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J. Weinkauf, Gajewski, & T. Sauter Earn Feature Wins

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on August 1st, 2010

July 31, 2010; Fairchild, WI – Fans from abroad were treated to some warm summer weather and hot racing action, here, Saturday evening on Bill Sherman Memorial Night sponsored by V & H Ford, Inc.

With racing’s number one driver in America visiting the asphalt oval of Marshfield Motor Speedway, fans were treated to an autograph session by Dick Trickle.

With the inclement weather last week, fans this week were treated to double features in the D & D Super Stocks and Super Late Models.  MG Gajewski led the field of 18-cars to the green flag in feature number one.  Gajewski edged out Adam White after the completion of lap number one and built on his lead.  The battle for second heated up with Jason Weinkauf, who earlier got by Ronnie Rihn, sticking his nose on the backside of White.  Lap after lap, Weinkauf looked low on White, but White was able to fend off the challenge of Adam White.  At the halfway of the feature event, Gawewski continued to have a stronghold on the field with White, Weinkauf, Rihn, and Chad Selk running in the top five.  Caution flew on lap-16 when Jim Sauter, Jr. got into the back of Ronnie Rihn causing him to spin in the middle of turn one and two.  On the restart, Jason Weinkauf finally cleared the machine of Adam White and begun to set his sights on Gajewski for the race lead.  With Gajewski and Weinkauf battling up front for the lead, Rihn started to close rapidly on the race leaders. On the last lap exiting turn two, with Gajewski and Weinkauf racing side-by-side, Rihn darted inside making it three wide going down the backstretch and through turns 3 & 4.  Unfortunately for Rihn, there is no three wide passing inside allowed and was placed last car on the lead lap.  Therefore, with the illegal move by Rihn, and being on the race’s final lap, both Gajewski and Weinkauf were deemed winners of the event by starter Patrick Barrett.  Promoter Wayne Brevik backed the decision of Barrett stating, “Unfortunately for Ronnie, he’s a racer and thought he was racing for the win and was unaware of the rule.”  “Insofar as Jason and MG, they were side by side racing and put at a disadvantage with the inside move of Ronnie, therefore, I support Patrick’s decision making it fair for everyone involved.”  Rounding out the top five were Tim Sauter, Jay VanDerGeest, and Wisconsin Rapids driver Mark Eswein in a Ben Martinson prepared machine.

La Crosse, Wisconsin driver Don “Thunder” Turner pulled out to an early lead in race number two for the super late model drivers.  Turner, who has been very impressive as of late, battled point leader Jim Sauter, Jr. side-by-side for several laps. As Sauter, Jr. exited turn two it appeared something gave way on the car, sending him spinning and bringing out the first caution.  On the restart, Jay VanDerGeest started to put heavy pressure on Turner.  The two drivers battled side-by-side for several laps with VanDerGeest finally taking over the top spot.  Tim Sauter and Rory Melbinger started mixing it up in their battle for the third position.  Sauter edged by a very fast Melbinger and begun to set his sights on Turner.  At the halfway point of the race, Sauter raced his way past Turner bringing Mark Eswein with him.  Upfront, Sauter started to put heavy pressure on VanDerGeest for the race lead.  The two drivers battled door handle-to-door handle for several laps before Sauter made the inside pass exiting turn two.  That’s all it took for Sauter, once he got by his team car, he cruised to the Bill Sherman Memorial feature win.  With Jay VanDerGeest coming home in second, Mark Eswein had a very respectable run in the #36 car finishing third.  Rory Melbinger and LiveWire Energy Chews Dash 4 Cash winner Don Turner, finished fourth and fifth. 

Neil Knoblock earned the Miller Fast Time Award with Ronnie Rihn and Rory Melbinger scoring wins in their respective heats.

The D & D Amusement Games Super Stocks took to the track in their first feature event of the evening.  Terry Knupp grabbed the early lead with heavy pressure from Scott Luck.  Luck was able to get by Knupp on lap four bringing Erin Schlough with him.  With Luck and Schlough running first & second, there was a good battle for third brewing.  Randall Wilhorn and Mike Gwidt race each other clean with Gwidt holding the advantage and remaining in the third position.  Gwidt started closing the gap between he and Erin Schlough.  With Scott Luck out front and no apparent pressure, the race was between Schlough and Gwidt.  As the two drivers exited turn two on the final lap, Gwidt and Schlough made contact sending Schlough up the track.  At the finish line, it was all Scott Luck, pocketing his first feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Gwidt finished second with Randall Wilhorn, Erin Schlough, and Mark Langreck rounding out the top five.

Claire Decker held the point in feature number two with Marv Flick running a close second.  Decker held the lead for five laps, that was when Brian Weinfurter decided it was his turn to lead the race.  Two laps later, Erin Schlough moved past Decker for the runner up spot.  Working his way to the third position was fast timer Mike Gwidt.  Gwidt closed the gap on Weinfurter and was looking inside for the pass on lap-16.  Weinfurter was able to slam the door on Gwidt keeping him in his rear view mirror.  In the end, it was Brian Weinfurter scoring the win with Gwidt, Randall Wilhorn, Erin Schlough, and Scott Luck your top five pointer getters. 

Marv Flick & Ernie Schlough came home heat winners in the D & D Amusement Games CWSSA Super Stocks.  Schlough, who calls Greenwood, WI home, also won the LiveWire Energy Chews Dash 4 Cash. 

The Bandits took to the track again tonight and Tim Anderson continues to put pressure on Harry Bell for the point’s battle.  Anderson, who earlier in the evening captured fast time, was looking to earn another feature win, however, Lee Gray, Sam Suddeth and others were looking to break his streak of feature wins.  It didn’t take long, but Anderson worked his way to the front with Lee Gray hot on his heels.  When starter Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag, it was Anderson once again capturing another feature win.  Lee Gray did come home second with Melissa Hopkins taking home the third place trophy.  Harry Bell and Christine Schmude rounded out the top five.  Roger Cochrane brought home the checkers in the Bandit heat.

Junkyard Warriors battled again tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Gary Haarklau took home the fast time award just edging out Justin Baldwin.  Coletta Gomes earned top honors in heat action with Charlie Nickel finishing in the runner up spot.  In feature action, Coletta Gomes cut into Gary Haarklau’s point lead with her feature win.  Charlie Nickel battled hard but had to settle for the second position.  Justin Baldwin and Marc Baldwin finished third and fourth respectively. 

Next week, it’s the Chuck Dougherty Memorial Race.  Competing on the half-mile paved oval of Marshfield Motor Speedway will the super late models, super stocks, 4-cylinders, bandits, and junkyard warriors.  Gates open at 4pm with qualifying at 5pm and racing at 6:30 pm.