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Packed House for Third Annual Eve of Destruction

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on September 7th, 2002

September 7, 2002; Marshfield, WI: – It was the highest attended Eve yet here at the Marshfield Super Speedway. The 95.5 WIFC Third Annual Eve of Destruction began with Cruiser qualifying, Cruiser racing and Motorcycle racing. Rodney Feltz began the night with quick time in the Cruiser division and went on to win the feature.

Sam Sudduth and Chris Gaffney led the first lap of the Cruiser feature. Mike Dodson went on to lead the next five laps until he was overtaken by Rodney Feltz. Scott Havlicek raced through the field quickly and was into second on lap three but was unable to take the lead. Feltz won, Havlicek second, Dodson third, Darrell Paschel fourth and Josh Elmhorst fifth.

Last time out on the blacktop Lee Johnson from Big Falls, Wisconsin had handling problems, finishing way off the pace. He went home and did a bunch of work on his Johnson Racing 500 Rotax. It showed tonight as he won the first heat and dominated the final.

Shannon Reimer debuted a Cannondale motorcycle, by the people who make bicycles with a victory in heat race two over Marshfields’ Cliff Eckes Jr. But in the final Reimer pushed the envelope of speed a bit to far and fell in a shower of expensive sparks entering turn one on lap eight while in seventh place. Aside from a nasty burn on the palm of his hand and a damaged mount he was relatively unhurt.

Back row starter Steve Kasten on his SK Service/ Cliffs’ Cycle Service 600 Yamaha pushed his way into the lead on the backstretch on lap nine, but Johnson repassed him entering turn three to mark his first feature victory here this year.

Results: 1.Lee Johnson 2. Steve Kasten 3.Pat Bean 4.Cliff Eckes Jr. 5. Sebastian Boge 6.Jake Knetter 7.Randy Ruffi 8.Brad Seavers 9.Ted Strebe 10.Jeff Seavers 11.Dave Goehring 12.Woody Eckes 13.Shannon Reimer.

In the first ever SUV/Truck/Van/MiniVan race, Ben Becher led the most laps but Jim Esser went home with the win. Esser and Becher battled back and forth for the lead and as they approached lapped traffic coming through turn four, Becher took the high side and so did Ryan Pribbernow in his van that was about to get lapped. Esser dove to the underside of Pribbernow and took the win.

Next was the tire race, with a record 55 entries. There were three diehards at the end of the race. Mike Dodson, Ryan Pribbernow and Rodney Feltz. After some serious chasing, Dodson’s tire was finally ripped from his car.

Pribbernow and Feltz went bumper to bumper as Pribbernow pushed Feltz backwards down the front straightaway. Pribbernow was victorious in his full sized van when he ripped the tire from the back of Feltz’s pick-up truck.

There were 48 entries for the Forward/Backward Race. After a very close race, Fran Esser won once again.

Mike O’Neil won the burnout contest with his 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442.

Rodney Feltz was crowd pleasing in jumping over ten cars and landing into the pond with a Saturn. But he took the cake when he jumped seven cars and smashed through a motorhome with a perfect condition limousine.

A close trailer race came down to Mike Dodson and Ryan Pribbernow. Pribbernow barely moving yet, was taken out by Dodson.

For the grand finale, Freddy Sibley brought back his flame-throwing spectacle to melt down a car. The Little Red Beer Hauler Jet Car and Freddy once again put on a great show.

The 2002 season championship will take place on Saturday night, September 14th. Gates open at 5 p.m., time trials 6 p.m. and racing at 7:30. Featuring Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Legends, and Cruisers. The track is located three miles west of Marshfield on Highway H. For more information contact the track office at (715) 384-8325.