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Eve 2007 – The Final Event

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on September 29th, 2007

By Mary Langreck

September 29, 2007; Marshfield, WI: – The final 2007 event at Marshfield Super Speedway, Eve of Devastation sponsored by Seubert Inc, Quality Roofing, WDEZ 101.9 and United Rentals was delayed by Mother Nature. After a three hour wait, mostly in the rain, the show was underway.

The first event, Freestyle Burn Out contest, where competitors are allowed to burn for 30 seconds on the front stretch, but have to continue to move during their show. The contest was won by Tommy Lee Weaver III after a close battle with Kyle Rasmussen.

The ever popular bus race was up next. With all the drivers that had won a race in the past starting at the back of the pack, it proved to be exciting. Being only a five lap race, they were determined to make it to the front, racing three-wide several times. John Strasser took the early lead, but Ryan Pribbernow and Rodney Feltz quickly showed up to challenge. Feltz taking the low line and Pribbernow on the outside. Strasser didn’t give up easily, keeping the front of his bus leaning hard on the rear of Pribbernow’s. This allowed Feltz to get quite the lead, but Pribbernow caught him in the final lap. As the two came for the checkered, it was a close one, with lots of grinding metal, Feltz would pull out the win.

The tire racers were up next, object is to remove opponents tire while keeping your own. Once your tire is gone, return to the pits. The winner of this race was Andres Felix of Edgar.

The Spin To Win race is completed by first lap around the big track counter-clockwise. Rear wheels must cross start/finish line. You must complete a 360 & second lap make counter-clockwise around the big track. Spin To Win Heat 1, #31 Jason Matyka, Medford, Spin To Win Heat 2, #19 Jon Brandenburg, Wausau, Spin To Win Heat 3, #82 Philip Berens, Edgar, Spin To Win Heat 4, #4QQ George Brandl, Milladore, Spin To Win Feature, #31 Jason Matyka, Medford. The full framed spin to win was won by #65 Tim Philips of Medford.

The Double O Last Man Race, is first lap big track, second lap small track, big track third lap, fourth lap small track etc. Each lap completed, big or small track, the last man to cross the start/finish line is eliminated from the race until we declare a winner. In the full size truck division, the winner was #21K Chad Krueger, Pittsville. In the compact division, Double O Last Man Heat 1, #97 Josh Baranoski, Easton, Double O Last Man Heat 2, #33 Joe Meyer, Wausau, Double O Last Man Heat 3, #7 Jonny Altman-Schultz, Double O Last Man Heat 4, #06 Jonathan Arthur, Greenwood, Double O Last Man Feature, #33 Joe Meyer, Wausau.

The Double O 2nd Over The Line Race, is run as first lap big track, second lap small track. 2nd car to cross start/finish line advances to feature race. Double O 2nd Over the Line Heat 1, #24 Josh Sackmann, Medford, Double O 2nd Over the Line Heat 2, #02 Andres Felix, Double O 2nd Over the Line Heat 3, #18 Adam Roder, Rib Lake, Heat 4, #77 Cleve Hartenstein, Mosinee, Double O 2nd Over the Line Feature, #02 Andres Felix. In the full size truck division, #6 Perry Schultz, Marshfield, was the winner.

The forward/backward race was one lap around the big track, then two laps in reverse around the small track. The full framed race was won by #65 Tim Phillips from Medford. The first heat was won by #AA Ryan Gilge of Medford, #1 Mark Katzenberger of Marshfield won the second heat. Ryan Gilge went on to win the feature race.

The trailer race features object is to remove opponents trailer while keeping your own. Once your trailer is gone, return to the pits. Trailer Feature #01K Scott Krause of Stratford, Truck Trailer Feature #6 Perry Schultz, Marshfield.

Dave Borgeson won the Best Decorated Trailer Contest with a Just Married Theme, he even played the song “Here Comes the Bride.”

Doug Rose returned with the Green Mamba Jet Car. Once everything was set up just right, he melt down two cars, in matter of a few minutes.

The night’s events wrapped up with another excellent fireworks display by Specialty Fireworks.

Marshfield Super Speedway is located 3.5 miles west of Marshfield on County Road H with weekly Saturday night stock car racing April through September.