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Eswein, Knoblock and Bennish Take Home the Mid-Season Checkers

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on June 25th, 2005

By Mae Schultz

June 25, 2005; Marshfield, WI: – Multiple cautions led to some unpredictable racing at the Coca-Cola and WDLB/WOSQ night at Marshfield Super Speedway, but Mark Eswein, Neil Knoblock, Bo Bennish, and David Knauf pulled out feature wins.

In the CarQuest super late model feature, Jay VanDerGeest started strong, guarding his first-place spot. Behind him, Rick Grunden and Kyle Davis charged to the front to battle for second place, with Grunden eventually winning the battle. He didn’t keep it long because Jeff Weinfurter snuck to the front and stole third place and then second with 20 laps to go. Just as Mark Eswein, who had the fast time in qualifying, was making his way to the front of the pack, an accident involving Blake Horstman and Rick Grunden changed the whole race. At the restart, it was VanDerGeest, Weinfurter, and Eswein in the top three. With 13 laps to go, VanDerGeest got loose, giving Eswein the opportunity to take the lead. He shot ahead of the pack and held the lead until the checkered flag flew. Eugene Gregorich finished second, Jeff Weinfurter third, Ben Pettis fourth, and Elliot Weiler fifth.

Neil Knoblock had a great night at the track, getting the fast qualifying time and the limited late model feature win. However, it wasn’t easy. It took him ten laps to move from his seventh place start and pressure Darin Seubert, Derek Dombeck and Justin Switlick who were the top three with 30 laps to go. With 17 laps to go, Knoblock overtook Seubert on the outside groove, to take the lead. Switlick was soon behind Knoblock when he took second by passing on the outside with 11 laps left. Knoblock won the race, his fifth win in the series. Switlick pulled out second, Seubert third, Jeremy Switlick fourth, and Kyle Bauknecht fifth.

An accident in the Super stock feature caused some ruffled feathers and surprising finishes. The race started out with Bo Bennish taking the lead early. Andy Simonis charged from a seventh place start to take second place by the second lap and was giving Bennish a good fight for the lead. Behind them Travis Zvolena, who started 10th, took third with 17 laps to go. But then, Zvolena came from the inside, making the race three wide. The move caused an accident and a caution. It also got Zvolena pushed to the end of the field because track rules state that a driver cannot make it three wide from the inside. Due to the three-wide move, Simonis hit the wall in turn four and dropped out of the race. Zvolena finished behind Simonis in the standings, as track rules dictate. Bennish, who came out of the accident unscathed, won the race. Wes Coon, the fast qualifier, took second, Brian Weinfurter third, Randy Meyer fourth and, Matt Cournoyer fifth.

The one-man cruiser feature started out with some action when Tim Dickman overtook leader Greg Firkus on the outside groove in the first lap. With seven laps to go, Cody Meyer, David Knauf, and Tim Dickman made it a three-wide race. Cody Meyer prevailed, and took the lead, but with six laps to go, David Knauf came around on the outside to grab the lead. Then, with four laps to go, Tim Dickman got sideways to cause a short caution. After the caution, David Knauf kept the lead to win the race, with Cody Meyer, who got the fast qualifying time, second, Tim Dickman third, and Greg Firkus fourth.

The CarQuest Super Late Model Mid-Season points champ was Mark Eswein, Jeff Weinfurter second and Ben Pettis third. The Limiteds division was taken by Neil Knoblock, Justin Switlick and Kyle Bauknecht. In the Super Stocks, Bo Bennish took top honors with Wes Coon second and Brian Weinfurter third. Dave Knauf took first in the 1-Man Cruisers, Cody Meyer second and Tim Dickman third. The Mid-Season trophies were top three were awarded for each division based on the number of points earned just tonight, combining the points from qualifying, heats and features.

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