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“Racin Jason” Weinkauf Wins Second Marshfield Feature in 2006

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on August 12th, 2006

By Brian Back

August 12, 2006; Marshfield, WI: – Eugene Gregorich Jr set his CarQuest super late model second fast time in row this season for the WYTE 106.5FM and Marshfield News-Herald night at the races. Matt Pyburn is no stranger to fast time honors picking up his eighth CarQuest super stock quick time. Dave Knauf bestest the 1-Man Cruiser qualifying with his fourth fast time of the season. Mike Gwidt took home a clean sweep in the pure stocks.

The CarQuest super late model feature was led to the green by front row starters Dean LaPointe and Rick Grunden. LaPointe took an early advantage entering turn one and bypassed Grunden entering turn three. Grunden charged back, looking inside of LaPointe entering turn one at the start of lap two. A slip by Grunden off corner two allowed Jason Weinkauf to take advantage, moving into second place on the high side on lap three. Troy Nelson also moved past Grunden, only to be denied the position as a spin in turn two by Jeff Weinfurter brought out the first caution. The restart saw LaPointe take a one car advantage over the field into turn one. Jason Weinakuf and Nelson quickly moved by Grunden taking the second and third positions on lap four.

One lap later, they dove under leader LaPointe for the top two positions. Lap five also saw Chris Weinkauf move past Grunden on the high side, and challenge low of LaPointe. Larry Schotten moved low of Grunden on lap six, followed by Eugene Gregorich Jr and Elliott Weiler. On lap ten, Gregorich used the same lowside move to bypass Schotten and take over the fifth position. Chris Weinkauf also overtook third from the determined LaPointe on lap ten after a five lap side by side battle. Caution returned to the speedway on lap 12 after Weiler made contact with the front straightway wall. Jason Weinkauf stretched a huge lead on the restart of lap 12 as the field entered turn one. Gregorich roared along side LaPointe entering turn three, completing the pass on the high side entering turn one. Schotten was quick to follow, diving underneath LaPointe on lap 16. Gregorich closed to the rear bumper of Chris Weinkauf by lap 19, taking over third place on lap 21 with an inside pass entering turn one. LaPointe’s determination was not enough to overcome a fading car as Ben Pettis, Tim Hintz and Rocky Breezer passed him on the inside after several laps of battling. With two laps to go, Gregorich made his move inside of second place car Nelson taking the spot entering turn three. Nelson fought back, diving low of Gregorich entering turn one as they took the white flag. Gregorich was not to be denied, as he took hold of the position exiting turn two. Jason Weinkauf powered to the checkered with a multi-car length lead, followed by Gregorich, Nelson, Chris Weinkauf and Schotten.

The CarQuest super stock feature’s first lap was led by pole sitter Larry Schultz. Matt Raykowski battled back on the high line, overtaking Schultz for the top spot. Randy Meyer followed suit as he also passed Schultz on lap four. Travis Zvolena showed no fear as he moved through traffic early. He passed Chad Scholl on lap four and Schultz on lap five to close in on the lead pair. Meyer overtook Raykowski on lap six taking the top spot. Caution flew on lap seven for a spin on the backstretch by Randy Emmerich. Matt Pyburn, Jon Ashcraft, Schultz and Scholl were collected in the incident. Meyer jumped to a three car length advantage as racing resumed. Zvolena quickly closed back in on Meyer as he challenged high entering turn three.

A small slip allowed Cale Laessig to dive under Zvolena, taking over second place. Zvolena was quick to respond as he dove to the inside of Laessig on lap nine, only to be halted by caution. Raykowski, Scholl, Greg Manor, Andy Munthe, and Dennis Crass collided in turn four, causing heavy damage to several cars. Meyer resumed the lead on lap nine, with Wes Coon diving low of Brian Weinfurter as they battled for the fifth position. On lap 11, Laessig’s progress forward resumed as he entered turn three along side Meyer, bypassing him for the lead exiting turn two. Weinfurter followed Laessig, rolling past Meyer on the high line one lap later. He then set his sites on the leader, chipping away at the multi car length distance between he and Laessig. Zvolena was next to challenge Meyer high. He moved a fender length alongside as Coon looked low, three-wide the trio entered turn three on lap 18. Coon capitalized, moving into third as Zvolena lost grip in the high line, sliding back to fifth. Laessig’s lead proved too great as he held on for the victory with Weinfurter in second, Coon, Meyer, and Zvolena rounding out the top five.

A dozen daredevils on two wheels showed up to do battle on the super fast