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Mark Eswein Crowned 2011 Marshfield Motor Speedway Fall Shootout Champion

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 13th, 2011


Fairchild, WI – September 11, 2011 – Saturday’s 2011 Fall Shootout may go down in history as one of the greatest days of racing at Marshfield Motor Speedway! With the very large car counts in all divisions, fans were in for a real treat!

Super Late Models competed in twin 50-lap feature events, a special seven cars for seven laps Dash For Cash in honor of longtime Super Late Model driver Don “Thunder” Turner for his devotion to the sport of auto racing, last chance race, and heats. Tripping the clock fastest in qualifying was Travis Sauter. Sauter clocked in at 18.226 seconds. Taking home the cash in the special Dash For Cash event was Mark Eswein. Dean LaPointe and Chris Weinkauf took home top honors in the odd/even heats. Greenwood’s Ernie Schlough was best in the Last Chance Qualifer with Jeff Weinfurter, MG Gajewski and Kyle Gennett advancing to the main events with their respective finishes.

With the Yellow River Racing Championship on the line in super late model feature #1, all Jason Weinkauf had to do is start the feature event and the championship was his. With his start, Jason was crowned the 2011 Yellow River Racing Series Champion! Weinkauf, with his performance on Saturday, also locked up the 2011 Napa of Marshfield Dash 4 Cash Championship and the 2011 MMS Hard Charger Award! Weinkauf, who missed two nights of racing, narrowly lost the overall SLM championship finishing a very respectful third. Topping Weinkauf for the 2011 Super Late Model MMS Track Championship was top rookie, Randall Wilhorn who finished second, and Ronnie Rihn, whom of which was crowned Track Champion!

Leading the field of 29 cars to the green in feature #1 was Adam White. White’s lead was brief however as Ronnie Rihn grabbed the spot away. White came back to lead lap number six, with Chris Weinkauf hot on his tail. Chris Weinkauf took the lead away from White on lap seven and continued to lead until lap 13 when White once again grabbed the lead. The two drivers battled back and forth for the lead as they raced cleanly, side-by-side. By lap 20, Chris Weinkauf was finally able to pull away from a very fast Adam White. With Wisconsin Rapids, WI driver Mark Eswein moving into the runner up position by lap 23, things were about to get interesting. Eswein, who has been nothing but fast all day, looked numerous times to the inside of Weinkauf. However, Weinkauf was able to fend off the challenge of Eswein. With the two ace drivers battling for the lead, Bangor’s Steve Holzhausen was able to close on the two leaders. It was now a three-way battle for the feature win. Eswein took a couple of more shots at Weinkauf on the inside, however, Eswein found that the inside wasn’t going to work on the Merrill, WI driver of Weinkauf. Eswein then started to look on the outside of Chris Weinkauf. Mark Eswein was finally able to nose up to the outside door of Weinkauf. With Weinkauf able to hold off Eswein, it looked like the race was going to finish that way. But hold onto your seats folks, Mark Eswein was about to give up just yet! Once the lead drivers received the white flag indicating one lap remaining, Eswein threw his car hard into turn one on the outside of Weinkauf. The Eswein machine amazingly stuck, and as the two drivers battled down the backstretch side-by-side, it was a dead heat! As the two star drivers exited turn four, Eswein’s car appeared to have a bit more forward bite; as Weinkauf and Eswein battled to the finish line, it was Mark Eswein winning by inches. This feature event will go down as one of the greatest feature events ever at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Eswein, who races the #71 Ford, went to victory lane winning his 71st career feature win! With the two leaders racing side-by-side, Steve Holzhausen had to settle for the third position. Travis Sauter and Jason Weinkauf rounded out the top five.

1. Mark Eswein

2. Chris Weinkauf

3. Steve Holzhausen

4. Travis Sauter

5. Jason Weinkauf

6. Skylar Holzhausen

7. Ronnie Rihn

8. Adam White

9. Matt Tifft

10. Kris Kelly

11. Chad Selk

12. Bret Widdis

13. Don Turner

14. Randall Wilhorn

15. Jeff Weinfurter

16. Jay VanDerGeest

17. Erin Schlough

18. Dean LaPointe

19. Pete Kempf

20. Tim Hintz

21. MG Gajewski

22. Tom Lindquist

23. Neil Knoblock

24. Jack Greenwood

25. Monte Gress

26. John Totzke

27. Dan Lindsley

28. Kyle Gennett

Super Late Models took to the track for their second 50-lap feature event with Bloomer’s Ronnie Rihn leading the 28-car field to the green flag. Skylar Holzhausen jumped out to the early lead with Travis Sauter following closely behind. Sauter eclipsed the car of Holzhausen by lap six and stretched his lead by 6 car lengths. By lap 14, Chris Weinkauf worked his way up to the third position with Mark Eswein a close fourth. With Sauter enjoying a very comfortable lead, it was still Skylar Holzhausen, Chris Weinkauf, and Mark Eswein, the top four drivers through lap 36. On lap 37, Eswein was able to get by Weinkauf for the third position. Eswein now had his sights on Holzhausen for the runner up position. With Sauter enjoying a comfortable lead, the real battle for position was for the second spot. With four laps remaining, Mark Eswein was able to slide by Skylar Holzhausen for the second spot. Once starter Patrick Barrett threw the white flag, it was all Travis Sauter. Sauter went on to win in impressive fashion. With Mark Eswein and Skylar Holzhausen finishing in their respective podium finishes, Steve Holzhausen, and Adam White finished fourth and fifth respectively. Mark Eswein was crowned 2011 MMS Fall Shootout Champion.

1. Travis Sauter

2. Mark Eswein

3. Skylar Holzhausen

4. Steve Holzhausen

5. Adam White

6. Chris Weinkauf

7. Matt Tifft

8. Neil Knoblock

9. Kris Kelly

10. Jason Weinkauf

11. Don Turner

12. Chad Selk

13. Randall Wilhorn

14. Ronnie Rihn

15. Brett Widdis

16. Jeff Weinfurter

17. Dean LaPointe

18. Dan Lindsley

19. Pete Kempf

20. MG Gajewski

21. Erin Schlough

22. Kyle Gennett

23. Tom Lindquist

24. Tim Hintz

25. Monte Gress

26. Jack Greenwood

27. Jay VanDerGeest

28. John Totzke

With the bounty on ace driver Ryan Hinner, it was certain that a large car count would attend the Fall Shootout in the Super Stock Division. Twenty Six Super Stocks came through the gate in hopes of taking home the $1050 bounty money, plus purse money.

Ryan Hinner once again earn fast time with a lap time of 20.133 seconds. Rick Shermerhorn took home the checkered flag in the Napa of Marshfield Dash 4 Cash. Heat winners tonight in the Super Stock division was Matt Ciesielski, Ryan Gutknecht, and Ryan Hinner. Matt Ciesielski advanced to the main event with his win in the Semi-Feature. Also advancing with his runner up finish was John Zuch.

Nick Erickson led the field to the green flag in the 30-lap feature event. Erickson led the first three laps before Matt Pyburn took over the helm. By lap 8, Rick Shermerhorn grabbed the second spot from Erickson with Brian Back following suit. On lap 15, Ryan Hinner was able to take over third with the pass of Brian Back. One lap later, Hinner and Shermerhorn collected each other bringing out the caution flag. With Hinner and Shermerhorn having to go to the back for the restart, this made many drivers happy as the bounty money appeared to become realistic. On the restart, it was Kyle Wolosek powering his way past Pyburn for the race lead. It appeared that Wolosek had the car to beat; however, Wolosek’s car developed a miss as it came across the start/finish line. One lap later, Pyburn was able to over take Wolosek for the race lead once again. On the next lap, Wolosek developed ignition problems exiting turn four. With Wolosek’s car slowing dramatically, Marv Flick’s machine spun wildly into the infield with Mark Langreck spinning on the front stretch. With eight laps remaining and the leader Pyburn taking the green flag once again, it was Brian Back now taking a shot at the lead. Back was able to get to the side of Pyburn on a couple of occasions, however, Pyburn was able to fend off the challenges. Guess who drove his way back to the third position with six laps remaining, from the rear of the field? Yes, it was Ryan Hinner coming back for another shot at the win. It was evident that Back and Hinner were closing on Pyburn, but was there enough time. Hinner raced his way to the inside of Back exiting turn four, but his car slipped significantly, and Back regained the second spot. The lead drivers received the white flag, and Pyburn was able to hold off Back and Hinner for the race win. Pyburn celebrated on track and in victory lane as it was his biggest pay day of the year! Finishing fourth and fifth respectively was Nick Erickson in a Wayne Mackesy prepared machine, and Tyler Bauknecht.

1. Matt Pyburn

2. Brian Back

3. Ryan Hinner

4. Nick Erickson, Jr.

5. Tyler Bauknecht

6. Scott Hamel

7. Mark Langreck

8. Paige Decker

9. Claire Decker

10. Natalie Decker

11. Mitch Linden

12. Matt Ciesielski

13. John Zuch

14. Mike Gwidt

15. Matt Raykowski

16. Marv Flick

17. Rick Shermerhorn

18. Kyle Wolosek

19.Ken Hutchins

20. Mike Brooks

The CWMSA 4-Cylinders once again took to the track and once Steve Hauser took the green flag, he was crown 2011 CWMSA Champion. Hauser, a Gilman, WI native, has been very fast all year and his consistency paid off with his championship run.

Earning fast time honors tonight was Dennis Goetsch with a lap time of 22.691 seconds. Kevin Teske and Greenwood, WI driver Brandon Herr took home top honors in the CWMSA heats.

In the 25-lap feature event, Jim Lietz and Charles Dixon led the field to the green flag. Through the first 16-laps, it was Tyler Raab and Kevin Teske taking turns leading the feature event. On lap 18, it was track champion Steve Hauser’s turn. Hauser certainly had the car to beat tonight and he proved that! Don Dunow, another top runner all year long, got past Teske for the runner up spot. With laps running down though, it was too much, too late for Dunow as Hauser built up a sizable lead. Steve Hauser took the checkers and celebrated in victory lane with his win and championship! Congratulations to Steve and his entire race team for a great season and championship! With Don Dunow taking second and Kevin Teske finishing third, it was Dennis Goetsch and Dale Louze rounding out the top five.

1. Steve Hauser

2. Don Dunow

3. Kevin Teske

4. Dennis Goetsch

5. Dale Louze

6. Rick Brandl

7. Phil Malouf

8. Scott Ciesielski

9. Robert Dalsky

10. Charles Dixon

11. Jim Lietz

12. Christine Schmude

13. Tyler Raab

14. Jeff Behrens

15. Derk Hauser

16. Charlie Spry

17. Matt Cole

Dave Lashua took home fast time honors tonight in the Pure Stock Division with a lap time of 23.530. Ray Karl, Jr. earned the heat win over Cody Thompson. In feature action, it was Karl Gennett and Ray Karl, Jr. battling for the win. Gennett spun out of turn four on the last lap with Karl, Jr. taking home the feature win. It was Karl’s first Fall Shootout Feature win!

1. Ray Karl, Jr.

2. Kevin Berg

3. Dave Lashua

4. Cody Thompson

5. Duke Lea

6. Karl Genett

This coming Saturday, Marshfield Motor Speedway will be holding the last Slamfest of the year. (Formerly known as the Eve of Devastation) With many exciting events on the card, and fireworks, it should prove to be a very exciting event for the Marshfield fans! For more information, visit us online at Event begins at 4pm with fireworks at dusk!