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Frank Nitzke Stays Hot With Marshfield Motor Speedway Win

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 3rd, 2012


Fairchild, WI, September 1, 2012 – Marshfield Motor Speedway fans were treated to another great night of racing action with great weather and close, side by side racing within all divisions competing.

In the Super Late Model division, rookie driver Ryan Hinner tripped the clock fastest in qualifying and earned fast time honors.  Hinner, who is edging closer to the overall point lead, has been having a great second half of the season.  Jim Sauter, Jr. earned top honors in the Napa of Marshfield Dash 4 Cash, while Wisconsin Rapids, WI driver Jeff Weinfurter and Eagle River, WI driver Paige Decker notched heat wins.

Once the drivers took to the track for the super late model feature, it was Marshfield’s Dean LaPointe and Berlin, WI driver Frank Nitzke leading the pack to the green flag.  Nitzke, one night earlier, captured the Golden Sands Speedway track championship edging out Rangeline’s Kyle Genett.  Once starter Geno Eckes dropped the green flag, Nitzke darted out to a 5-car length lead over the rest of the field.  With Chad Selk and Dean LaPointe battling for the second position, Paige and Claire Decker battled for the fourth position.  Nitzke, who held his 5 car length lead, was able to watch lots of side-by-side racing in his rear view mirror.  Rich Bickle, Mark Eswein, Randall Wilhorn, Ryan Hinner, and Jim Sauter, Jr. were all nose to tail and side by side, looking for an opening to advance their position.  Ben Pettis, who calls Elk Mound, WI home, was patiently watching the cars in front of him trade a little paint, while he, too, was looking to advance his position.  Being the point leader, and knowing he had a fast car, Pettis pick and chose his advancement in the field when the moment allowed him to do so.

Still out front, it was Frank Nitzke with a comfortable lead over Chad Selk and Paige Decker.  Selk was able to hold down the second place position as he fought off several challenges from Decker. On lap 17, Paige Decker slipped going into turn one causing her car to spin in mid corner.  Several drivers were collected in the incident, namely Randall Wilhorn, who may have received the most damage.  Wilhorn, who appeared to have one of the fastest cars in the field, was unable to restart the feature once it went back to green.  Cory Jankowski was also involved in the wreck but was able to continue after crew members fixed his right front damage to his race car.

Once the green flag was dropped to restart the feature event, it was once again Frank Nitzke darting off to a comfortable lead.  Nitzke, who decided to come to MMS late Friday night after his track championship, arrived late with his teen son to the track.  However, it was evident that he and his son were having the weekend of their lives!  It was once again Chad Selk holding down the runnerup position.  But don’t look now, but it was point leader Ben Pettis and Mark Eswein who now established themselves as the hard chargers of the field.  Pettis was able to climb to the third position and Eswein to fifth by lap 20.  On lap 24 of the 35 lap feature event, Pettis was able to grab the second position from Selk with Ryan Hinner moving to the fourth position.  Eswein’s car appeared to get faster as the race went along.  Eswein’s car entered the turns and went throughout the corners like it was on a rail.  With four laps remaining, Mark Eswein was able to climb to third with an inside move on Ryan Hinner.  With Frank Nitzke comfortably out front, the real battle was for the second spot.  With two laps remaining, Eswein looked to the inside of Ben Pettis and was able to complete the pass of Pettis.  With Frank Nitzke grabbing his first MMS feature win, and Mark Eswein and Ben Pettis finishing second and third, it was Ryan Hinner and Chad Selk rounding out the top five.

1. Frank Nitzke

2. Mark Eswein

3. Ben Pettis

4. Ryan Hinner

5. Chad Selk

6. Jim Sauter, Jr.

7. Rich Bickle, Jr.

8. Dean LaPointe

9. Jeff Weinfurter

10. Jeremy Schultz

11. Monte Gress

12. Paige Decker

13. Claire Decker

14. Don Turner

15. Randall Wilhorn

16. Jack Greenwood

17. Cory Jankowski


The CWSSA Super Stocks hit the pavement once again at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Natalie Decker claimed fastime narrowly edging Bruce Stanley.  Phil Malouf earn heat win honors edging out Decker and Bryan Langreck.  Once the cars took to the track for their feature event, it was JJ Flick and Bryan Langreck leading the small field of cars to the green flag.  Going into the feature event, the fans knew it would be a great race because anyone of the seven cars could win the feature!  Bryan Langreck darted out to the early lead with Brian Weinfurter hot on his heels. Weinfurter would grab the lead on the third lap and hold the point until lap 10.  Natalie Decker took over the top spot over Weinfurter when Weinfurter’s car appeared to slip in the middle of turn 3 and 4.  With Decker out front and Weinfurter riding in second, it was Wayne Mackesy and points leader Phil Malouf battling for the third position.  With three laps remaining, Malouf was able to get around the #93 of Mackesy.  Once the checkered flag flew, it was Natalie Decker notching the feature win over Brian Weinfurter and Phil Malouf.  Mackesy and Bruce Stanley finished fourth and fifth respectively.

1. Natalie Decker

2. Brian Weinfurter

3. Phil Malouf

4. Wayne Mackesy

5. Bruce Stanley

6. JJ Flick

7. Brian Langreck (DNF)


Point leader Steve Hauser topped all CWMSA 4-Cylinders in qualifiing with a lap time of 22.779.  Hauser, who has been nothing short of spectacular this year, was certainly putting himself in line for another feature win at MMS.  Auburndale’s Tim Anderson was fastest in the fast heat edging out Hauser and Rick Brandl for the top spot. In feature action, Rick Brandl jumped out to the early lead with Steve Hauser running second.  Brandl’s lead was brief though, Hauser took over the top spot by lap two.  Denny Goetsch drove to the second spot and looked like he was going to the front.  A few laps later, his car slipped in turn two, dropping him back a few spots.  Tim Anderson worked his way to the runnerup spot and had his sights set on Hauser for the top spot.  With Hauser building a nice lead, and the lead two cars basically equal, Anderson stayed status quo and wasn’t able to cut into the lead that Hauser earned for himself.  Once the checkered flag flew, it was Hauser, Anderson, and Brandl, one, two, three in the finishing order.  Dennis Goetsch finished fourth with Kevin Eckes, whom of which jumped up a division in his 4-cylinder, finished fifith. Adam Krykowski drove his #16 car to a sixth place finish.

A large field of bandits were on track for their feature(s) tonight.  With their last feature being rained out, the Bandits drivers competed in double features here tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway. In the first heat, it was Nikki Coulthurst grabbing the win over Joachin Mangen and Isaiah Rowe.  Heat two, it was Scott Ciesielski taking the win from the last row. Randy Polansky and Tim Anderson finished second and third.

In the first feature for the Bandit drivers, it was Nikki Coulthurst leading the first nine laps.  Ciesielski took over the helm on lap ten and never looked back.  It appeared that Ciesielski had the car to beat tonight within the division.  Coulthurst had a fast car and came home in the second position.  It was Corey Stephens, Tim Anderson, and Randy Polansky rounding out the top five.

In feature number two for the Bandits, it was Josh Klopotek grabbing the early lead.  Klopotek’s lead was brief however, as Coulthurst grabbed the lead from Klopotek coming out of turn two.  Coulthurst held the lead for most of the race, however, it was Ciesielski leading the final 4 laps for the race win.  With Coulthurst finishing second, it was Tim Anderson in third, and Isaiah Rowe and Corey Stephens rounding out the top five.

Nezt week, Marshfield Motor Speedway is back in action with a full slate of racing with all divisions competing.  Fan gates open at 4:30 with qualifying at 5pm and racing beginning at 6:30.  Visit us online at for all the up to date information.  Also, visit us on Facebook or Twitter.