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Eswein Captures Bill Sherman Memorial, Plowman Posts Super Stock Win

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on July 31st, 2004

By Mary Langreck

July 31, 2004; Marshfield, WI: – The Bill Sherman Memorial brought to you by V&H Inc., Baum’s Mercantile, TJ’s and 8th Street Auto, and Hoffman’s Custom & Stock Automotive was a night for hot racing action. The point races also heating things up as we near the end of the season. At the start of the night, Jeff Weinfurter led the CARQUEST Super Late Model standings by four points over Dean LaPointe. By the end of the evening, LaPointe led by four. Jeff Weinfurter set fast time for the Super Lates, 2003 Track Champ Tim Plowman was the Super Stock quick timer and two time track champ and point leader Keith Wirtz was fastest in the 4-Cylinders.

After qualifying, were the annual kids rides. Thanks to all the drivers that took the time to give kids rides.

The CARQUEST Super Late Model feature was barely under way when the first caution flew. Just before the first lap was completed, Darek Gress and Russ Weiler made contact coming out of turn four causing a spin and the rest of the field scrambling to get through. Eugene Gregorich Jr., Jay VanDerGeest, Keith Bohmsach and Ben Pettis all pitted at that point, Pettis was the only one unable to return. Gress and Weiler restarted at the rear of the field. Eric Wisz restarted on outside pole and led the first lap, pulling ahead of polesitter Brian Back. Wisz held the lead until lap five, when Mark Eswein took charge of the lead. Back held on in the top five as Judd Brandl, Jeff Weinfurter and Dean LaPointe all moved up to claim top five spots. Lap seven, point leader Weinfurter was forced to pit for a fluid leak near his right rear tire. Eswein continued to lead, Wisz holding second, Brandl third, Weinfurter fourth and Back fifth. Elliott Weiler, last week’s feature winner, worked his way from his 14th place start to take fifth on lap 11. The caution flew the second time for the spun car of Josh Bell in turn two. On the restart, Brandl was able to take the second position from Wisz. Keith Bohmsach, who started at the rear of the field was up to fourth when the caution flew for the spun car of John Totzke Jr. The caution was out again a lap later when Kyle Davis spun in turn two. At this point, the 30 minute time limit had expired and the race would restart one last time. Bohmsach, now sitting third, pulled up to challenge Brandl for the second spot as Eswein tried to get a bigger lead. Bohmsach and Brandl battled for second until lap 22 when Bohmsach claimed it. Lap 23, the race was over as the caution flew for Totzke, having mechanical problems and unable to get the car into the pits. Eswein won, Bohmsach second, Brandl third, Weiler fourth and LaPointe fifth.

The CARQUEST Super Stock feature was led by Scott Havlicek for the first six laps. Fast timer Tim Plowman then took the lead. Havlicek holding on very strong in second as point leader Cale Laessig, Larry Schultz and Scott Hamel raced in the top five. The caution flew on lap 11 for the spun car of Wayne Meyer in turn four. Laessig, sitting third for the restart worked on taking the second spot from Havlicek. Laessig was able to get second, but not the lead as Plowman took the win. Laessig finished second, Havlicek third, Schultz fourth and Hamel fifth.

The 4-Cylinder feature saw front runner Erin Schlough spin in the backstretch on lap two, causing the field to check up. Kevin Eckes and Keith Wirtz both ended up in the back stretch embankment, Eckes was unable to return. Wirtz continued to have problems throughout the race, but gained in the point standings over Eckes. Paul Berg took the lead on the restart with Jeremiah Strauss, Scott Gascoigne, Keith Kemnetz, JJ Flick and George Brandl all waiting for a chance at that lead. Berg held on strong the whole race as Flick moved up to third and Steve Hauser fourth. Don Dunow came into the fifth spot on lap 11 as Flick took second from Strauss. Berg won, Flick second, Hauser third, Strauss fourth and Dunow fifth.

The 2-Man Cruiser team of Josh Boyer and Dustin Clark won the feature. Dan Szymkowiak and Ryan Pionek took second, and Amber Osowski and Gary Wierzba third. This win tightens up the points as Szymkowiak and Pionek lead by one point over Boyer and Clark.

The winner of the Wal-Mart bicycle was Tyler Wendt of WI Rapids.

Next Saturday’s race is CARQUEST Night, with $1.00 off admission coupons available at all CARQUEST Stores. Featuring the CARQUEST Super Late Models, CARQUEST Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders, and 1-Man Cruisers plus Mechanics racing. Pit Gate opens at 3:30 p.m., Grandstand Gates 5 p.m., Time Trials 6:30 p.m. and racing starts at 7:30. Raindated for Sunday same times. Adult grandstand admission is $9.00, Students ages 10-15 $4.00, under ten free, Family Ticket $22.00 (includes two adult tickets and unlimited student tickets).


CARQUEST Super Late Models: Jeff Weinfurter 17.888
CARQUEST CWSSA Super Stocks: Tim Plowman 20.531
CWMSA 4-Cylinders: Keith Wirtz 22.435
1-Man Cruisers: Didn’t race

CARQUEST Super Late Models
Heat 1: Bell, Mackesy, Back, VanDerGeest, D. Davis.
Heat 2: E. Weiler, Eswein, Pettis, Brandl, Gregorich.

Heat 1: Scholl, Schmutzer, Stanley, Meyer, Brugh.
Heat 2: Laessig, Havlicek, Plowman, Zvolena, Hamel.

CWMSA 4-Cylinders
Heat 1: Gascoigne, Kemnetz, Schlough, Brandl, A. Eckes.
Heat 2: Wirtz, K. Eckes, Flick, Strauss, Dunow.

1-Man Cruisers
Heat 1:

CARQUEST Super Late Model: Eswein, Bohmsach, Brandl, E. Weiler, LaPointe, Gregorich, Mackesy, Back, Bell, R. Weiler.

CARQUEST CWSSA Super Stock: Plowman, Laessig, Havlicek, Schultz, Hamel, Zvolena, Schmutzer, Stanley, Meyer, Brugh.

CWMSA 4-Cylinder: Berg, Flick, Hauser, Strauss, Dunow, Schlough, Brandl, Gascoigne, A. Eckes, Kemnetz.

2-Man Cruiser: Boyer/Clark, Szymkowiak/Pionek, Wierzba/Wierzba, Heggebo/Hoeper, Koplien/Zopfi.