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Eve of Devastation The Final Event of the 2008 Season

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on September 20th, 2008

By Mary Langreck

September 20, 2008; Marshfield, WI: – The Seubert Inc., Nasonville Dairy, Weber’s Farm Store, United Rentals, WIFC 95.5FM, Sternweis & Sons Concrete, DeBoer Transportation, King’s Campers Eve of Devastation was the final event of the 2008 Marshfield season.

The Freestyle Burn Out contest kicked off the show. Competitors are allowed to burn for 30 seconds on the front stretch. Participants put on their best smoke show for the crowd, while continuing to keep their vehicle constantly moving. Cheers from the crowd decide the winner of the contest. A close battle forced a second go around for three of the contestants, Scott Hale, David Werlein and Kelly Oium. After two excellent smoke shows, the crowd chose the winner, Hale of Granton in his 1965 Chevy pickup.

The bus racers were the first to really start the devastation. As the field of eight school buses entered turn one after just receiving the green, the crash and caution flew, ending the race for John Strasser and Mark Katzenberger. Rodney Feltz and Ryan Pribbernow started at the back of the pack but wasted no time getting to the front making it three wide for the lead. The battle was between Feltz and Pribbernow for the lead, while Chad Krueger, Brittany Olson, Road Toad and Jeremiah Strauss fought over third. Feltz led lap two, but Pribbernow led the final three for the win. Feltz’ bus sustained damage on his run to the front and as he exited turn four to receive the checkered, over he went tipping the bus on its side. Pribbernow won, Road Toad second, Olson third, Strauss fourth and Feltz fifth.

Up next was the tire race, with 27 participants. They took to the half mile, trying to remove their competitors tire trailing 7 feet behind the car, while protecting their own. Jim Esser of Marshfield was victorious in this contest.

The next event was the new obstacle race. Drivers needed to complete two laps around the half mile, making a loop around a tire placed on the backstretch and another placed in turn four. In the full framed race, Andy Felix of Edgar was the winner. Four qualifying heats for the cars made up an eight car feature. Rich Wagner of Merrill won the first heat and went on to take the feature win.

The Double O Last Man Race, is alternating laps between the big half mile track and the smaller Eve track. Each lap completed, big or small track, the last man to cross the start/finish line is eliminated from the race until we declare a winner. The full framed competition was won by John Strasser of Stratford. The winners of the four qualifying races created the line up for the feature. Rodney Feltz of Marshfield won heat three and then won the feature.

“Hot Rod” Rodney then began setting up for his stunt. The ramp, cars and motorhome were lined up and waiting as he made his approach from the backstretch. “Hot Rod” soared off the ramp the first time only ripping the top off the motorhome, he came around for a second go this time smashing the motorhome and was still able to drive away with his stunt car.

The forward/backward race was one lap around the big track, one lap around the small track, then two laps in reverse around the small track. The full framed race was won by Jeff Nowak of Schofield. In the cars, first and second in each of the three heat races advanced to the feature. Perry Schultz of Marshfield had finished second in the second heat and then took the feature win.

The Double O 2nd Over The Line Race, is run as first lap big track, second lap small track, third lap small track. 2nd car to cross start/finish line advances to feature race. Another game of cat and mouse as usually someone ends up being pushed against their will over the start finish line. The full framed race winner was Tyler Strub of WI Rapids. The winner of each of the three heats moved up to the feature. Randy Luedtke of Mosinee won heat three and returned immediately to win the feature.

The point of the trailer race is to remove opponents trailer while keeping your own. Once your trailer is gone, you are eliminated from the race. The full framed trailer race turned into a train as the drivers continued to get hung up on the driver ahead of them trailer. After four competitors made up the train, the Central WI Co-op’s skid steer was brought out to untangle the mess. Once they started again it wasn’t long before it happened again. When they were pulled apart only two were left to finish off the race. Andy Werthman of Marshfield survived the full framed trailer race with the win. The car trailer race was won by Scott Krause of Stratford.

The Green Mamba Jet Car was next on deck to melt down a car. Piloted by Doug Rose the Green Mamba lit up the pits with fire, smoke and white hot sparks flying over turns one and two.

Specialty fireworks closed out the evenings events with another one of their great fireworks displays.

Burn Out Contest-Scott Hale, Granton

Bus Race-Ryan Pribbernow, Marshfield

Tire Race-Jim Esser, Marshfield

Obstacle Races
Full Framed-Andy Felix, Edgar
Heat 1-Rich Wagner, Merrill-Shane Sievers, WI Rapids
Heat 2-Chris Radtke, Rib Lake-Rodney Feltz, Marshfield
Heat 3-Jerome Literski, Wausau-Nick Weber, Stratford
Heat 4-Brandy King, Spencer-Perry Schultz, Marshfield
Feature-Rich Wagner, Merrill

Double O Last Man Races
Full Framed-John Strasser, Stratford
Heat 1-Jake Sockmann, Medford
Heat 2-Andy Werthman, Marshfield
Heat 3-Rodney Feltz, Marshfield
Heat 4-Jonny Schultz, Marshfield
Feature-Rodney Feltz, Marshfield

Double O Forward Backward Races
Full Framed-Jeff Nowak, Schofield
Heat 1-Jake Sockmann, Medford-Greg Kusiak, Mosinee
Heat 2-Wayne Schmeiser, Medford-Perry Schultz, Marshfield
Heat 3-Brandy King, Spencer-Hunter Risch, Medford
Feature-Perry Schultz, Marshfield

Double O 2nd Over the Line
Full Framed-Tyler Strub, WI Rapids
Heat 1-Tim Warner, Ocala, FL
Heat 2-David Borgeson, Withee
Heat 3-Randy Luedtke, Mosinee
Feature-Randy Luedtke, Mosinee

Full Framed-Andy Werthman, Marshfield
Car-Scott Krause, Stratford