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Jay Vandergeest Edges Mark Eswein for Feature Win

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on August 16th, 2010


Fairchild, WI; August 14, 2010 – It was another great night of racing action at Marshfield Motor Speedway here Saturday night on Elks and Sponsor’s night at the races.


Rookie of the year contender Adam White and Merrill’s Jay VanDerGeest set the early pace in the 25-lap Super Late Model feature event.  VanDerGeest quickly cleared the machine of White to take the early lead.  Two early movers through the field was Mark Eswein and Jason Weinkauf.  Weinkauf arrived late at the track as he was repairing his familiar #76 racecar from heavy damage he sustained in an accident at Golden Sands a week ago.  At the halfway point of the race, Weinkauf was able to grab the second spot from White as Eswein moved into the third spot.  VanDerGeest, who has been very fast of late, enjoyed a sizable lead as drivers battled side by side in mid pack.  On lap 15, Mark Eswein worked his way past the Weinkauf car to gain the runner up position.  While Jim Sauter, Jr. and Weinkauf ran side-by-side for the third spot, it was evident that the #36 machine of Eswein was running down the leader.  By lap-21, Eswein reached the backside of the VanDerGeest machine.  With veteran driving skills in place, the fans were treated to some great driving by Eswein.  Entering turn one, Eswein would fake to go to the outside of VanDerGeest, then quickly shoot to the low side.  However, VanDerGeest, who also has veteran’s skills, quickly slammed the door on Eswein’s attempt.  Once the driver’s crossed the finish line, it was VanDerGeest edging out a very fast Eswein for the win.  The race for third was also a side-by-side affair with Weinkauf clipping Sauter, Jr. by a foot for the third spot.  Bloomer’s Ronnie Rihn worked his way from the back of the pack to gain the fifth position.  Jim Sauter, Jr. took home top honors in qualifying.  Heat winners were Adam White and Jay VanDerGeest with Jason Weinkauf winning the Dash 4 Cash.


The D & D Amusement Games Super Stocks put on another great show for the Marshfield Motor Speedway faithful.  Marv Flick and Ryan Hinner led the field to the green flag.  Ryan Hinner quickly grabbed the lead away from Flick and built a 5-car length lead.  Randall Wilhorn got a great starting spot with engine issues in qualifying and getting the third starting spot.  Wilhorn worked his way to the backside of the Hinner machine by lap five, he then grabbed the lead away one lap later.  Greg Back, racing the Matt Raykowski car, grabbed second away from Hinner at the halfway point of the race.

With Wilhorn enjoying a large lead, point leader Mike Gwidt was working his way through the field. Gwidt made his way past Brian Weinfurter on lap 12 to earn the third position.  Gwidt and Greg Back battled side-by-side for four laps with Back finally giving way to a very fast Gwidt for the runner up spot.  It was evident that the hard work that the Wilhorn crew did all week, to prepare their car that had engine issues, was going to pay off.  Randall Wilhorn cruised to an easy win with Mike Gwidt and Greg Back finishing second and third respectively.  Greenwood’s Erin Schlough and Marshfield’s Mark Langreck rounded out the top five.  Gwidt turned the fastest lap of the day to earn the fast time award.  Heat winners were Randall Wilhorn and Erin Schlough with Mark Langreck coming home first in the Dash 4 Cash.


Charles Dixon jumped out to an early lead when the 4-Cylinders took the green for their 20-lap feature event.  Dixon’s lead was short however, as Jared Lindner grabbed the lead away on the second lap.  Lindner’s lead was short as well as heat winner Ron Sischo took the lead away on lap three.  With Rick Brandl leading the next circuit, Wisconsin Rapids driver Denny Goetsch finally took over the helm as he raced past Brandl on lap six.  Goetsch would lead until lap 16, that was when Gilman driver Derk Hauser decided it was his turn to lead.  Hauser edged by Goetsch bringing his father, Steve Hauser with him.  Once starter Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag, it was Derk Hauser edging out his father Steve for the race win.  Goetsch came home in the third spot with Don Dunnow and Rick Brandl placing fourth and fifth.  Brian Langreck and Ron Sischo were the heat winners here tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway.


The always exciting, Bandits showed their skills again here tonight putting on an exciting night of racing for the fans in attendance.  Kevin Burris jumped out to the early lead with Tyler Raab a close second. On lap six, Tim Anderson raced past the machine of Raab for the runner up spot.  Anderson now had his sights set on a very fast Burris machine for the top spot.  Point leader Harry Bell worked his way to the fourth spot with three laps remaining.  Anderson closed in on Burris with one lap to go.  As the drivers raced down the backstretch on the white flag lap, the two drivers got together making significant contact.  It was Anderson coming out on the better end of the contact and taking the checkered flag first.  With Burris having a great race and taking second, Raab made his way to another podium finish coming home in the third spot.  Point leader Harry Bell and Arkdale’s Lee Gray finished fourth and fifth respectively.  Anderson also claimed the heat win with Roger Cochrane tripping the clock fastest earning fast time.


Completing a great night of racing was the always, exciting Junkyard Warriors.  Taking home another fast time award was Gary Haarklau.  Justin Baldwin edged out Coletta Gomes for the heat win.  In feature action, Charlie Nickel jumped out to the early lead with Justin Baldwin hot on his heels.  Gary Haarklau edged by Baldwin for the second spot on lap three.  One lap later, Haarklau raced past Nickel for the race lead.  That was all it took for Haarklau as he had clear sailing to yet another, feature win.  Charlie Nickel had a great run coming home in the second spot with Coletta Gomes being scored in the third spot.  Justin Baldwin edged his father Marc Baldwin as the two Marshfield drivers drove to the fourth and fifth finishing spot respectively.  Kim Warner came home in the sixth position.


Next week the ASA Midwest Tour visits Marshfield Motor Speedway. Qualifying for the ASAMT will begin at 4pm, with an autograph session at 5pm and racing beginning at 6pm.  Joining the ASAMT will be the ASAMT Trucks and the Marshfield Bandits.