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Duchow Vists, Wins in Super Late Model Action

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on August 30th, 2003

August 30, 2003; Marshfield, WI: – Mother Nature gave us beautiful weather for Earth Inc. night at the races. Judd Brandl set his tenth fast time of the season tonight in the CARQUEST Super Late Models. Shawn Stelzer was quick timer in the CARQUEST & Coca-Cola Super Stocks. Greg Blount set fast time in the 4-Cylinders and Travis Zvolena in the 1-Man Cruisers.

DuWayne Davis and Dave Cabelka battle for the lead of the CARQUEST Super Late Model feature. Dean LaPointe, Eric Wisz, Jeff Weinfurter and Jay VanDerGeest were all racing for the other top five spots. As the field crossed the finish line to complete lap five, Weinfurter had contact with the back end of Davis’ car causing several cars to spin. Judd Brandl and Doug Drost, one and two in the points both sustained damage to their machines but were able to return. Eric Wisz and Kyle Calmes also getting caught up in the wreck were unable to continue.

When the race resumed, LaPointe took over the lead from Cabelka, Rory Melbinger came up to the third spot, Jim Duchow fourth and VanDerGeest fifth. Melbinger charged forward, passing Cabelka and then LaPointe for the lead. Duchow wasn’t far behind and running second by lap nine. Lap 13, Weinfurter had worked his way back up to fifth. Weinfurter moved up to fourth, passing VanDerGeest on lap 14, but the rearend of Weinfurter’s machine would blow-up on lap 17.

Meanwhile, Duchow was challenging Melbinger for the lead and took it from him on lap 18. Cautions plague the next couple of laps and then the final flew on lap 23. The race was to be re-started one more time though it was past the time limit, when an explosion was heard in the pit area. An air tank had exploded in the Weinfurter hauler and the race was called. Thankfully Weinfurter and crew were relatively uninjured. Duchow was awarded the win, Melbinger second, LaPointe third, VanDerGeest fourth and Pete Kempf fifth.

Jim Cormack led the first half of the CARQUEST & Coca-Cola Super Stock feature. Brendan Klueckman raced second for six laps until Larry Schultz took the spot from him. Quick timer Shawn Stelzer was coming to the front, passing Klueckman for the third position on lap seven. The caution flew on lap nine for contact with Klueckman and Kyle Davis. Stelzer was able to take the second spot from Schultz on lap ten, Tim Plowman was running fourth and Randy Emmerich fifth. Stelzer passed Cormack for the lead on lap 11. Schultz and Plowman got by Cormack two laps later. Tim Hintz racing for the fifth spot against Emmerich held the spot for eight laps, but at the checkered, Emmerich was ahead. Stelzer won, Schultz second, Plowman third, Cormack fourth and Emmerich fifth.

The first eight laps of the 4-Cylinder feature were led by Erin Schlough. Keith Wirtz came from the back to the front in a quick hurry to take the lead from Schlough. Jason Bell who had mechanical problems and was unable to qualify raced through the semi-feature, started in the back of the feature and was in second by lap nine. Doug Adams was racing third, Schlough fourth and fast timer Greg Blount fifth. Blount moved up to fourth, but was blackflagged on lap 11 for a flat tire. Kevin Eckes then moved up to the fourth spot with Schlough fifth. Bell raced up to challenge Wirtz for the lead, but was able to pass him before the checkered flew. Wirtz won, Bell second, Doug Adams third, Eckes fourth and Schlough fifth.

Pat Dickman led the first four laps of the 1-Man Cruiser feature. Travis Zvolena then took the lead. Dickman fell to second, Randy Meyer came from the back to the front for third. Zvolena won, Dickman second, Meyer third, Nick Klimpke fourth and Matt Curnoyer fifth.

The winner of the Wal-Mart bicycle was Timothy Schillinger of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

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