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Jason Weinkauf Wins Mid-Season Championship – Horstman, Hauser, Reffner, and Carpenter Score Feature Wins

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on June 28th, 2009

Once Mother Nature finished decided to move through the Marshfield area, it turned out to be another great night of racing tonight, here at Marshfield Motor Speedway. With the fans in the stands excited with anticipation, the drivers of all four divisions didn’t disappoint them as they put on a great show on Mid-Season Championship night! The great fans of Marshfield Motor Speedway were treated to double features in the Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Model Division. It was the Yellow River Racing Series Twin 25’s. Drivers of the Super Late Model Division were given two opportunities to showcase their talents in feature action.

Leading the way to the start in the first of two 25-lap feature events, was a pair of Marshfield drivers, Elliott Weiler and former dirt driver, Paul Knauf. Weiler, fresh of his heat win, took the early lead followed by Merrill driver, Jay VanDerGeest. VanDerGeest finally worked his way past Weiler on lap eight with Jason Weinkauf following him through to gain the second spot. Moving through the field was fast qualifier Blake Horstman. Horstman, who tripped the clock at 18.194, worked his way to the top five by lap 10. In a heated battle for the top spot by VanDerGeest and Weinkauf, Weinkauf slipped by VanDerGeest on lap 12. Weinkauf, who appeared to be back in the full swing of things after his crash in week one, had nothing but clear sailing in front him. On lap 15, Horstman cleared the fast machine of VanDerGeest, and set his sights on Jason Weinkauf, whom of which built up a six-car length lead. Having their own battle for a top five finishing spot, was that of Travis Stebane, Paul Knauf, and Chris Weinkauf. The three drivers battled fiercely for position and kept the fans on the edge of their seats. Battling hard for the third position was VanDerGeest and Chad Selk. Selk, a Chili resident, has had a very impressive year under the direction of crew help Marc Schiferl and Steve Selk. Once Jason Weinkauf took the white flag from starter Patrick Barrett, it was a clear path to the checkered flag. Horstman, who appeared to have the faster car, wound up a very impressive second place, with Jay VanDerGeest, the fast heat winner, earning the third spot. Rounding out the top six positions was Selk, Fox Valley Ace Travis Stabane, and Paul Knauf, respectively.

With a complete invert of the finishing order from the first Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Model feature, Elliott Weiler and Friendship’s Jesse Pokszyk set the early pace. Weiler was the quick one out of the gate leading the first six laps with Dean LaPointe and Chris Weinkauf in heavy pursuit. With Weiler having the top spot, and Chris Weinkauf lurking at the top spot, it was Weinkauf who would win out to gain that spot and pace the field on lap seven. With Weiler and LaPointe holding down the second and third positions, Rory Melbinger moved into the fourth spot and had his sights on LaPointe for third. One lap later, Melbinger took the spot from LaPointe as Blake Horstman worked his way to the fourth position. A couple laps later, Weiler had a rear view mirror full of the bright blue colored machine of Blake Horstman. Horstman, who is one of the better drivers in the state, worked his way past Weiler to gain the runner up position. On a great set of rubber, it appeared Horstman was closing the gap on Chris Weinkauf, who earlier in the evening won the Dash 4 Cash. With eight laps remaining, Blake Horstman made the move on Chris Weinkauf exiting the second turn, and gain the top spot. Working his way through the field of fifteen cars was that of Jason Weinkauf. Weinkauf, fresh off his win in race number one, worked his way past Paul Knauf, Weiler, and Rory Melbinger, to gain the third spot with four laps remaining in the twenty five-lap feature event. With Horstman having a sizable lead, it appeared the best race was that of the brothers Weinkauf. Once the brothers received the white flag indicating one lap remaining, it was Chris Weinkauf holding the advantage on his brother. Working their way down the backstretch, the two brothers appeared to be neck and neck. As Blake Horstman crossed the finish line taking top honors, Jason Weinkauf edged out his brother Chris Weinkauf, whom of which is the current point leader at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Rounding out the top six was Weiler, Melbinger, and Knauf.

The D & D Amusement Games Super Stock feature looked to have a great line up of drivers. Once Patrick Barrett threw the green flag to start the 20-lap feature event, it was heat winner Aaron Anderson and Kyle Davis leading the way. With Anderson getting credit for leading the first lap, Greenwood’s Erin Schlough quickly grabbed the second position. With rookie Colin Reffner working his way through the field, it was Schlough that would take the lead away from Anderson. Schlough’s lead was brief however, as Reffner took over the lead on lap 4. Three laps later, Stevens Point driver Matt Raykowski worked his way past Schlough for the runner up position. Reffner, who earlier in the evening was the division’s fast qualifier, Dash 4 Cash, and heat winner, was setting his sights on a clean sweep. As the feature progressed, it appeared the order of positions was going to stay status quo. The best race on the track was in the mid pack. Ryan Mork, Anderson, and John Kasboski raced side by side for several laps for the sixth position. With the checkered flag looming, it was all freshman ace, Colin Reffner. Reffner smiled with gleam, holding the broom in one hand and the checkered flag in the other, as he posed for pictures by track photographer Tom Loos. Matt Raykowski closed the distance slightly on Reffner, but settled for second. Schlough, Mark Langreck, Adam Eckes, and Ryan Mork finished third through sixth respectively.

One of the favorite divisions of racing at Marshfield Motor Speedway has to be the 4 Cylinders! Week in and week out, these drivers put on side-by-side racing second to none. Tonight was no different as these drivers kept the great fans on the edge of their seats. Leading the way to the green flag was Phil Malouf and Mike Frankwick. From his pole position, Malouf led the first three laps with Kyle Davis and Steve Hauser looking to advance. One lap later, Steve Hauser raced his way to the outside of Malouf exiting turn two, and gaining the top spot. Quickly coming from his tenth starting spot, was that of fast qualifier Jeremiah Strauss. Strauss put himself in the runner up position on lap 4 and set his sights on a very impressive Steve Hauser. As the two drivers battled for the lead position, Don Dunow pushed himself into the third spot edging by fast heat winner Ron Sischo. Also gaining positions on the field was Randal Wilhorn. The young Wilhorn started 11th on the field and worked his way into the top five on lap six. Derk Hauser, a Gilman resident, put his hot rod into the third spot as he edged by Dunow going down the backstretch, on lap nine of the twenty lap feature event. With Hauser and Strauss setting the pace, Austin Stump, who earlier in the evening won the Dash 4 Cash, worked his way to the fifth position on lap 14. Wilhorn, who looked very strong, moved into the third spot with five to go. With Steve Hauser making very fast laps around the half mile paved oval, he was too much for point leader Jeremiah Strauss. Hauser cruised to the feature win with Strauss and Wilhorn finishing second and third respectively. Rounding out the top six was Derk Hauser, Austin Stump, and Boyd’s Don Dunow.

Closing the evening off with excitement was the Junkyard Warriors. Point leader Tim Anderson was this evening’s fast qualifier tripping the clock at 23.658. Once starter Patrick Barrett threw the green flag to start the 12-lap feature event, it was Coletta Gomes and Nick Greuel leading the way. Marc Baldwin quickly gained the top spot as he worked his way pass four cars on the first lap. Baldwin had a rear view mirror full of Sam Sudduth, with Sudduth setting the pace for the next 4 laps. With cars beating and banging on each other, it was apparent the race was going to be filled with cautions. Recapturing the lead on lap six was Marc Baldwin. One of the more consistent drivers in the division is that of Shawn Carpenter. Carpenter gained the top spot on lap eight edging by Baldwin. With two laps remaining, Chad Kaser passed Baldwin off turn four to gain second. Kaser, another very consistent driver, now had his sights on Carpenter for the lead. However, Carpenter built up too big of a lead for Kaser, and Carpenter won, yet, another feature event at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Baldwin, Kyle Rasmussen, and Christine Schmude rounded out the top five. Schmude, who started last of thirteen cars, had a very smooth/consistent race, and her top five finish reflects such. Heat winners this evening were Chad Kaser and Marc Baldwin.

Winning the Mid Season Championships in their respective divisions tonight were, Jason Weinkauf, Colin Reffner, Jeremiah Strauss, and Chad Kaser.

Next week, Marshfield Motor Speedway presents the Eve of Devastation. Fireworks, Bus races, Demolition derby, Trailer races, Monster Truck rides, are just a few of the exciting events on the card. July 11th will be the Kim Parsons Memorial 50. Some of the best drivers in the Midwest are expected to compete in this Super Late Model special event.

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