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Gregorich Jr. and Bell Split SLM Victories at Marshfield

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on August 14th, 2004

By Mary Langreck

August 14, 2004; Marshfield, WI: – Tonight’s racing action was sponsored by the Marshfield News-Herald, WI Rapids Daily Tribune, Stevens Point Journal, Wausau Daily Herald and WYTE 96.7 FM. Jeff Weinfurter took fast time again the CARQUEST Super Late Models, Tim Hintz also with another quick time in the Supers.

Following qualifying was the feature from the previous week for the CARQUEST Super Stock feature. Matt Raykowski took the early lead of this green to checkered feature. Tim Hintz who started in the back row, began passing cars three wide on the outside. Cale Laessig and Brian Weinfurter were also working their way to the front through the field. Hintz took the lead from Raykowski on lap seven. Raykowski held strong in second with Chad Scholl third, Larry Schultz fourth and Weinfurter fifth. Weinfurter, Schultz and Laessig all passed Scholl over the next few laps to each move up a spot. Weinfurter and Laessig both began to work on Raykowski for that second spot, and passed him for the checkered. Hintz won, Weinfurter second, Laessig third, Raykowski fourth and Russ Hebel fifth.

Next was the CARQUEST Super Late Model feature from August 7. Josh Bell took the lead from his outside pole start. With a tight points race for the championship, both Dean LaPointe and Jeff Weinfurter were racing to the front. Eugene Gregorich Jr. moved up into the second spot on lap seven trying to reel in Bell. By lap 17, Weinfurter was up to third, LaPointe fourth and Judd Brandl fifth. Weinfurter’s machine then died forcing him to pit as the race continued without caution. LaPointe moved up to third and began working on Gregorich for second. Just after the field got the white flag and entered turn one, LaPointe’s car spun, ending the race. Bell won his first Super Late Model feature, Gregorich second, Brandl third, Back fourth and Ben Pettis fifth.

Tonight’s CARQUEST Super Late Model feature saw Jay VanDerGeest take the lead from the pole. The only caution flew on lap six as Josh Bell spun in the backstretch. When the field realigned, VanDerGeest led with John Totzke Jr. taking the inside lane and Eugene Gregorich Jr. outside. Lap eight, Gregorich passed VanDerGeest on the outside to take the lead. Keith Bohmsach passed VanDerGeest for second on lap ten and then set his sites on the lead. Bohmsach raced on the inside as Brian Back moved up along side on the outside to challenge for second. Back took second on lap 22, but was unable to pass Gregorich. Gregorich won his first feature here this season, Back second, Bohmsach third, Jeff Weinfurter fourth and Judd Brandl fifth.

Roger Stanczyk led the first nine laps of the CARQUEST Super Stock feature. Cale Laessig raced to the front first to take the lead on lap ten, as Tim Hintz was still working through the field. Hintz, up to second with Stanczyk third, Havlicek fourth and Brian Weinfurter fifth. The only caution in this race flew on lap 15 for fluid leaking from Russ Hebel’s machine. Laessig, challenged by Hintz for the lead, kept pulling away just a little as the cars came out of the turns. Laessig won, Hintz second, Havlicek third, Stanczyk fourth and Weinfurter fifth.

Sixteen brave motorcyclists put on an unbelievable show tonight at the superfast 1/2 mile blacktop Marshfield Super Speedway track. In practice Mark Zeidler of Ringle was sliding his C&J framed Honda 450 into the turns and leaving them in a cloud of tire smoke. Mechanical problems kept him from time trials, where Hatleys Steve Kasten topped the field with a 21.474 time trial effort. In heat one, newcomer Dan Vrana of West Ben led the first two laps before local rider Cliff Eckes Jr. swept around him on lap three, and Ashland’s Randy Ruffi did likewise on the last lap for second place. In heat two, Mark Zeidler simply marched away from the rest of the field, and Steve Kasten kept second place Brad Seavers in his sights the whole race, but was unable to make the pass stick and had to settle for third by half a wheel. The field was set for the feature race and the top three riders from each heat lined up on the back row for the twelve lap final.

The front row roared off the line into turn one when disaster struck. Adam Zwaschka of Willard spun his Yamaha sideways entering the corner and high sided violently as the back row pack bore down on him at an even greater speed. The first four of six riders picked their way between Adam and his fallen mount, but Randy Ruffi was unable to miss the fallen rider. A brief track cleanup period and the injured riders were transported to the hospital and the race was underway once again. Even with a backrow starting position, Zeidler and Kasten slashed their way to the front in two laps. Their battle was interrupted on lap three by a red flag for Cliff Eckes’ broken chain laying on the racing line on the backstretch. A single file restart brought the crowd to their feet for the remaining laps. Kasten wheelied into turn one, but Zeidler kept the front wheel on the ground and the throttle wide open to assume the lead down the backstretch. Using a higher entry line, Kasten crept closer to Zeidler entering the turns with Zeidler countering with a tire spinning exit from each corner. On lap eight Kasten swept past coming out of turn four as Zeidlers’ tortured tire gave up. Steve Kasten scored the feature victory followed by Mark Zeidler and Brad Seavers.
Results: 1. Steve Kasten (YAM) 2. Mark Zeidler (HON) 3. Brad Seavers (HON) 4.Dan Vrana (HON) 5.Lee Johnson (ROT) 6.Craig Nigh (HON) 7.Woody Eckes (YAM) 8.Jake Seavers (HON) 9.Jamie Seavers (HON) 10.Ron Bean (YAM) 11.Ted Strebe (YAM) 12.Troy Johnson (YAM) 13.Craig Lewis (HON)
Story by Woody Eckes

The 2-Man Cruiser race was won by Josh Boyer and Dustin Clark. Dan Szymkowiak and Ryan Pionek second, and Brad Heggebo and Todd Hoeper third.

The Late Model Mechanics race winner was Rick Grunden in Brian Back’s machine. Jeremiah Strauss won the Super Stock Mechanics race in Scott Havlicek’s car and Tanya Braevner won the Super Stock Powder Puff.

Next Saturday’s race is Mid-State Truck Service and WAXX 104.5FM Night. Featuring the CARQUEST Super Late Models, CARQUEST Super Stocks, Double Features for 4-Cylinders, and Double Features for 1-Man Cruisers plus Mechanics racing and Powder Puff racing. Pit Gate opens at 3:30 p.m., Grandstand Gates 5 p.m., Time Trials 6:30 p.m. and racing starts at 7:30. Raindated for Sunday same times. Adult grandstand admission is $9.00, Students ages 10-15 $4.00, under ten free, Family Ticket $22.00 (includes two adult tickets and unlimited student tickets).


CARQUEST Super Late Models: Jeff Weinfurter 18.025
CARQUEST CWSSA Super Stocks: Tim Hintz 20.482
CWMSA 4-Cylinders: Didn’t Race.
1-Man Cruisers: Didn’t race

CARQUEST Super Late Models
Heat 1: VanDerGeest, Totzke, K. Davis, R. Weiler, E. Weiler.
Heat 2: Bohmsach, Bell, Weinfurter, Brandl, Back.

Heat 1: Havlicek, Brugh, Stanley, Scholl, Strigel.
Heat 2: Laessig, Hintz, Weinfurter, Hebel, Schultz.

CARQUEST Super Late Model: Gregorich, Back, Bohmsach, Weinfurter, Brandl, LaPointe, E. Weiler, VanDerGeest, Bell, Mackesy.

CARQUEST CWSSA Super Stock: Laessig, Hintz, Havlicek, Stanczyk, Weinfurter, Scholl, Zvolena, Raykowski, Stanley, Strigel.

CWMSA 4-Cylinder:

1-Man Cruiser:

2-Man Cruiser: Boyer/Clark, Szymkowiak/Pionek, Heggebo/Hoeper.

Features From 08/07/04
CARQUEST Super Late Model: Bell, Gregorich, Brandl, Back, Pettis, Gress, Mackesy, E. Weiler, R. Weiler, Totzke.

CARQUEST Super Stock: Hintz, Weinfurter, Laessig, Raykowski, Hebel, Brugh, Schultz, Scholl, Zvolena, Stanley.