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Elliott Weiler Grabs Career First SLM Checkered

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on July 24th, 2004

By Mary Langreck

July 24, 2004; Marshfield, WI: – The Reigel Plumbing and Heating/ACE Hardware night was perfect weather to take in a race. Judd Brandl set fast time in the CARQUEST Super Late Models. Tim Hintz was the CARQUEST Super Stock fast timer and Pat Dickman turned his 1-Man Crusier fast time into a clean sweep for the evening.

Reigel’s started out the night with two Marshfield Super Speedway IROC Saturn heat races. Dan Grimm was the winner of heat one and Jeff Molter won the second heat. The top three from each heat advanced to the feature with Nate Block taking home the win.

The first two laps of the caution free CARQUEST Super Late Model feature were led by Jay VanDerGeest. Eugene Gregorich Jr. then took over. By lap five young rookie Elliott Weiler was in the second spot. VanDerGeest held third, Brian Back fourth and Jeff Weinfurter fifth. VanDerGeest, Back, Weinfurter and now Judd Brandl all fought to take over those the third through fifth spots. Back had a strong hold on third for lap 11 with Weinfurter and Brandl right behind. Lap 14, Weiler made the pass on Gregorich for the lead. Lap 18 Back passed Gregorich for second, but was unable to challenge for the lead as Weinfurter moved up trying to take the second spot away. Weiler drove to the win as Weinfurter and Back raced side-by-side for second. Weinfurter pulled ahead at the line, Back finished third, Brandl fourth and Gregorich fifth.

The CARQUEST Super Stock feature also went green to checkered with four different leaders. Travis Zvolena led the first lap, Chad Scholl then led the next two. Larry Schultz quickly moved up to work for the lead and took it on lap four. Brian Weinfurter then moved up to take the lead on lap seven. Schultz held second, Scholl third, Zvolena fourth and Scott Havlicek fifth. Both Tim Hintz and Cale Laessig were trying to get to the front. Havlicek drove into the third spot, but then had mechanical problems that forced him to pit. Hintz and Laessig both moved up battling for the third spot. Weinfurter won, Schultz second, Laessig third, Hintz fourth and Scholl fifth.

Motorcycle Report by Woody Eckes

Date: 07-24-2004 Location: Marshfield Super Speedway Marshfield, Wisconsin

Fourteen cyclists put on a barnburner of a show tonight for the fans on the super fast 1/2 mile blacktop oval at Marshfield Super Speedway. Mark Zeidler of Ringle put his SK Service Honda 450 out front for all six laps while his brother TJ & Adam Zwaschka battled it out over second place with Zwascha’s 450 beating TJ Zeidlers 250. In the second heat fast starter Brad Seavers led for the first two laps until Clliff Eckes Jr. of Marshfield drafted past going into turn one. Eckes held the point but Seavers mimicked his every move, waiting for the mistake that did not come. Ashlands’ Randy Ruffi had the best seat in the house for that battle with his third place finish. The top three finishers from each heat filled the front row for the feature, while the other eight riders had to settle for the second row.

All eyes were on the starter, the engines revved up and the green light flashed on and Junction Citys’ Brad Seavers led the thundering herd into turn one, spraying sparks from their skidshoes and tire smoke as they shot down the backstretch. Heat winners Zeidler and Eckes got a mid pack start, but quickly worked their way to the top two spots by lap three, relegating Severs to third. Round and round they sped, with Eckes first trying low in the corners, then high, and Zeidler countering his every move. A short distance behind the two leaders, Brad Seavers and Randy Ruffi were mixing it up good over third place. Adam Zwaschka rode a lonely race in fifth place, but even the riders in the back were involved in their own three man battles for finishing positions.

On lap seven both leader Mark Zeidler and second place Cliff Eckes slid sideways in unison exiting turn two, as Seavers and Ruffi crept closer to the front two, waiting for another mistake to pounce on. But entering turn three, with a good head of steam, Eckes shot around Zeidler on the high side, and took over the lead. Zeidler tried to answer back, but his rear tire protested and he slipped sideways as Eckes increased his margin of victory from inches to feet as he took the checkered flag in his first feature victory at Marshfield Super Speedway this year.

Results: 1.Cliff Eckes 2.Mark Zeidler 3.Brad Seavers 4. Randy Ruffi 5. Adam Zwaschka 6.Jamie Seavers 7.TJ Zeidler 8.Jake Seavers 9.Ron Bean 10.Craig Nigh 11.Troy Johnson 12.Woody Eckes 13.Ted Strebe 14.Craig Lewis

Pat Dickman moved from the back to the front to take the lead for the entire 1-Man Cruiser feature. Matt Cournoyer tried to take the lead from Dickman, but wasn’t able to pull up along side him. Cournoyer took second, Cody Meyer third, Justin Moore fourth and Sam Sudduth fifth.

This Saturday’s race is The Bill Sherman Memorial sponsored by V&H Inc., Baum’s Mercantile, TJ’s and 8th Street Auto, and Hoffman’s Custom. Featuring the CARQUEST Super Late Models, CARQUEST Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders, and 2-Man Cruisers plus stock car rides for kids. Pit Gate opens at 3:30 p.m., Grandstand Gates 5 p.m., Time Trials 6:30 p.m. and racing starts at 7:30. Raindated for Sunday same times. Adult grandstand admission is $9.00, Students ages 10-15 $4.00, under ten free, Family Ticket $22.00.

CARQUEST Super Late Models: Judd Brandl 18.043
CARQUEST CWSSA Super Stocks: Tim Hintz 20.292
CWMSA 4-Cylinders: Didn’t race
1-Man Cruisers: Pat Dickman 23.706

CARQUEST Super Late Models
Heat 1: VanDerGeest, Gregorich, Gress, R. Weiler, Bell.
Heat 2: Brandl, Weinfurter, LaPointe, E. Weiler, Back.

Heat 1: Scholl, Schultz, Laessig, Zvolena, Hintz.

1-Man Cruisers
Heat 1: Dickman, Meyer, Moore, Sudduth, Cournoyer.

CARQUEST Super Late Model: E. Weiler, Weinfurter, Back, Brandl, Gregorich, LaPointe, Pettis, VanDerGeest, Gress, Bell.

CARQUEST CWSSA Super Stock: Weinfurter, Schultz, Laessig, Hintz, Scholl, Zvolena, Raykowski, Stanley, Havlicek, Hetzel.
1-Man Cruiser: Dickman, Cournoyer, Meyer, Moore, Sudduth, Larsh, Erdman, Denny.