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Jason Weinkauf, Colin Reffner, Randall Wilhorn, Ryan Mork, and Tim Anderson Crowned 2009 Track Champions! Melbinger, Reffner, Hauser, Gennett, and Rasmussen Take Home Checkers

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 6th, 2009

September 5, 2009; Fairchild, WI: – Fans at Season Championship night at the races were treated to some of the best weather of the season, in which Mother Nature has provided. There were many championships and awards to be determined on a night full of excitement for the Marshfield Motor Speedway fans!

Tripping the clock fastest and leading the way in their respective divisions in Miller Qualifying was Neil Knoblock, Colin Reffner, Derk Hauser, Kyle Gennett, and Buddy Barrow.

The night was filled with excitement, as the Weinkauf brothers were set to face off in one of the most exciting championship battles in recent history at the half mile paved oval of Marshfield Motor Speedway. When the 30-lap feature event started, it was simple; whichever driver finished highest would be the 2009 track champion. With heat winner Jay VanDerGeest bringing the twenty two-car field to the green, fans were on the edge of their seats in anticipation. With VanDerGeest leading the first few laps, Marshfield’s Rory Melbinger decided it was his turn to set the pace. On lap 3, Melbinger took over the top spot and pulled out to a 3-car length lead. With Melbinger, VanDerGeest, and Mark Mackesy running in the top 3 spots through lap 10, many battles were forming in the middle of the field. Chris and Jason Weinkauf were being patient, and picking cars off one by one. Chris Weinkauf moved to fifth from his ninth starting spot, and brother Jason moved to seventh from his twelfth starting spot, by lap eleven. Jeff Weinfurter also appeared to have a very fast racecar. Weinfurter swiped the third spot away from Mark Mackesy exiting turn four, with Chris Weinkauf following suit. With all the hotly contested battles going on throughout the field, Rory Melbinger was enjoying a 5-car lead on the rest of the field. Two thirds into the feature event, Weinfurter took over the runner-up spot from VanDerGeest on lap 20. One lap later, Chris Weinkauf, in a borrowed car from Redline Speedsports, took over the third spot. Jason Weinkauf wasn’t about to lose sight of his elder brother, Jason move into the top five, and only had Tim Hintz separating him and his brother. With the scoreboard reading five laps to go, Chris Weinkauf was knocking on the door of Weinfurter, as Jason Weinkauf slipped past Hintz. With announcer Michael Barrett calling the exciting race and letting the fans know what exactly had to happen for each Weinkauf to win the championship, Jason moved to the inside of Chris and the two brothers battled side-by-side with two laps to go. Chris Weinkauf pushed the 7-11 numbered racecar in hopes of winning the championship; As Chris entered turn one with one lap to go, the car slipped slightly up the track allowing Jason to make the inside pass with Neil Knoblock following him through. Once starter Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag, Rory Melbinger once again found victory lane. With Jason Weinkauf finishing ahead of his brother Chris, Jason was crowned the 2009 Marshfield Motor Speedway Super Late Model Champion. Rounding out the top five in what was a very exciting feature race, was Jeff Weinfurter, Jason Weinkauf, Neil Knoblock, and Merrill’s Chris Weinkauf.

The D & D Amusement Games Super Stocks took to the racing surface and put on another excellent feature event. With Marv Flick and Aaron Anderson leading the way to the green in the 20-lap feature event, it didn’t take long for Adam Eckes to take over the top spot. Eckes, from his fourth starting spot, took over the lead on lap three and held it until lap nine. That was when Matt Raykowski took over the helm with Track Champion Colin Reffner hot on his heels. At the halfway point, second year driver Reffner took over the top spot with the pass on Raykowski. Deeper in the field, Ryan Hinner, Erin Schlough, and Scott Hamel all battled for position. Hinner, whom of which has been one the fastest super stock drivers the second half of the season, slipped pass Schlough for the fourth position. One of the most consistent drivers all year has been Mark Langreck. Langreck moved his machine into the third position with five to go. Already capturing the track championship before the start of the feature event, Reffner cruised to, yet, another feature win here tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Having another great run and finishing second was Stevens Point driver Matt Raykowski. Rounding out the top five was the Dash 4 Cash winner Mark Langreck, fast heat winner Ryan Hinner, and Greenwood, WI driver Erin Schlough.

Seventeen drivers took the green flag in the 4 Cylinder 20-lap feature event. Mike Frankwick led the first couple of laps with Tim Anderson taking over the top spot on lap three. Anderson would continue to lead until lap seven when Jeremiah Strauss grabbed the lead from him. While Strauss was leading the race, the second position was hotly contested with Austin Stump and Steve Hauser. Hauser would win out on that battle and set his sights on a very fast Jeremiah Strauss. With four laps remaining, Steve Hauser would no longer have anything to do with the runner up position; he made the pass on Strauss and took over the top spot. With Stump running in third place, hard charger gentleman driver Don Dunow roared into fourth place from his fourteenth starting position. Derk Hauser also appeared to have a very fast racecar. Derk, who also came from deep in the field, was setting his sights on a podium finish. Once starter Patrick Barrett threw the white flag indicating one lap remaining, Steve Hauser was in anticipation of capturing the season championship trophy. Having his best night of the year, Hauser captured the top spot with Strauss winding up a very respectful second place. Rounding out the top five was that of Austin Stump, Derk Hauser, and Boyd, WI driver Don Dunow. Having a career year and coming home in the sixth position, was the newly crown track champion, Randall Wilhorn. The Nekoosa, Wisconsin driver finished off the point race strong, and was all smiles when he had his 2009 Marshfield Motor Speedway Track Championship photo taken in victory lane by track photographer Tom Loos.

On championship night at the speedway, the Pure Stocks were once again putting on a good show as five drivers raced door handle-to-door handle throughout the feature. Leading the field to the green was John Vanstedun. Vanstedun’s lead was brief however as Ben Capek took over the lead and led the first 3 laps. Starting shotgun on the field was fast qualifier Kyle Gennett. Gennett, who has been extremely fast as of late, took over the lead on lap four and never looked back. The young gentleman driver cruised to the feature win; with newly crowned track champion Ryan Mork finishing second. Rounding out the top five was heat winner Jake Capek, Ben Capek, and John Vanstedun.

Junkyard Warriors concluded the night with their championship feature race. Although the track championship was already in the pockets of Tim Anderson prior to tonight’s activities. Gary Haarklau took the field to the green flag starting the race. It didn’t take long for Marc Baldwin to put his machine in the top spot. The Marshfield, WI driver started fifth and was leading at the completion of lap one. Baldwin’s lead was brief however, as Buddy Barrow made the pass of Baldwin and took over the top spot. With Barrow cruising with a five-car length lead over Kyle Rasmussen with just a few laps remaining, caution flew for a spin on the backstretch. On the restart, Barrow once again stretched the lead out over Rasmussen. However, with one lap remaining, Barrow’s car went south on him with a clutch problem and Rasmussen and Barrow battled side-by-side through turn one. Barrow’s machine got loose as he tried to fight off the charging Rasmussen. Barrow spun his car exiting turn two bringing out the caution and giving the win to Kyle Rasmussen. Rounding out the top five was Sam Sudduth, Marc Baldwin, Gary Haarklau, and Coletta Gomes.

Coming next week to one of the finest asphalt tracks in the Midwest will be the Annual Fall Spectacular. There will be an open practice on Friday concluding at dusk and will include all divisions involved in the Fall Spectacular. Admission to the open practice will be FREE to the public. Saturday, gates will open at 11:00 am with qualifying at 1:00 pm and the exciting racing action beginning at 3:00 pm. Divisions racing will be the Super Late Models, United States Super Truck Series, Motorcycles, Pure Stocks, and Junkyard Warriors. On Sunday, fan gates open at 11:00 am with WCS qualifying at 1:00 pm, and racing beginning at 2:30 pm. Divisions participating will be the WCS Super Late Model Championship, Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders, and the Vintage racecars.

Please visit us this week online for all the up to date information on the Fall Spectacular. Visit us at: Enjoy your week and we’ll see you next weekend for a weekend full of family fun!