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Kasten, Weinkauf, Reffner, Hauser, Anderson Claim Bill Sherman Memorial Feature Wins

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on July 20th, 2009

July 18, 2009, Fairchild, WI: – Bill Sherman Memorial night, sponsored by V&H of Marshfield, presented a large car count for the Marshfield Motor Speedway fans. With the cool weather, the drivers put on a great show with some very exciting racing action.

Along with the Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Models, D & D Amusement Games Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders, and the Junkyard Warriors, were the very exciting Motorcycles. Fast qualifiers for the evening were Dalton Zehr, Mike Gwidt, Jeremiah Strauss, Ted Strebe, and Tim Anderson.

Starting on the pole of the Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late model feature was Action Racing’s Monte Gress. On Gress’ outside was Nekoosa resident, Tim “The Hurricane” Hintz. Hintz, last year’s track champion, jumped out to the early lead, edging by Gress. Marshfield driver Dean LaPointe worked his way to the runner up position by lap 3 of the 25 lap main event. Running on the back bumper of LaPointe was Chad Selk. Selk, who calls Chili, Wisconsin home, has been very fast all year. Moving from his eighth starting spot, to the third position by lap 7, was Chris Weinkauf. Weinkauf, the current point leader, cleared LaPointe and Hintz one lap later. Hintz wasn’t about to give up the top spot however. He battled Weinkauf side-by-side for many laps as the rest of the field wrestled for position. At the halfway point, it was Weinkauf, Hintz, and Rory Melbinger leading the way. Putting much pressure on Melbinger for third was Jason Weinkauf. With six laps remaining, Weinkauf finally cleared the machine of Melbinger. Working his way to the fifth position was Dalton Zehr. Zehr, a Florida resident, edged by Jordan Thiel, to gain his top five position. Once the white flag flew, it was still unclear to the fans as who was going to get the feature win. Chris Weinkauf and Tim Hintz raced by the start/finish line side-by-side. Weinkauf edged out Hintz by half a car length to get the feature win and pad his point lead. Jason Weinkauf, Rory Melbinger, Dalton Zehr, and Jordan Thiel rounded out the top six positions. Rory Melbinger was the Dash 4 Cash winner, with Paul Knauf and Jesse Pokszyk the heat winners.

In the D & D Amusement Games Super Stock feature, it was Adam Eckes building a nice lead in his #71 machine. Matt Raykowski gradually cut into the lead of Eckes. As these two gentlemen battled, point leader Colin Reffner and fast timer Mike Gwidt battled hard for the third position. Reffner and Gwidt battled numerous laps neck and neck, however, Gwidt finally gave way allowing Reffner the opportunity to set his sights on the leader. At the halfway point, Gwidt snagged the lead away from Raykowski with an outside pass. One lap later, Reffner followed suit and set his sights on a very fast Mike Gwidt. On lap 13 of the 20 lap main event, Reffner powered by Gwidt on the outside as the two raced down the backstretch. Mark Langreck had his sights on a podium finish as he maneuvered around Raykowski on lap 14. When the top three drivers exited turn four on the final lap, it was Reffner, Gwidt, and Langreck, first, second, and third, as starter Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag. The second group of three crossing the finish line was Raykowski, Erin Schlough, and Roger Peterson. Dash 4 Cash winner this evening was Mark Langreck, with Adam Eckes and Mike Gwidt winning their respective heats.

With 21 cars starting the 4-Cylinder feature, the fans were on the edge of their seats as the drivers paced the track the first several laps. Pacing the field was Wayne Elmhorst and Tim Anderson. With the two drivers swapping leads the first six laps, Steve Hauser wanted to make some noise with the leaders. Hauser swiped the lead on lap 5 and held it until lap 10. That was when the younger Hauser thought dad had the lead long enough. Derk Hauser, son of Steve Hauser, out powered the elder Hauser and took over the top spot in the 20-lap feature event. With Hauser out front, the most exciting action was the race for the top five spots. Kyle Opelt worked his way to the second spot with two laps remaining. Working his way into the top five was that of fast timer, Jeremiah Strauss. Strauss, Willard’s Austen Stump, and Randal Wilhorn all battled for the position. When the large field of cars crossed the finish line, it was Derk Hauser grabbing another feature win. Opelt, Steve Hauser, Stump, Strauss, and Wilhorn followed Hauser to the line for position. The Dash 4 Cash winner was Ron Sischo, with Dale Louze, Steve Hauser, and Derk Hauser winning their respective heats.

Junkyard Warriors put on another fantastic show this evening as ten cars battled for this evening’s top honors. Cory Malow and Shawn Carpenter led the way in the 10-lap main event. Carpenter cruised to the lead at the completion of the first lap. Marc Baldwin, a Marshfield resident, put much pressure on Carpenter, for the lead. Carpenter was able to slam the door on Baldwin however, and Carpenter continued to lead. Tim Anderson and Kyle Rasmussen worked their machines in position for the top spot at the midway point. The race was slowed by caution on lap six for an incident in which Malow made hard contact with the wall. Malow escaped injury; unfortunately his car wasn’t so lucky. As the race resumed, Carpenter continued to lead with Anderson breathing down his neck. With two laps remaining, Anderson edged pass Carpenter for the lead. When the race finished, it was Anderson capturing another feature win. Carpenter, Baldwin, Rasmussen, and Chad Kaser rounded out the top five. Heat winners tonight were Shawn Carpenter and Tim Anderson.

Nine two wheeled terrors ripped up the blacktop tonight in the motorcycle division. Marshfield’s Ted Strebe tripped the timing clock at 21.41 seconds to pull down fast time. Lee Johnson, who calls Big Falls home, led the heat race from start to finish on his backup Yamaha as his Rotax framer was in the shop for repairs. In the ten-lap feature event, Marshfield’s Cliff Eckes charged into the lead off the start, while the rest of the pack snarled at his rear wheel looking for an opening to shoot by. Heat race winner Lee Johnson poked and probed the inside and outside behind Eckes, while Steve Kasten worked his way through the pack, in his search for the front. Four laps into the race, Eckes held off Johnson and Kasten until Kasten went under Johnson to claim second place. Eckes was immediately thrust into battle with Kyle Weise for the third spot. Johnson gained on Kasten’s lead; however, the laps ran out before he could make a move, allowing Kasten to come home with another Marshfield Motor Speedway victory.

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