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Gregorich Wins Super Lates, Meyer Wins First Super Feature

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on August 6th, 2005

By Mae Schultz and Woody Eckes

August 6, 2005; Marshfield, WI: – Aggressive racing caused some nail-biter finishes at the CarQuest Night at Marshfield Super Speedway. Feature winners were Eugene Gregorich in the Super Late Model Division, Randy Meyer in the Super Stock Division, and Troy Engman in the 1-Man Cruiser Division.

Early in the Super Late Model Feature, John Totzke charged from his fifth-place start to take the lead. Later, with 19 laps to go, he started to pull away from the rest of the pack. But a caution took away his advantage. At the restart, he remained in first place, but second-place Jeff Weinfurter and third-place Gregorich managed to keep close to him. In the next laps, Weinfurter, Gregorich and Jason Weinkauf raced hard against each other in the front of the pack. With five laps to go, Weinfurter was working the inside groove hard to overtake Totzke. At the same time, Gregorich worked the outside to steal third and then second place. Gregorich was pressuring Totzke for the lead. It looked like Totzke was going to hold him off to get his first Super Late Model Feature win, but he was denied when Gregorich forced through on the outside and took the lead and the checkered flag. Totzke had to settle for second, Weinkauf took third, Weinfurter fourth, and points leader Ben Pettis took fifth. Jeremy Lepak had the fast qualifying time.

In the Super Stock Feature, there were no cautions to change the fate of the race. Leader Randy Meyer was able to hold off Andy Simonis and Travis Zvolena to nab his first Super Stock Feature win. With 12 laps to go, Zvolena took second place on the outside. He held it for most of the race, until Andy Simonis charged from the outside with two laps to go and forced Zvolena back to third. By this point in the race, the top three had pulled away from the rest of the pack. Meyer took first, points leader Simonis took second, Zvolena third, Brian Weinfurter, who had the fast qualifying time, took fourth, and Cale Laessig fifth.

Fourteen two wheelers ripped up the blacktop tonight. In the first heat Craig Nigh from Bancroft paced the field for the first two laps, but Randy Ruffi from Lake Nebagamon would not be denied and led the final four laps for his first ever heat race win here. Ron Bean from Wisconsin Rapids edged out Spencer’s Woody Eckes for the last front row transfer spot. In heat two Mark Ziedler from Ringle split on the pack at the green flag for the victory, while Cliff Eckes Jr. from Marshfield worked his way up from sixth to a fourth place finish for the final spot on the front row for the feature. Junction City’s Brad Seavers held off Steve Kasten in a race long battle over second and third.

All fourteen riders lined up and were introduced for the ten lap main event. Eighty-one year old Cliff Eckes Sr. came down from the stands to be introduced with his racing sons; Cliff Jr. and Woody Eckes, much to the delight of the crowd. After a few laps to inspect the track and warm up their tires all the cyclists readied for the green flag. Brad Seavers got the hole shot off the line but Mark Zeidler swept past the three front-runners entering turn one to steal the lead down the backstretch. Steve Kasten also fought his way past Seavers to chase his neighbor and good buddy Mark Zeidler.

In a high-speed game of cat and mouse Zeidler and Kasten dueled each other for the lead; which changed sometimes three times a lap. Zeidler had corner entry speed while Kasten would retaliate exiting the turns with a better drive to thrust ahead onto the straightaway only to have Zeidler zip back by diving into the turns. Marshfield’s Cliff Eckes Jr. emerged from the pack and started to chase down the front running twosome, but the leaders intensified their feud; both riders smoking and abusing their rear tires coming off the turns; further gapping the pack. On the white flag lap; lap nine both leaders encountered lapped traffic with Kasten squeezing out a slim margin over Zeidler that he held onto for the win. All fourteen riders finished the race on two wheels, in a personal victory over the blacktop lady of speed, Marshfield Super Speedway.

1. Steve Kasten YAM 2.Mark Zeidler HON 3.Cliff Eckes Jr. YAM 4. TJ Zeidler YAM 5.Brad Seavers HON 6.Randy Ruffi YAM 7.Dan Vrana HON 8 Woody Eckes YAM 9.Craig Lewis YAM 10.Jake Seavers HON 11.Ron Bean YAM 12.Craig Nigh HON 13.Adam Zwaschka YAM 14.Duwayne Montgomery ROT Story by Woody Eckes 715 384 4555

Aggressive racing in the 1-Man Cruiser Feature gave race fans an exciting race to watch. A couple of cautions early on slowed down the pace of the race. But with seven laps to go, David Knauf and Cody Meyer were racing hard for first. Eventually, Knauf won the struggle and had first place. That didn’t last long because with two laps to go, Meyer was challenging him from the outside, and Troy Engman was doing the same thing from the inside. With one lap to go, Engman snatched first. Some issues on the backstretch between Knauf and Meyer allowed some other cars to slip through to the other top spots. Engman, who was the fast qualifier, was the winner, Wayne Dietz placed second, Tim Dickman third, Knauf fourth and points leader Meyer finished fifth.

Last week, Tim Cox, who drove a Hoosier Outlaw Sprint series car in an exhibition event shattered the record time for fastest lap ever at Marshfield Super Speedway. His record-setting time was 15.11 seconds for a turn around the track.

Next Saturday is the Marshfield News-Herald nigh. The race program includes CarQuest Super Lates, CarQuest Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders, 1-Man Cruisers and Powder Puff racing. Pits open at 3:30, time trials at 6 p.m., racing at 7:30. Rain dated for Sunday, two hours earlier. Marshfield Super Speedway is located 3.5 miles west of Marshfield on County Road H with weekly Saturday night stock car racing April through September. Adult grandstand admission $10.00, Students ages 10-15 yrs. $5.00 and under 10 yrs FREE with a parent. Family Ticket is $25.00 (includes 2 adult tickets + unlimited students & children).

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