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Eve of Devastation Definitely Motorized Mayhem

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on June 30th, 2007

By Mary Langreck

June 30, 2007; Marshfield, WI: – The Eve of Devastation sponsored by Seubert Inc and WGLX 103.3FM, began with the first appearance of the 2-Man Cruisers in 2007. With qualifying starting out the night, Chuck Green Sr. and Chuck Green Jr. came out for their time trial laps, only to lose a wheel in midst of lap two. They pitted and returned for their final lap in time and stole the fast time honors.

The X-Treme stunt performance by Cody Cavanaugh of Neenah, WI, kicked off the start of the show. Cody got the crowd into his tricks and the louder they cheered, the bigger and better the trick. Cody started out with a shorter warm up session, and then returned after the bus races for his second set.

The following event was the 2-Man Cruiser race. Geno and Adam Eckes started the race out strong, leading the first two laps. They were no match however, to the fast timers of Green and Green, who took the lead on lap three and dominated the race to the checkered. The Eckes’ were able to maintain the second spot, as John Kampert Sr and John Kampert Jr raced in third. That’s how they would cross the finish line at the end of the 12 lap contest, with Tyler Dominck and Aaron Goetz fourth and Tom Walley and Dale Koplien fifth.

Next, the Freestyle Burn Out contest, where competitors are allowed to burn for 30 seconds on the front stretch, but have to continue to move during their show. The contest was won by TJ Gorski of Mosinee.

The Bus Racers took charge of the speedway next. The 16 yr old dirt racer, Brittany Olson started out the race with the lead. By the start of lap two, Chad Krueger was leaning on her for the lead. Olson pushed right back. As the two exited turn two, Olson spun Krueger around, much to the crowd’s delight. Olson’s bus then flew straight off of the turn and was wedged between the speedway and the embankment. All the excitement brought out the caution. Both Krueger and Olson’s machines were unable to continue. John Strausser, who had been racing in third at the stripe, but was challenging to take away the lead just before the caution, now assumed the lead for the restart. Strausser stayed to the bottom of the track, as Ryan Pribbernow raced on the outside working for the lead. Pribbernow was pressuring Strausser hard for the lead, but Strausser never gave an inch. Strausser would win his first Bus Race, Pribbernow second and Fran Esser third.

Cody Cavanaugh returned for his second set of stunts. This set was the grand finale. Bigger, higher, more thrilling stunts performed for the fans. Every trip up the ramp was a surprise as no one knew what he would do next.

The first “Eve” event was the tire race, object is to remove opponents tire while keeping your own. Once your tire is gone, return to the pits. The winner of this race was Joe Sazama of Eland.

The Spin To Win race is completed by first lap around the big track counter-clockwise. Rear wheels must cross start/finish line. You must complete a 360 & second lap make counter-clockwise around the big track. Spin To Win Heat 1, #31 Jason Matyka, Medford, Spin To Win Heat 2, #6 Josh Sackmann, Medford, Spin To Win Heat 3, #16S Wayne Schmeiser, Medford, Spin To Win Heat 4, #R6 Keith Miller, Weston, Spin To Win Feature, #31 Jason Matyka, Medford

The Double O Last Man Race, is first lap big track, second lap small track, big track third lap, fourth lap small track etc. Each lap completed, big or small track, the last man to cross the start/finish line is eliminated from the race until we declare a winner. In the full size truck division, the winner was #21K Chad Krueger, Pittsville. In the compact division, Double O Last Man Heat 1, #75 Tucker Miller, Weston, Double O Last Man Heat 2, #65 Tim Phillips, Medford, Double O Last Man Heat 3, #6 Jacob Sackmann, Medford, Double O Last Man Heat 4, #R6 Keith Miller, Weston, Double O Last Man Feature, #6 Jacob Sackmann, Medford

The Double O 2nd Over The Line Race, is run as first lap big track, second lap small track. 2nd car to cross start/finish line advances to feature race. Double O 2nd Over the Line Heat 1, #1 Anthony Annala, Rib Lake, Double O 2nd Over the Line Heat 2, #11572 Matt Welle, Rothschild, Double O 2nd Over the Line Heat 3, J76 Brandy King, Spencer, Double O 2nd Over the Line Feature, #11572 Matt Welle. In the full size truck division, #1 Mark Katzenberger, Marshfield, was the winner.

The Relay Race, requires you to have a partner. The first car of the team makes one lap on big track, returns to start/finish line and must make contact with his partner. The second car of the team then takes off to finish the race. The truck relay race was won by the team of #6 Perry Schultz & #1 Mark Katzenberger, Marshfield. Relay Heat 1, #31 Jason Matyka, Medford & #38 Jesse Sommer, Ogema, Relay Heat 2, #17 Logan Roder, Medford & #73 Brian Nowak, Medford, Relay Feature, #77 Randy Luedtke, Mosinee & #14 Jordan Yirkovsky, Mosinee

The trailer race features object is to remove opponents trailer while keeping your own. Once your trailer is gone, return to the pits. Trailer Feature #9er Joe Sazama, Eland, Truck Trailer Feature #11 Andy Werthman, Marshfield.

The night’s events wrapped up with another excellent fireworks display by Specialty Fireworks.

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