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Sauter Jr. Closes Point Championship Battle with Win at Marshfield

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on August 20th, 2012

Marshfield, WI, August 18, 2012 – With the season coming to a close towards the end of next month, the Super Late Model championship points battle appears to be between three drivers, Ben Pettis, Jim Sauter, Jr., and Ryan Hinner, with Cory Jankowski knocking on the door.  Tonight, it was Scout night, with many youngsters having the opportunity to watch some great racing action at Marshfield Motor Speedway.

Leading the way to the green flag in the super late model feature event was Don “Thunder” Turner and Janesville’s Richie Bickle, Jr.  The two drivers battled side by side, for the race lead, for the first three laps.  Turner was able to battle of Bickle for the race lead.  Jim Sauter, Jr. gained the runner up spot slipping by Bickle on lap 3 of the 35-lap feature event.  Sauter, Jr. now had his sights set on “Thunder” Turner for the race lead.  Two laps later, Sauter, Jr. muscled his way pass Turner for the race lead.  Paige Decker worked her way past Rich Bickle for the third spot and was looking to take the second spot from Turner. By lap 11, Decker worked her way to the runnerup position with Bickle stealing the third position from Turner.  Maybe the fastest car in the field was that of Ryan Hinner.  Hinner was passing cars inside and outside and worked his way to the fifth spot by the halfway point of the race.  Florida’s Dalton Zehr and Hinner battled several laps with Hinner gaining the advantage through lapped traffic.  Point leader Ben Pettis also appeared fast but had much lapped traffic to contend with.  Paige Decker cut into Jim Sauter, Jr.’s lead slightly, but with 5 laps remaining, it was evident that Sauter, Jr. was on his way to another feature win.  Ryan Hinner made a last lap pass of Bickle to gain the third position, finishing ahead of Bickle and Dalton Zehr.  Zehr tripped the clock fastest with a lap time of 18.133.  Pettis won the Napa of Marshfield Dash 4 Cash, with Cory Jankowski and Jim Sauter, Jr. winning their respective heats.

1. Jim Sauter, Jr.

2. Paige Decker

3. Ryan Hinner

4. Rich Bickle, Jr.

5. Dalton Zehr

6. Ben Pettis

7. Cory Jankowski

8. Neil Knoblock

9. Claire Decker

10. Don Turner

11. Brian Back

12. Dean LaPointe

13. Kevin Eggert

14. Chad Selk

15. Cory Kemkes

16. Clint Sillars

17. Jack Greenwood

The CWSSA Super Stocks were once again in action tonight at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Kyle Wolosek tripped the clock fastest in qualifying earning top honors.  Wolosek has had some car issues this year, but otherwise, very strong.  Making his first appearance in the super stock class in nearly two years, was Greg Back.  Back, racing the Matt Raykowski machine, also appeared very fast.

Phil Malouf jumped out to the early lead in the super stock feature event.  Malouf, who started the night as the point leader, also won the heat race for the super stock division.  Greg Back, whom of which started in the third row, quickly grabbed the lead away from Malouf.  Hot on the heels of Greg Back, was Kyle Wolosek.  Wolosek worked his way to the second spot, with Brian Weinfurter climbing to third.  As it was, it appeared that those three cars were basically equally fast.  It was just a matter as to who would get out first ahead of the others.  Well, that was Greg Back and he went on to win over Wolosek, and Weinfurter.  Phil Malouf and Bryan Langreck ended up in the fourth and fifith positions respectively.  Weinfurter, with his finish, climbed to one point behind Malouf for the track championship.

Feature events for the Bandits and Motorcycles were wiped out by rain.  Bandits will be making up their feature event on September 1st, with Motorcycles making their event on September 15.

Marshfield Motor Speedway will continue racing on September 1st.  Visit us online at for all our schedule events.  Each week in September, Marshfield Motor Speedway will have scheduled events!  Also, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.