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Marshfield’s Eve of Destruction a Big Hit

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on September 6th, 2003

September 6, 2003; Marshfield, WI: – This year’s WIFC Eve of Destruction was to be bigger and better than last year. With all the action from the previous year plus the Monster Patrol Monster Truck Ride Truck here to give rides all day and night. Fireworks were added to the show, the burnout contest was changed to freestyle, Rodney was doing two new stunts and Airplane Freddy Sibley was back to close out the show. There was a tremendous turnout for participants this year. The Relay race had 34 teams sign up, 66 drivers entered the Forward/Backward race and 72 drivers for the Tire Race.

Twelve two wheeled spark throwing tire smoking motorcycles put on a show of skill and bravery tonight on the super fast 1/2 mile oval. After a 6 lap duel in the first heat, Hatleys’ Steve Kasten won over Big Falls Troy Johnson with Marshfields’ Cliff Eckes Jr shadowing them in third. Last cycle event Edgars Jake Knetter ended up sliding into the first turn wall. This time he put his SK Service Yamaha out front from the green flag to the checkered over Ringles Mark Zeidler.

All twelve racers transferred to the main event and were introduced to the standing room only crowd. After a two lap warm up everyone took their position on the starting line, the green flag/ light fell and a wing dinger of a race was on. Young Jake Knetter once again assumed the lead, with Kasten pusing him hard for the top spot. Mark Zeidler, Troy Johnson and Cliff Eckes fought a race long battle for spots 3, 4 & 5. For four laps Knetter held off his rival and sponsor Kasten, but Steve was not to be denied as he rode around the outside of Jake on turn four. Knetter shadowed Kasten the rest of the race and entering the last corner on the last lap, Kasten slid his bike sideways giving Knetter his last shot at victory. But Knetter also overcooked the turn and slew sideways also, allowing Kasten the victory by 6 inches at the line.


Mike Dodson raced from the back to the front to take the lead on the first lap of the 1-Man Cruiser feature. Randy Meyer raced second, Larry Larsh third, Sam Sudduth fourth and Pete Severt fifth. Rodney Feltz was also racing to the front and moved up to the third spot on lap two. Feltz passed Meyer for second on lap three. Last week’s feature winner, Travis Zvolena moved into fourth on lap four. Zvolena then began to chase down and challenge Meyer for third. Zvolena got the position from Meyer on lap ten. Feltz was unable catch Dodson and take away the lead. Dodson won, Feltz second, Zvolena third, Meyer fourth and Severt fifth.

The 2-Man Cruiser feature was a battle for the lead from the start between the Hasenohrl/Bauer machine and the car of Coon/Schultz. Paul Hasenohrl and Shad Bauer won, Wes Coon and Mike Schultz second, and Troy Sankey and Ryan Pionek third.

After the racing was over, Rodney brought out a Saturn to demonstrate how an airbag deploys. He drove his Saturn with the driver’s door removed into the side of another car. The first attempt, the airbag didn’t go off. So, Rodney tried again. This time the airbag deployed.

The second time ever SUV/Van/Minivan/Truck Race was won by the 6-66 van of Brendan Klueckman of Neillsville.

The next stunt by Rodney was to jump a Saturn off a ramp and into a moving dump truck. After carefully setting everything up and several timing test runs Rodney went for it. He missed smashing his car into the tailgate of the dump truck and landing on his roof.

Next, 72 participants entered for the Tire Race, and Rodney managed to win this event after several red flags to remove cars with no tires and to clear a path through turn four.

The burnout contest was changed for the 4th Annual WIFC Eve of Destruction. Instead of entrants burning at a stop on the metal plate, they were allowed to rip it up on the front straightaway. Keith Hainze of Marshfield won in his 1985 Monte Carlo SS sponsored by Lucky’s Speed Shop.

The Forward/Backward race was won by Fran Esser of Marshfield as he beat out the other 66 entrants. Esser did not go unchallenged though as Mike Dodson came close to catching the tiger car of Esser during the feature.

Fran Esser and Rodney Feltz teamed up again for the relay race and won, but not without strong competition from the team of Randy Meyer and Brendan Klueckman.

Rodney completed his final stunt for the night just before the trailer race. He jumped his racecar over eight cars, through a motorhome and landed into two boats. He sailed through this stunt and came back trying to roll over his racecar.

The first time the trailer race was stopped for a traffic jamb in turn one with the #79 car of Jeremiah Strauss rolled over. After a couple more cautions for traffic jambs and to get anyone off the track without a trailer, it was down to three competitors. #628 Brandy King, #15 Tom Block and #55 Mike Dodson. Dodson went after King first hitting him in the front end and rolling King over. When they started again, Dodson hit Block rolling him over as well. Mike Dodson won the trailer race since he was the only one on four wheels yet and a trailer still attached.

For the first time ever, fireworks were added to this show. Specialty Fireworks put on another great show kicking off the grand finale of the 4th Annual WIFC Eve of Destuction. Airplane Freddy Sibley was back with his firebreathing Little Red Beer Hauler Jet Burn Car. Freddy burned and burned, melting two cars with the ground shaking, ear piercing power of the jet engine.

Thanks to all the fans and participants of the 4th Annual WIFC Eve of Destruction.

The winner of the Wal-Mart bicycle was Sylvia Hailing of Thorp.

Join us next Saturday Night, September 13 for the Coca-Cola Season Championship. Plus be here for your chance to win the 2003 Marshfield Super Speedway PT Cruiser Pace Car. There will be a winner! Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m., Miller Time Trials at 6:00 p.m. and the show starts at 7:30. Action includes CARQUEST Super Late Models, CARQUEST & Coca-Cola Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders, 1-Man Cruisers and 2-Man Cruisers.

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