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Earth Inc. Yellow River Racing Series “White Knight 99+1″ Presented by Seubert Calf Ranches to Holzhausen

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on July 26th, 2013

Fairchild, WI, (July 25, 2013) – All the hype over the “White Knight 99+1″ feature event in honor and memory of racing legend Dick Trickle, lived up to every bit of it!  With threatening skies upon the facilities of Marshfield Motor Speedway, it was uncertain if the event would even happen.  However, after a brief heavy down pour, the program continued.

With a huge crowd, fans were treated to one of the best racing events ever to hit Central Wisconsin!  Steve Holzhausen tripped the clock fastest in qualifying, with a lap time of 17.990.  With the roll of the dice, and the invert, Holzhausen would put himself in the 14th starting position for the 100 lap feature event.  Rounding out the top 5 in qualifying was Colin Reffner, Ryan Hinner, Cardell Potter, and Ben Pettis respectively.

Heat winners tonight in preparation for the main event were, Kirby Kurth, Claire Decker, Jason Weinkauf, Mark Eswein, and Ben Pettis!

Once the drivers took to the green flag, fans were on the edge of their seats with much excitement and anticipation!  Neillsville, WI driver Monte Gress, jumped out to the early lead.  Gress held the lead for the first few laps, that was when Lacrosse, WI driver Don “Thunder” Turner took over the helm.  Turner, a retired teacher in the La Crosse school district, would lead the next ten laps.  Sparta’s Tim Schendel grabbed the lead on lap 13 of the 100 lap event.  With Schendel gaining the top spot, Wisconsin Rapids, WI hotshoe Mark Eswein was hot on his heels.  Moving through the pack rapidly was the likes of Colin Reffner, Jason Weinkauf, and Ryan Hinner.  By lap 30, it was Schendel, Eswein, Reffner, Weinkauf, and Steve Holzhausen, your top five drivers.  Once the drivers got to lap 40, the only change was that fast timer Steve Holzhausen had moved into the third position.  Holzhausen, fresh off his first leg win of the Yellow River Racing Series, was looking to make it two in a row.  Tim Schendel continued to hold the top spot at the 50 lap break.  Eswein, Holzhausen, Reffner, and Jason Weinkauf took the mandatory caution flag as the top five cars with 50 laps to go.

During the break, drivers were allowed to make adjustments to their cars.  Unfortunately for Eau Claire, WI driver Ben Pettis, he found significant rear end issues to his familiar #22 car, and was unable to continue.  Pettis, who earlier in the evening won the 5th heat (fast), had moved to the 9th position and appeared to possibly have the car to beat tonight.

Once the flag flew to begin the second half of the “White Knight 99+1″ feature event, it was Steve Holzhausen jumping out to the restart leader.  Holzhausen started to stretch his lead on Schendel slightly.  Maybe the best race for the next 25 laps was between Mark Eswein and Camp Douglas, WI driver Cardell Potter.  Potter looked very fast and was able to put his car most anywhere.  Eswein and Potter battled nose to tail, and at times, side by side.  Potter was able to make some nice moves, but was unable to get by Eswein, as he slammed the door on Potter.

With 20 to go, Holzhausen had a 6 car length lead on Tim Schendel.  With Schendel riding in the second position, he was able to hold a 5 car length lead over third place runner Mark Eswein.  Another driver making a late race surge was Rich Bickle, Jr.  Bickle, Jr, whom of which started the feature towards the middle of the pack, was able to put his #45 machine into the top five.  Once the drivers took the white flag indicating one lap remaining, it was status quo with the drivers and their positions.  As starter Geno Eckes through the checkered flag, it was Steve Holzhausen capturing, yet another, feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway!  With Tim Schendel having a great run and finishing in the runner up position, it was Mark Eswein finishing third.  Cardell Potter earned a hard fought 4th position, with Rich Bickle, Jr. coming home in the 5th position.  Finishing 6-10 respectively was Ty Majeski, Jason Weinkauf, Eugene Gregorich, Jr., Dalton Zehr, and Ernie Schlough.

Official finishing order for the “White Knight 99+1″ feature event were:

1. Steve Holzhausen

2. Tim Schendel

3. Mark Eswein

4. Cardell Potter

5. Rich Bickle, Jr.

6. Ty Majeski

7. Jason Weinkauf

8. Eugene Gregorich, Jr.

9. Dalton Zehr

10. Ernie Schlough

11. Colin Reffner

12. Brian Goodwin

13. Don Turner

14. Monte Gress

15. Dan Lindsley

16. Tim Hintz

17. Tanner Bohlen

18. Kirby Kurth

19. Dean LaPointe

20. Shane Smiley

21. Claire Decker

22. Paige Decker

23. Ryan Hinner

24. Joe Ponbriand

25. Frank Nitzke

26. Steve Apel

27. Ben Pettis

28. Travis Dassow

29. Cody Smiley

30. Jack Greenwood

31. Wayne Cottrell

Notes:  Top 14 cars finished on the lead lap.  Frank Kreyer (Engine) & Jim Sauter, Jr. (Rear End), did not start.  The top 20 finishers have locked in a starting position for next year’s “White Knight 99″ 150 lap feature event!

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