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Fall Spectacular Super Lates Won By Holzhausen

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on September 16th, 2006

By Mary Langreck, Brian Back and Woody Eckes

September 16, 2006; Marshfield, WI: – First of all, the Langreck’s, Steve Parsons and the Marshfield Super Speedway staff would like to send out a big thank you to all the sponsors, race teams, fans and every person that attended the 2006 Fall Spectacular weekend Race Against Cancer. Mother Nature wasn’t very cooperative, but once we were able to be underway, there was great racing action to be seen.

Friday’s events were cancelled due to inclement weather. The super stock and motorcycle portion of the program was added to Saturday. Saturday’s program was also affected when rain stopped racing around 8 p.m. The remaining part of the program was completed on Sunday afternoon.

All qualifying was completed on Saturday, with Mark Eswein tearing up the track, turning a 17.623 in his super late. His roll of six with the dice would place him starting 14th on the 100-lap feature grid in memory of Duwayne Voelz. Kevin Nuttleman made his first appearance at Marshfield with his limited late. The LaCrosse Speedway champ is no stranger to speed as he took the limited late fast time honors. Matt Pyburn took the super stock fast time honors, starting him 12th in the memorial feature for his father, Gary Pyburn. Jeremiah Strauss picked up another 4-cylinder fast time, earning him a 12th place start for the Bill Dunow Memorial 25. Larry Moen of Madison was the quickest pure stock, but was unable to return to race the feature on Sunday. Tim Syvrud took the Street Stock fast time.

The 100-Lap Duwayne Voelz Memorial super late model feature saw Allen Check take the lead from his pole position start. Steve Holzhausen and Jason Weinkauf followed Check into turn one, Holzhausen took the high side entering turn three on lap two. Holzhausen pulled up even with Check and took the lead in turn three for lap three. Jason Weinkauf followed suit, passing Holzhausen for second on the next lap. Chris Weinkauf and Neil Knoblock were right behind waiting to make their move. A spin on lap five would send Charlie Menard to the rear, he would capitalize on the 95 laps remaining for his comeback. Holzhausen led the restart with Jason Weinkauf in pressuring for the lead. Fast timer Mark Eswein, starting 14th, moved to the inside of Jay VanDerGeest in turn one to take seventh on lap seven. Chris Weinkauf passed Check on the outside for third.

A new leader emerged as Jason Weinkauf pulled ahead of Holzhausen. Todd Stapleman would take over fourth on the outside from Check, as Eswein followed. Knoblock looked to the outside of Check on lap 11, but was unable to complete the pass. Eswein began to challenge Stapleman for fourth on the inside, he earned the spot on lap 14. Holzhausen would comeback to the inside of Jason Weinkauf to reclaim the lead on lap 14. The next lap, Knoblock completed his pass on Check. Eugene Gregorich Jr. was working into the top ten, passing on the high side of Ben Pettis. Eswein dove to the inside of Chris Weinkauf for third on lap 18. Stapleman followed Eswein through on the bottom, passing Chris Weinkauf for fourth. Menard passed to the inside of Keith Romenesko for 14th already on lap 20. Holzhausen and Jason Weinkauf had stretched out their lead to a straightaway ahead of Eswein in third. Knoblock made his move into the top five on lap 22 on the inside of Chris Weinkauf. Lap 24, lapped traffic first became a factor. Gregorich Jr. had been working his way forward and up to eighth by lap 25. Pettis and Menard closed up the gap between them and VanDerGeest. Pettis tried to pass VanDerGeest to the inside, but VanDerGeest held him off. Menard then took to the outside, passing Pettis and then VanDerGeest on lap 32. Menard challenged to the inside of Gregorich Jr in turn one. The two were even as they entered turn three, Menard pulled past Gregorich Jr as they exited turn two on lap 44. The action heated up as the race closed in on the mandatory caution on lap 50. Jason Weinkauf closed in on Holzhausen and took the low line under him to challenge for the lead taking it for lap 50.

The caution was out, allowing each driver to pit. Chris Weinkauf with very disappointing engine trouble that would not allow him to resume the race. Knoblock returned to the pits before the race resumed also with engine trouble that would end his day. Jason Weinkauf led the field to the restart. Eswein quickly moved past the three lapped cars to stay with the leaders. Holzhausen closed in on the leader on lap 56. Meanwhile Menard continued his chase to the front working the inside of Tim Rothe for fifth. Gregorich Jr kept working the outside lane, passing Check and then Rothe for sixth. Menard overtook Stapleman on the inside of turn three on lap 62. Eswein was steadily closing the gap on the battling pair of Holzhausen and Weinkauf. Pettis challenged Rothe for seventh on the inside entering turn three on lap 69. Eswein was now only two car lengths behind the leaders. Gregorich Jr moved to the inside to pass Stapleman as they exited turn four, completing the pass for fifth in turn three.

Lapped traffic allowed the leaders to stretch out their lead over Eswein to ten car lengths by lap 84. Eswein chased back closing the gap again in two laps. Pettis worked the inside lane past Stapleman for sixth. Menard began to close in on the top three, running out of laps. Eswein drove to the outside of Holzhausen with only ten to go. Eswein was a little loose coming out of turn four and unable to complete the pass. Holzhausen then went inside of Weinkauf as they exited turn four on lap 92. Holzhausen past him for the lead entering turn one, as Eswein followed. Weinkauf battled back to retain second. Holzhausen stretched out his lead, as it was a mad dash to the checkered for second. Eswein went low of Weinkauf entering turn three, taking the second for lap 98. Weinkauf crossed over trying to regain the spot as they exited turn four for the checkered, but Eswein held on. Holzhausen won, Eswein second, Jason Weinkauf third, Menard fourth and Gregorich Jr fifth.

Cale Laessig with an impressive run won the 30 lap B feature, several car lengths over Brian Back, finishing second. Mark Mackesy third, Bruce Bill fourth and Elliott Weiler fifth.

A handful of cautions plagued the limited late model feature. Brandon Conrad led the first circuit. Mike Merriam then took the lead for the next ten laps. Kurt Clapper took charge of the lead for nine laps. Doug Mahlik took over the leader position for the second half of the race. Clapper was soon challenged for his second spot by the young Skylar Holzhausen. Holzhausen was making his first race here at Marshfield field, battling door to door with Clapper for many laps. Adam Degenhardt with double duty racing both late model divisions, started sixth and raced back and forth in the top five for most of the feature. Bret Widdis raced close behind Degenhardt, while Merriam held onto the fourth position. Mahlik won, Holzhausen won the battle for second, Clapper third, Merriam fourth and Widdis fifth.

Larry Schultz took the early lead for the super stock feature. Corey Jankowski then took charge on lap nine. Tim Plowman and Matt Pyburn worked their way from deep in the field to the front by the mid-way point. Plowman moved up into the second spot, pressuring Jankowski for the lead. Pyburn was quickly catching up passing for third on lap 22. The caution flew on lap 24 and again on lap 26, tightening up the field. Plowman and Pyburn now both challenging Jankowski for the lead. Both pulled ahead of Jankowski for lap 28, Plowman leading. Pyburn now pushed his machine to the limit trying to find a way past Plowman, but would run out of laps. Plowman won, Pyburn second, Jankowski third, Wes Coon fourth and Brian Weinfurter fifth.

A very exciting 4-cylinder feature saw Ron Sischo lead the field for the first four laps. JJ Flick had wasted no time racing to the front passing cars on the outside of the track. Keith Wirtz followed Flick through the field. Wirtz passed on the high side of Ricky Brandl for fourth in turn three. Kyle Opelt sliced from the bottom to the top of the track to follow Wirtz. Flick took the lead on the outside of Sischo. Six laps later, Wirtz was the new leader, passing Flick on the inside of turn three. Opelt closed in on the leaders diving to the inside of Wirtz and taking the lead on lap 19. Chad Dietsche picked up several spots on the inside and was challenging Wirtz for third at the end of the race. Opelt won, Flick second, Dietsche third, Wirtz fourth and fast timer Jeremiah Strauss fifth.

Motorcycle results By: Woody Eckes

A dozen daring cyclists put on their final race of the season at Marshfield Super Speedway at the Fall Spectacular. The first heat had to be restarted twice with spills by Troy Johnson of Big Falls and Randy Ruffi of Duluth in the same corner. After a search for a slippery area on the track, it was concluded that both riders were just trying to hard and put themselves down. Mark Zeidler of Ringle overtook Steve Kasten of Hatley for the lead on lap two and fended off a late race challenge by newcomer Kyle Meiers of Escanaba for the win. Heat two saw Lee Johnson of Big Falls lead from green to checkered flag. All twelve riders lined up for the fifteen lap feature. The cagey old veteran Steve Kasten shot into the lead until lap four when Mark Zeidler squeezed past at the line; but Kasten was not done in front, retaking first back for two laps, then Zeidler repaid the favor with a high/low move for the point coming out of turn four on lap seven. All the while this dogfight was going on, closer and closer came Kyle Meiers, looking for a way past both the leaders. On lap twelve Zeidler assumed the lead for good and Meiers pressed past Kasten for second. Kasten fought back but Meiers held on to finish second. This victory was Mark Zeidlers third victory in a row in the motorcycle feature event.
Results: 1.Mark Zeidler 2.Kyle Meiers 3.Steve Kasten 4. Cliff Eckes Jr. 5.Troy Johnson 6.Randy Ruffi 7. Clay Johnson 8.Craig Lewis 9. Woody Eckes 10. Lee Johnson 11. Craig Nigh 12. Ted Strebe

The first lap of the pure stock feature was led by Kyle Genett. Mike Gwidt then took charge of the lead. Mike Kasperak raced in a close second with Troy Engman third. Mike Lichtfeld passed Engman for third on lap eight, as lapped traffic became a factor. Steve Lichtfeld was close behind passing Engman for fourth a couple laps later. Mike Lichtfeld passed Kasperak for second on lap 11. Steve Lichtfeld passed Kasperak for third the following lap. Todd Showers broke into the top five with only three laps to go. Gwidt won, Mike Lichtfeld second, Steve Lichtfeld third, Showers taking fourth away from Engman at the checkered.

Tony Showers led the first lap of the street stock feature. Tim Syvrud led the next three, until AJ Kania took over for the win. Syvrud finished second, Showers third, Jim Annala fourth and Derek Childs fifth.

The oldtimers that raced on Saturday were unable to stay and race on Sunday. Darrel Bassuener won the heat race on Saturday night. The two racers on Sunday came all the way from Minnesota, Denny Schott won, Bobby Steier second.

The FASTLANE JONNY attempted several times, but was unable to complete it with his school bus.

Next Saturday, September 30th is the final event of the 2006 season. The Eve of Destruction registration will begin at Noon and end at 3 p.m. Grandstand gates open at 2 p.m. with the show starting at 4 p.m. Adult grandstand admission 16 years and older is $10.00, students 10-15 years old is $5.00 and 9 years and younger is free. The program includes the Green Mamba Jet car burning up a limo, fireworks, “Hot Rod” Rodney will jump his bus over six cars and thru a motorhome. Plus burn out contest, whip around race, trailer race and much, much more!

Marshfield Super Speedway is located 3.5 miles west of Marshfield, WI on Highway H. Stock car racing Saturday nights April through September.