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Eve of Destruction

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on August 27th, 2005

By Mae Schultz

August 27, 2005; Marshfield, WI: – Madness and mayhem overtook the speedway for a night of destruction. The Eve of Destruction sponsored by Martinovich Trucking, WDEZ 101.9 and WIFC 95.5. The bus racers had time trials with “Hot Rod” Rodney Feltz capturing fast time.

The freestyle burnout contest was won by Ron Wells of Stratford with his 2000 Pontiac Trans Am.

The Martinovich Trucking IROC Saturn race was won by Tom Van De Hey in the Mid-State #1 car. Mike Kading grabbed second, Jim Piltz third, Tim Folz fourth, Todd Martinovich fifth and Jack Hadley sixth.

“Hot Rod” Rodney then attempted his jump a Winnebago towing a boat, over a full size limousine, lengthwise, with six boats lined up after the limo. Rodney made two passes before his attempt. When he made the final pass, he went up over the ramp, cleared the limo and most of the boats, landing on all four wheels.

The tire race object is to take off other drivers’ tires while not letting anyone rip your own off. The winner was Ron Kundinger of Spencer in the Moo car.

The first ever Double O Seven races were won by Todd Sherfield and Ed “Turbo” Turner. The Double O Seven race was one lap on the