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Jason Weinkauf Wins Super Late Fall Spectacular Feature

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on September 24th, 2005

By Mae Schultz

September 24, 2005; Marshfield, WI: – Those that finished in the top four in the two qualifying features on Saturday night moved on the Super Late model 75-lap main event. They were: Gary Back, M.G. Gajewski, Adam Degenhardt, Tim Hintz, Rod Brewe, Doug Drost, Greg Weinfurter and Wayne Mackesy.

The 75-lap super late model main event treated race fans to a smooth run which was basically uninterrupted by yellows.

The first and only caution of the race happened in the first lap of the race. After the restart, Jim Duchow was leading the race. But that didn’t last long because Jason Weinkauf was working his way up from fourth place. With 73 laps to go, he took third place from Mark Eswein on the inside. Two laps later he took second place from Duchow who had fallen back a spot.

Then with 64 laps to go, Weinkauf tried to take first place from Chris Weinkauf. They were neck and neck for over five laps but then Jason Weinkauf edged through on the inside groove to take first place. He held that spot for the rest of the race, but it wasn’t easy.

Steve Holzhausen, who had been running in fourth, caught up to the top three. He worked his way up to second and raced hard to catch Weinkauf. Weinkauf was able to hold off his many advances. He often used the lapped traffic to put space between himself and Holzhausen. Chris Weinkauf rode in third place for most of the race followed by Jake Ryan in fourth. However, the top two were always well ahead of Chris Weinkauf and Ryan. Jason Weinkauf, who also won one of the 40-lap features the night before, won the main event. Holzhausen had to settle for second, Chris Weinkauf third, Jake Ryan fourth and Allen Check fifth.

The top four drivers in the limited late model semi-feature advanced to the limited late model feature. They were: Jeremy Switlick, Bo Bennish, Ed Wolff, and Cale Laessig.

Even though the limited late model feature was littered with cautions, it still gave race fans some close racing. Early in the race, Paul Block was able to hold his lead. However, he lost it to Brad Powell after the third restart, who used the inside groove to take first place from Block. Powell was able to ward off the advances of Kyle Bauknecht and hold the lead for a while. But once again, restarts helped other drivers catch the leaders. Rich Schumann worked up to third and then second place after the last set of restarts. Schumann and Powell were neck and neck for a couple of laps, but Powell just didn’t have enough to hold back Schumann who shot ahead from the inside.

Schumann remained in the lead, but it looked like Mike Merriam, who was running second, might pull out the win. In the last lap, he tried to overtake Schumann on the outside, but right before the checkered he switched to the inside groove and gave it all he had. All he had wasn’t enough because Schumann kept the lead and won the race. Merriam was in second, Powell in third, Kurt Clapper fourth, and Kyle Bauknecht fifth. Schumann was later disqualified after failing post-race inspection.

The MSTS Limited Late Model points chase went to Neil Knoblock. The Limited Late Model track champ was Mike Merriam by a mere four points over Jody Benson.

The top two finishers in the pure stock feature worked their way up from the back of the field, making the race quite unpredictable. After starting in eighth place, Justin Lindner had pushed forward to take first place in the first three laps. A lap later, Brad Guralski came on the outside and ousted Lindner from his spot. After that, Lindner fell back a few spots. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Larry Moen, who had started in 12th place, was in contention for the lead. With seven laps to go, he was neck and neck for the top spot and then took it. Meanwhile, Troy Engman had slowly worked his way up to third place from his 10th place start. He took second with three laps to go. He charged forward to catch Moen on the outside. But he didn’t have enough, and had to take the second spot. Moen won, Engman took second, Brad Guralski third, Mike Gwidt fourth and Paul Travis fifth.

Donald Trush dominated the Street Stock Feature. Two laps into the race, he had already jetted from 11th place to take the lead from Randy Nething on the inside groove. He held first place, with a considerable lead for the rest of the race. Doug Herbst finished second, Travis Rodewald third, James Annala fourth and Gary Kasperek fifth.

The top three finishers in the 2-man cruiser was Joey Kuhn and Kirk Kuhn, Chuck Green Sr. and Chuck Green Jr., and Ben Disher and Dustin Clark.

Motorcycle race results by Woody Eckes
Eleven two-wheeled thunderbikes enjoyed the big wide groove of rubber put down by all the cars tonight. With Steve Kasten starting from the back row with two other riders on his spare bikes, Troy Johnson of Big Falls and Woody Eckes of Spencer, the Zeidler brothers, Mark and TJ controlled the race from the front tonight. TJ rocketed off the start with Mark in close pursuit. Before the first lap was complete Mark held the lead position. Kasten weaved his way towards the front, passing by using which ever line was not being used, he worked his way up to second from his ninth place starting spot, displacing TJ Zeidler from the runner up spot on lap six. But Mark Zeidler had used the open track up front to his advantage and greeted the checkered flag first. Marshfield’s Cliff Eckes brought his mount home fourth, while Duluth area native Randy Ruffi made the long trip worthwhile with a fifth place finish.

Finishing order: 1.Mark Zeidler HON 2.Steve Kasten YAM 3. TJZeidler YAM 4.Cliff Eckes Jr. YAM 5. Randy Ruffi YAM 6.Craig Lewis YAM 7. Woody Eckes YAM 8.Craig Nigh HON 9.Adam Zwaschka YAM 10.Ted Strebe YAM 11.Troy Johnson YAM

The IMCA Oldtimers/Vintage racecar open wheeled feature was won by Roger Shure with Chris Loberg winning the full bodied car feature.

September 23, 2005; Marshfield, WI: – Although cautions plagued most of the features on the first night of the fall spectacular at Marshfield Super Speedway, drivers managed to still give race fans a pretty good show.

It was a family affair in the twin 40-lap super late model features, because both Weinkauf brothers pulled out a feature win.

In the first super late model feature, there were over six cautions which slowed down the pace of the race. However, after each restart Mark Eswein, Jason Weinkauf and a few others managed to stay in the top of the pack. After the last caution, which took place with eight laps to go, there were only nine out of 17 cars left in the field. At the restart, the top three, Jason Weinkauf, Steve Holzhausen and Mark Eswein pulled away from the rest of the pack. With four laps to go, Holzhausen was working hard to catch Weinkauf. But Weinkauf was able to hold him off to take the checkered flag. Right before the checkered flag, Eugene Gregorich was able to overtake Gary Back for fourth place. Weinkauf took first, Holzhausen second, Eswein third, Eugene Gregorich fourth, Back fifth.

In the second super late model feature, less cautions and more passing gave race fans a faster paced event. In the first lap of the race, Tim Hintz edged out first place from Clint Sillars on the outside. Rod Brewe had also pushed his way up from fourth to second place. But their momentum was slowed when the yellow flag flew in the first five laps. After the restart, Brewe stole first place from Hintz on the outside groove. Meanwhile, Chris Weinkauf was working his way up the pack from his tenth place start. With 28 laps to go, Weinkauf took second place from Hintz. Just six laps later, Weinkauf took the lead. He dominated the rest of the race, creating a gap between himself and the rest of the pack. Allen Check also had quite a successful race. He was able to work his way from an eleventh place start to a second place finish. Chris Weinkauf won, Check took second, Jeff Weinfurter third, Ryan Jake fourth, and Rod Brewe fifth. Both Weinkauf brothers were guaranteed a slot in the main super late feature event on Saturday.

The super stock feature had so many cautions that it almost went over the time limit that was set for the race. However, after multiple cautions, the drivers were able to finish the race regularly. In the first lap, Dan Gilster and James Kruschke were fighting for the lead. They were neck and neck for a couple of laps until, Kruschke was able overtake Gilster on the outside. Kruschke was able to keep the lead through many of the cautions and restarts. However, Bo Bennish, who started eleventh, was sneaking up the pack to challenge the leaders. With 20 laps to go, he had already worked his way up to fifth place. Also, Brian Weinfurter had made it to third place. After the third restart, with 17 laps to go, Bennish snatched second and then first place. Although Bennish led for the rest of the race, Weinfurter rode his tail for most of the time. With six laps to go, Wes Coon was in third place and working to take second, but Weinfurter held off his advances. In the last lap, Weinfurter must have had some car trouble, because he backed off, losing many positions. Bennish won, Coon took second, Cale Laessig third, Colin Wilcott fourth, and Kruschke fifth. Weinfurter had to settle for seventh place.

The 4-cylinder feature was also riddled with caution after caution. The first caution was caused in the second lap by a three-wide situation. After the restart, Kevin Eckes and JJ Flick were out in the front of the pack, with Flick putting lots of pressure on Eckes. On another restart with 20 laps to go, Paul Berg slipped into second place on the inside groove. Eckes still maintained a nice lead. After the third caution, Eckes’ luck started to change. On the restart, Steve Stewart was in second place and very ready to challenge Eckes. With 11 laps to go, Stewart successfully used the inside groove to take first place. Eckes slipped to second, but didn’t keep it for long because Jeremiah Strauss raced him side by side and took second place. Strauss tried to catch Stewart but couldn’t overcome his lead. Stewart won, Strauss took second, Steve Hauser third, Eckes fourth, and Flick fifth.

Skylar Domine charged from fourth place to take the lead in the first lap of the 1-man-cruiser feature. However, after a restart he couldn’t hold it. With 13 laps to go, Troy Engman pushed forward on the outside for the lead. He gained a considerable lead and held it for the rest of the race. David Knauf worked his way from eleventh place to take second, but he couldn’t catch Engman. Domine spent the majority of the race trying to get around Justin Lindner who was in third place, but he couldn’t make it happen. Engman won, Knauf took second, Lindner third, Domine fourth, and Tood Hoeper took fifth.

The IMCA Oldtimers/Vintage racecars were back again tonight. Roger Shure picked up both the heat and feature wins in the opened wheel division. Bill Lindner won the feature for the full bodied cars.