated from Badgerland Auto was Zack Stanley of Marshfield.