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Jason Weinkauf Edges Steve Holzhausen for Yellow River Win

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on June 24th, 2012


Fairchild, WI, June 23, 2012 – It was a great night for racing at Marshfield Motor Speedway tonight, and after three previous rainouts of the Earth Inc. Yellow River Racing Series, Mother Nature gave way to a fun night of racing.

Super Late Models headlined the night’s show with the running of the first of three Yellow River Racing Series events.  Last year’s Yellow River Racing Series Champion, Jason Weinkauf was on hand to defend his title.  The Merrill, WI hotshoe is running the ASA Midwest Tour full time and has his sights set on the rookie of the year title in that series.

Austin Luedtke grabbed the early lead in the Earth Inc. Yellow River Racing Series 60-lap feature event.  Luedtke would hold the top spot for the first 11 laps with Ryan Hinner and Jason Weinkauf closing fast on the leader.  With Weinkauf getting by Hinner for the runner up spot, the Merrill, WI driver of Jason Weinkauf now had his sights set on Luedtke.  Weinkauf powered his #76 machine to the outside of Luedtke as the drivers exited turn two.  By the time the drivers were in the middle of turns three and four, it was Weinkauf holding the new lead!  It was Weinkauf, Luedtke, and Hinner, the top drivers through the halfway point of the race.  With Jason Weinkauf holding a very comfortable lead, it was evident that other drivers were working their way to the front; Namely, Steve Holzhausen, Chris Weinkauf, and Eau Claire, WI native, Ben Pettis.  Holzhausen worked his way to the fourth spot and by lap 37, the Bangor, WI driver eclipsed Hinner and Luedtke for the runner up position.  Holzhausen set his sights on a very fast Jason Weinkauf, it was evident that Holzhausen was closing on the 2011 Yellow River Racing Series Champion.  By lap 40, Chris Weinkauf worked his way to the third position with Ryan Hinner holding on to the fourth spot.  Earlier in the race, Chris Weinkauf showed signs of smoke billowing from his stock car.  On lap 41, caution flew for Chris Weinkauf as he darted to the inside of the track as it was apparent he had something seriously wrong with his car.  Caution flew for the Weinkauf misfortune and word from track personal was that Weinkauf sustained a broken shock.  Caution flew again just after the restart as one driver didn’t come up to speed, causing a large separation of the field as they took the green flag.  This was a huge break for Chris Weinkauf as he was now able to join the tail end of the field and remain on the lead lap.  On the restart with 18 laps remaining, the top five drivers was Jason Weinkauf, Steve Holzhausen, Hinner, Ben Pettis, and Jim Sauter, Jr.  Two laps later, Sauter, Jr. experienced mechanical issues as it appeared something broke on the #51 machine sending him lightly into the frontstretch wall.  With Sauter, Jr. exiting the race, it was Cardell Potter grabbing the fifth position.  With Weinkauf choosing the outside position on the restart, it seemed to be working for him as he got a great run off the corners.  Holzhausen worked his way to the inside of Weinkauf, and the two drivers battled side by side for the last ten laps.  Holzhausen closing in the corners, and Weinkauf getting the edge down the shoots!  As these two drivers battled for the top spot, Ben Pettis closed on Ryan Hinner for the third spot.  It looked as if Pettis had something for Hinner, but Hinner was able to slam the door on Pettis as the drivers entered the corners.  A littler further back in the pack, both Colin Reffner and Randall Wilhorn appeared to be darting to the front of the field.  Both drivers seemed to be better on the long runs and worked their way towards the front of the field.  Once starter Geno Eckes flew the white flag indication one lap remaining in the event, it was Weinkauf and Holzhausen, side by side!  As the two drivers exited turn four, it was Weinkauf out powering the machine of Steve Holzhausen for the Yellow River Racing Series win!  Hinner, Pettis, and Cardell Potter rounded out the top five.  Chris Weinkauf earned fast time honors with Randall Wilhorn, Colin Reffner, and Ben Pettis winning their respective heats.  Cardell Potter took home the checkered flag in the Napa of Marshfield Dash 4 Cash.

Yellow River Racing Series 60-Lap Feature

1. Jason Weinkauf

2. Steve Holzhausen

3. Ryan Hinner

4. Ben Pettis

5. Cardell Potter

6. Colin Reffner

7. Chris Weinkauf

8. Randall Wilhorn

9. Jordan Thiel

10. Austin Luedtke

11. Don Turner

12. Chad Selk

13. Jim Sauter, Jr.

14. Dean LaPointe

15. Paige Decker

16. Corey Jankowski

17. Jesse Pokszyk

18. Brandon Selle

19. Jack Greenwood

20. Ernie Schlough, DNS

The CWSSA Super Stocks took to the half mile paved oval once again tonight with Natalie Decker tripping the clock fastest in qualifying, with a lap time of 20.373.  Phil Malouf took top honors in heat action edging out Brian Weinfurter and Natalie Decker.

Once the Super Stocks took to the track for their feature event, it was Bryan Langreck and Nick Erickson leading the pack to the green flag.  Langreck grabbed the early lead with Erickson and Malouf a close second and third respectively.  By the time the drivers made their way off turn four completing lap two, it was all Phil Malouf.  Malouf built a nice lead for himself, but he had a very fast Brian Weinfurter closing the gap. Malouf and Weinfurter ran one/two until lap 13, that was when Weinfurter out powered Malouf down the backstretch for the race lead.  Once Brian Weinfurter got the lead, he wasn’t about to give it up.  The familiar blue #24 machine took the feature win tonight with a hard fought battle with Malouf.  Natalie Decker and Claire Decker finished in the third and fourth positions with Nick Erickson coming home in fifth.

Not sure if anyone seen it coming, but fresh out of the Bandit ranks is a driver named Charlie Nickel.  Nickel, who calls Chili, WI home, came to the track tonight in hopes of having a respectable night.  Well, the young driver did exactly that earning his first CWMSA fast time award.  Nickel tripped the clock with a very impressive lap time of 22. 213.

Charles Dixon edged Ricky Brandl in a photo finish to earn top honors in heat one action.  It was Charlie Nickel edging Jeff Behrens in heat two racing action.

Once the drivers took the green flag in their 20-lap feature, it was Rick Brandl leading the first handful of laps.  After that, it was Charlie Nickel taking over the top spot.  Nickel, who is a two-time Sportsmanship Award recipient, wasted no time getting to the front of the field.  With Nickel out front, the real battle tonight would be for the second position.  As per usual, you can alway see the father/son dual of Steve and Derk Hauser racing for the top spot.  Tonight, the Hauser’s would have their hands ful with Jeff Behrens.  The trio of drivers did a great job, battling tightly for the runner up spot.  With Charlie Nickel earning a clean sweep tonight, it was Steve Hauser edging Derk Hauser for the second spot.  Jeff Behrens and Ricky Brandl were also top five drivers tonight!

Pure Stocks were invited back to Marshfield Motor Speedway tonight and will once again compete in August and again at the Fall Shootout for the Wisconsin State Championship.

Tonight, Travis Volm set a new track record tripping the clock at 22.302 seconds.  Volm also took home heat honors.  In Pure Stock feature action, it was once again Travis Volm in his #76 hot rod taking home the win.  Karl Genett put much pressure on a very fast Volm, but had to settle for second.  Gentleman driver Dave Lashua came home third.  These three drivers have automatically qualified for the Wisconsin State Pure Stock Championship feature event schedule for the Fall Shootout in late September.

Without a doubt, one of the most exciting divisions of racing at Marshfield Motor Speedway, are the Bandits. Randy Polansky powered his #7 machine to fast time honors.  Ryan Polansky and Christine Schmude earned top spots in their respective heats.  In Bandit feature action, Corey Stephens grabbed the early lead, however, his lead was short with Ryan Polansky grabbing the lead on lap four.  By lap 10, it was Randy Polansky taking over the helm.  Once the checkered flag flew, it was Randy Polansky taking home the feature win.  Daniel Nickel, with a late spurt in his #23 machine, came home second.  Ryan Polansky, Brian Hudson, and Christine Schmude, rounded out the top five.

Next week, one of the biggest shows of the year comes to Marshfield Motor Speedway!  It’s the ASA Midwest Tour Marshfield 100 presented by Napa of Marshfield and Earth Inc.  Pit gates open at noon with fan gates opening at 2pm.  Qualifying will be at 5pm with an autograph session at 6pm.  The first green flag is scheduled to fly at 6:40 pm.

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