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Jeff Weinfurter Wins Mid-Season Memorial In Father’s Name

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on July 5th, 2003

July 5, 2003; Marshfield, WI: – The Weinfurter Racing Family was out in full force in honor of The Merle Weinfurter Memorial Mid-Season Championship sponsored by Copps Food Store, Coca-Cola and WDLB/WOSQ. Jeff and Greg Weinfurter both came to race their Super Lates and Brian Weinfurter raced Merle’s car in the Super Stocks.

After winning the feature four times this season, point leader Doug Drost set his first fast time in the Super Late Models. Super Stock point leader Tim Plowman was fast timer and Randy Meyer was quick timer in the 1-Man Cruisers.

The 30 lap Super Late Model feature was first led by Eugene Gregorich Jr. Three cautions plagued the first five laps of the contest which caused enough damage to both Gary Back’s and Brian Back’s cars that they were unable to continue. By lap seven, Jeff Weinfurter took the lead from Gregorich. Rory Melbinger grabbed second from Gregorich for a couple of laps but Gregorich battle back for the position and reclaimed in on lap nine. Gregorich continued to hold onto second until he couldn’t fend off Judd Brandl. As Brandl tried to catch Weinfurter for the lead, Melbinger and Doug Drost found their way around Gregorich for the third and fourth positions.

On the white flag lap, Drost passed Melbinger for the third spot. At the checkered, it was Weinfurter first, Brandl second, Drost third, Melbinger fourth and Troy Nelson taking the fifth position. Weinfurter celebrated winning the feature on this special night in memory of his father Merle Weinfurter, by spinning doughnuts on the front stretch and making a Polish Victory lap.

The Super Stock feature was extended to a 24 lap contest in honor of Merle Weinfurter, his car number was 24. Matt Raykowski led the field for the first 13 laps. Larry Schultz, Brian Schmutzer, Randy Emmerich and Tim Hintz weren’t far behind, all ready to take over the lead. Keith Bohmsach was also working towards the front and broke into the top five on lap 13. Lap 14, Schultz passed Raykowski for the lead.

Fast timer and point leader Tim Plowman moved into the fifth spot on lap 15, and Bohmsach passed Hintz and Schmutzer to take third. Bohmsach didn’t waste any time, lap 17 he took second and lap 18 he was the new leader. Schultz held second until Plowman moved up and took it from him on lap 20. On the white flag lap, Hintz passed Schultz for third and Kyle Davis was running fifth. Just as the cars came out of turn four, a spin involving Hintz and Davis occurred. Since the white flag lap had already been completed, the race was considered complete as of the white flag lap. Both Hintz and Davis would be scored to the back, but Davis took the blame for the incident, giving Hintz his position back in third. Bohmsach won, Plowman second, Hintz third, Schultz fourth and Brian Weinfurter fifth.

The Super Stock Semi-Feature was won by Ken Soyka. He advanced to the feature event as well as second place finisher, Scott Havlicek.

Eleven dirt trackers and one sport bike battled it out in the motorcycle class tonight. Big Falls Troy Johnson held off Hatley’s Steve Kasten for the first heat win, while Edgar’s’ Jake Knetter ran away with heat two over Randy Ruffi while Ron Bean and Lee Johnson were involved in a last lap last corner crash that sent Bean to the hospital and Johnson to his back up bike for the feature race.

Troy Johnson, Jake Knetter and Marshfield’s Cliff Eckes Jr. waged a two wheeled battle up front while back row starter Steve Kasten bellowed towards the front on his SK Service 600 Yamaha, doing the impossible, passing three riders battling for position in turn three. His swift progress brought him into second place by lap five, but Jake Knetter held on to the point until the start of the last lap when Kasten swept by going into turn one. Knetter answered back by turning on the gas quicker entering the backstretch, retaking the lead. Entering turn three side by side, neither rider giving an inch, Knetter and Kasten hurled out of turn four towards the checkered flag where Kasten claimed victory by a half of wheel over Knetter. Brothers Troy and Lee Johnson came in third and forth.

1. Steven Kasten YAM 2. Jake Knetter YAM 3. Troy Johnson YAM 4.Lee Johnson YAM 5.Cliff Eckes Jr. YAM 6.Danny Vrana HON 7. Brad Seavers HON 8.Randy Ruffi YAM 9. Woody Eckes YAM 10. David Edblom YAM 11.Adam Zwashka YAM

Travis Zvolena led the entire 1-Man Cruiser feature. Chad Kissner held second for the first lap, then Pat Dickman raced second until Randy Meyer took the spot on lap six. Zvolena won, Meyer second, Dickman third, Nick Klimpke fourth and Kissner fifth.

The Mid-Season trophies were awarded to first, second and third in each division by the number of points earned just tonight. Judd Brandl taking that honor for the Super Lates, with Doug Drost second and Jeff Weinfurter third. Tim Plowman won the Super Stocks, Keith Bohmsach second and Tim Hintz third. Travis Zvolena first in the 1-Man Cruisers, Randy Meyer second and Nick Klimpke third.

The winner of the Wal-Mart bicycle was Bryce Purkett of Owen.

Join us again next Saturday for The Bill Sherman Memorial. Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m., Miller Time Trials at 6 p.m. and racing starts at 7:30. Next Saturday’s events are sponsored by V&H Inc. and The Dental Clinic of Marshfield featuring CARQUEST Super Late Models, CARQUEST & Coca-Cola Super Stocks, Legends and 1-Man Cruisers. Marshfield Super Speedway is located 3.5 miles West of Marshfield on County Trunk H.