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Melbinger Motors to Victory at Marshfield

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on April 20th, 2002

Weber Farms Milk Store, Nasonville Dairy, WCCN “The Rock” 107.5FM night at the races was a bit cool but the cars were fast. Rory Melbinger set quick time in the Super Lates with an 18.162. Shawn Stelzer broke the track record he just set last week with 19.950 in the Supers. Al Smith turned a 21.151 in his Legend for fast time. Brendan Klueckman Cruiser quick timer with 23.156.

After opening ceremonies, the Cruiser feature from last week was finished. Brendan Klueckman held the lead, Wayne Meyer, Darrell Paschel, Josh Elmhorst and Josh Bell close behind. Elmhorst passed Bell, moving up into the third spot. Lap nine, the caution flew for a spin with Meyer and Bell. Bell took the blame for the incident allowing Meyer to retain his position. Klueckman continued in the lead, Meyer second, Elmhorst, Travis Zvolena, Paschel. Elmhorst passed Meyer for second and began working on the leader. On the checkered flag lap, Elmhorst got by Klueckman for the win. Klueckman finished second, Zvolena third, Meyer fourth and Paschel fifth.

Pete Kempf jumped into the early lead of the Super Late Model feature. Challenging behind him was Ben Pettis, John Frazier, Dwayne Vetrone and Wayne Mackesy. Mackesy moved up to the fourth spot on lap two. Lap three, Jay VanDerGeest broke into the top five. Lap six, both VanDerGeest and Jeff Weinfurter passed Mackesy for fourth and fifth. Fast timer Rory Melbinger was in the sixth position by seven, from his 12th place start.

Lap ten, VanDerGeest, Weinfurter and Eugene Gregorich passed Pettis for third, fourth and fifth. VanDerGeest passed Frazier for second on lap 12 and set his sites on the lead. Lap 14, VanDerGeest went around Kempf for the lead. Weinfurter wasn’t far behind, passing Frazier and Kempf, running second by lap 16.

As Weinfurter worked on taking the lead from VanDerGeest, there was contact sending VanDerGeest into a spin. Kempf and Frazier were unable to get around and were collected in the wreck. Weinfurter went to the back, VanDerGeest, Kempf and Frazier were unable to finish the race. Melbinger then stepped into the lead. Gregorich second, Mackesy third, Pettis fourth and Wayne Cottrell fifth. Weinfurter came from the back and worked his way up to fourth. Melbinger won, Gregorich, Mackesy, Weinfurter and Pettis.

The first two laps of the Super Stock feature were led by Don Tieman Jr. Marv Flick, Tim Plowman, Tim Hintz and Chad Scholl in the top five. DuWayne Davis took fifth on lap two. Hintz took over the lead on lap three. Lap four, Larry Schultz took the fifth spot. Davis moved up to third by lap five. Fast timer Shawn Stelzer grabbed fifth, moving up from his 14th place start in only seven laps.

The next lap Stelzer took fourth. Hintz leading, Davis second, Schultz third, Stelzer fourth and Flick fifth. Schultz passed Davis for second on lap ten. Stelzer, still flying towards the lead passed Schultz for second on lap 12. Lap 16, Stelzer reeled in the lead from Hintz. Cale Laessig and Andy Simonis another two fast cars had worked their way into the top five also. Stelzer won, two weeks in a row, Hintz second, Schultz third, Laessig fourth and Simonis fifth.

Rick Jensen led the Legends feature until Eric Lokemoen took it from him on lap three. Jensen fell to second, Garrett Will third, Todd Tracy fourth and Dave Keays fifth. Lap four, Garrett Will took second from Jensen and Larry Will took fifth from Keays. Keays came right back and running fourth on lap five. He then moved up to third and second by lap ten. A caution on lap 12 left Curt Gnatzig in the lead, Al Smith second, Tracy third, G. Will fourth and Russ Weiler fifth. Smith took the lead and won, Tracy second, G. Will third, R. Weiler fourth and L. Will fifth.

The team of Fran Esser and Rodney Feltz took the lead of the Cruiser feature. Wayne Meyer ran second, Darrell Paschel third. Scott Havlicek took third on lap three and then second on lap four. Lap six Lester Kuehn was running third and Travis Zvolena fourth. Josh Elmhorst was on the move and in third by lap eight. Esser and Feltz won, Havlicek second, Elmhorst third, Zvolena fourth and Kuehn fifth.

Next Saturday’s events are sponsored by Fleming Companies Inc. Grandstand gates open at 5 p.m., qualifying at 6 p.m. and racing starts at 7:30. Divisions racing are CARQUEST Super Late Models, CARQUEST & Coca-Cola CWSSA Super Stocks, 4-Cylinders, Cruisers and IROC Saturns. No Sunday raindate.