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Skylar Holzhausen Wins DuWayne Davis Memorial Fall Shootout at Marshfield – Anderson, Capek, Eckes, Pyburn, and Steve Holzhausen Grab Feature Wins

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on October 2nd, 2012

Fairchild, WI – September 29, 2012 – With weather in the mid 70’s and not a cloud in the sky, Mother Nature provided the fans and drivers with perfect weather for the running of the 2012 DuWayne Davis Memorial Fall Shootout, here today, at Marshfield Motor Speedway!

In Yellow River Racing Series Super Late Model qualifying, Bangor, WI driver Skylar Holzhausen tripped the clock fastest with a lap time of 17.893 seconds.  Mark Eswein was second with a lap time of 17.901 seconds, and Cardell Potter was third tripping the clock at 17.974 seconds.

Yellow River Racing Series heat winners were Chad Selk, Kris Kelly, and Jamie Iverson.

Leading the way to the green flag in the first 50-lap YRRS feature event was Florida’s Dalton Zehr and Tommy Pecaro.  Zehr grabbed the early lead with Pecaro running a tight second.  Eight laps into the 50-lap feature event, Steve Holzhausen would grab the runnerup position away from Pecaro, with Cardell Potter grabbing the third position.  Deeper in the pack of cars, it was Mark Eswein threading his way to the fourth position by lap 13.  At the midway point of the race, Holzhausen grabbed the lead away from Zehr as Skylar Holzhausen and Eswein traded places for the fourth spot.  Eswein, by lap 31, moved his familar #71 to the third position as he moved past Cardell Potter.  Steve Holzhausen had it in cruise control as the Bangor, WI driver put the Pete Kempf Logging #97 car in victory lane.  Zehr would hold onto the second position, with Mark Eswein coming home in third.  Cardell Potter and Skylar Holzhausen rounded out the top five.

1. Steve Holzhausen

2. Dalton Zehr

3. Mark Eswein

4. Cardell Potter

5. Skylar Holzhausen

6. Jim Sauter, Jr.

7. Eugene Gregorich, Jr.

8. Jamie Iverson

9. Ty Majeski

10. Jeff Weinfurter

11. Paige Decker

12. Ryan Hinner

13. Don Turner

14. Darek Gress

15. Chad Selk

16. Frank Nitzke

17. Dan Lindsley

18. Kris Kelly

19. Tom Linquist

20. Jason Weinkauf

21. Monte Gress

22. Dean LaPointe, DNF

23. Kyle Genett, DNF

24. Tommy Pecaro, DNF


Once the second Yellow River Racing Series Super Late Model feature took the green flag, Darek Gress and Don Turner led the field of 24 cars to the green flag.  “Thunder” Turner grabbed the lead away from Gress with Ryan Hinner running third.  Turner led the first 7-laps with Hinner edging by for first on lap eight.  Hinner would hold the lead for numerous laps with Skylar Holzhausen edging by Turner for the second spot.  On lap 36, Skylar Holzhausen and Turner would both move into the first and second positions respectively as they both drove by the leader of Hinner.  By lap 40, it was Mark Eswein gaining the third position, with Steve Holzhausen moving to fourth.  With Skylar Holzhausen building a 4-car length lead, the best battle on the track was between Don Turner and Mark Eswein.  Eswein looked to pass Turner numerous times, but Turner’s ride was set up magnificently as he was able to slam the door on Eswein.  Steve Holzhausen, who earlier in the race slipped back numerous positions with engine issues, was able to fight his way back rapidly through the pack once his engine issue went away.  A few laps later, Mark Eswein made an exceptional move off turn two to get by Turner for the runner up position.  For Eswein, time just ran out as he wouldn’t be able to cut into the lead of Holzhausen as the scoreboard read lap 48 of 50.  Skylar Holzhausen went onto the win with Eswein in second.  Don Turner, Steve Holzhausen, and Ty Majeski rounded out the top five.

1. Skylar Holzhausen

2. Mark Eswein

3. Don Turner

4. Steve Holzhausen

5. Ty Majeski

6. Kris Kelly

7. Jamie Iverson

8. Ryan Hinner

9. Paige Decker

10. Cardell Potter

11. Dan Lindsley

12. Tommy Pecaro

13. Tom Linquist

14. Monte Gress

15. Jason Weinkauf

16. Chad Selk

17. Frank Nitzke

18. Jim Sauter, Jr.

19. Monte Gress

20. Dalton Zehr

21. Kyle Genett

22. Dean LaPointe

23. Eugene Gregorich

24. Jeff Weinfurter






In Super Stock feature action, Bryan Langreck led the first lap with Kurt Guralski quickly grabbing the lead from his fourth starting position.  Guralski held the lead until lap 15, that was when Brian Back decided it was his turn to lead.  Back overtook Guralski down the backstretch as the drivers battled side by side.  On lap 21, fast timer Matt Pyburn moved his #71 machine to the front spot with an outside pass of Back as the drivers entered turn three.  Pyburn went on to win the 2012 DuWayne Davis Memorial Fall Shootout feature event.  Brian Back came home second, with Phil Malouf grabbing third.  Kurt Guralski and Natalie Decker rounded out the top five.  Kurt Guralski and Brian Back captured Super Stock heat wins.

1. Matt Pyburn

2. Brian Back

3. Phil Malouf

4. Kurt Guralski

5. Natalie Decker

6. Jeff Nowak

7. Bryan Langreck

8. John Zuch

9. Kyle Davis

10. Scott Hamel

11. John Kasboski


Bandits took to the racing surface again today and it was Tim Anderson tripping the clock fastest earning fast time honors.  Anderson also took home top honors in the heat with Eric Robinson in second, and Bob LaRoss, third.

Mike Dixon led the first seven laps of the Bandit feature, but had to give up his first place position as Tim Anderson motored around him. Anderson went on for the Bandit feature win, with Bob LaRoss coming home a very respectable second.  Dale Robinson, Mike Dixon, and George Seiger rounded out the top five.

4-Cylinders battled today for the Shootout championship; it was Adam Eckes earning fast time honors with Steve Hauser and Rick Brandl taking home heat wins.  Once the feature took the green flag, it was Tim Anderson and Phil Malouf battling for the race lead.  Anderson was able to hold off a hard charging Malouf.  By lap 14, Adam Eckes moved into the runner up position as he slipped by Malouf.  Eckes gradually cut into the lead of Anderson, and once the two drivers crossed the start/finish line with one lap remaining, the two drivers were a dead heat.  As the two drivers of Anderson and Eckes exited turn four, it was a drag race to the finish.  Eckes, with his hand out the driver’s side window, edged Anderson by two feet as they took the checkered flag.  Phil Malouf, Rick Brandl, and Charlie Nickel rounded out the top five.

The always exciting Pure Stocks put on another great show for the fans at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Kevin Berg grabbed fast time honors with a lap time of 21.488 seconds. Ben Capek held off Berg for the heat win, with Dave Lashua coming home in third.

Once the drivers lined up for their feature event, it was Nick Erickson leading the first lap.  Nick’s lead was brief however, as Ben Capek put his familar #40 car to the front.  Travis Volm and Kevin Berg tried to run down Capek, but to know avail.  Ben Capek took home the checkered flag with Kevin Berg in second.  Nick Erickson was able to pass Volm for third, with Karl Genett grabbing a top five.

The next event will be the 2012 Annual Awards Banquet held at the Marshfield Eagle’s Club on November 9th.  Please plan to attend!