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Schendel Captures Rain Shortened Fall Shootout

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on September 17th, 2013

Marshfield, WI – (September 14, 2013) – Mother nature moved into the area earlier than forecasters predicted Saturday night, causing a shortened version of the YRRS Fall Shootout feature event.

When drivers took the green flag, caution came out on the first lap as Brandon Conrad looped his car in turn three in front of the field of 32 super late models.  Drivers caught up in the melee were Jeremy Lepak, Darek Gress, Monte Gress, Cardell Potter, Travis Volm, Tim Schendel, among others.  Unfortunately, it was the end of the night for Potter, Darek Gress, and Lepak!

With all drivers getting their respective starting positions back, it was Tim Schendel taking control of the race, with challenges from Brian Goodwin and Dean LaPointe.  Caution flew again for an incident coming out of turn four, once the green flag flew again, it was Mark Eswein and MG Gajewski moving forward in the field of cars.  Unfortunately, after 23 laps, rain started to fall, halting the feature event.  Tim Schendel was declared the winner with Mark Eswein and Brian Goodwin finishing second and third.  MG Gajewski and Dean LaPointe rounded out the top five.

1. Tim Schendel

2. Mark Eswein

3. Brian Goodwin

4. MG Gajewski

5. Dean LaPointe

6. Dalton Zehr

7. Jamie Iverson

8. Brent Strelka

9. Colin Reffner

10. Travis Volm

11. Tommy Pecaro

12. Steve Holzhausen

13. Frank Nitzke

14. Dan Lindsley

15. Shawn Majkrzak

16. Tim Hintz

17. Kelsey Bauer

18. Monte Gress

19. Wyatt Blashe

20. Gary Natrop

21. Alex Stumpf

22. Glen Bush, Jr.

23. Jesse Oudenhoven

24. Kyle Rhoades

25. Kris Oliver

26. Jack Greenwood

27. Ryan Hinner

28. Darek Gress

29. Cardell Potter

30. Jeremy Lepak

31. Brandon Conrad

32. Eugene Gregorich, Jr. (DNS)

Fast Qualifier: Dalton Zehr

Heat Winners: Tim Hintz, Travis Volm, Dean LaPointe, Ryan Hinner



1. Adam Kryzkowski

2. Adam Eckes

3. Derk Hauser

4. Steve Hauser

5. Phil Malouf

6. Rick Brandl

7. Justin Mondeik

8. Brandon Herr

9. Chuck Dixon

10. Danielle Behn

11. Kevin Burris

12. Dillon Mackesy

13. Curt Luedke

14. Christine Schmude

15. Travis Hoff

16. Austin Mckeever

17. Jeff King

18. Charlie Nickel

19. Tim Anderson

Fast Qualifier: Adam Kryzkowski

Heat Winners: Brandon Herr, Derk Hauser, Phil Malouf



1. Kyle Genett- Fast Qualifier

2. Kevin Berg

3. Cody Thompson

4. Bryce Cuggino

5. Tim Schultz, Jr.

6. Bobby Volm

7. Karl Genett

8. Brett Bry – Heat Winner

9. Greg Blunt



1. Aaron Anderson – Feature/Heat winner

Royce Rossier – Fast Qualifier



1. Kevin Burris

2. Randy Polansky

3. Dillon Mackesy

4. Justin Cyzan

5. Jeff King

Fast Qualifier & Heat Winner: Kevin Burris



1. Ernie Schlough

2. Phil Malouf

3. John Zuch

4. Brad Scholze

5. Brett Bry

6. Tim Schultz, Jr.

Fast Qualifier: Ernie Schlough

Heat Winner: Phil Malouf



1. Travis Volm

2. Nick Erickson, Jr.

3. Kevin Berg

4. Karl Genett

5. Kyle Genett

6.Cody Thompson

7. Greg Blount

Fast Qualifier: Travis Volm

Heat Winner: Travis Volm



1. Brent Strelka

2. Alex Stumpf

3. Jesse Oudenhoven

4. Tim Springstroh

5. Gary Natrop

6. Michael Clapper

7. Kris Oliver

8. Ben Stumpf

9. Todd Oliver

10. Jake Carpenter

11. Tim Anderson


HEAT WINNER:  Tim Springstroh, Alex Stumpf



1. John Wood

2. Andy Jones

3. Joshua James

4. Natalie Decker

5. Justin Ortel

6. Jacob Vanwazer

7. Kamden Murphy

8. Mike Corvo

9. Jack Litzheim

10. Chad Wood

11. Jerry Wood

Fast Qualifier: Chad Wood

Heat Winners:  Jacob Vanwazer, Chad Wood