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Steve Kasten Back in Victory Lane on His Yamaha

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on June 29th, 2011

Story by Woody Eckes

Seven two wheeled warriors put on a battle royale tonight on the super fast ½ mile track. With the cycles positioned after the late models in the program the track was wide and full of traction. The heat race saw longtime gone back again Kawasaki pilot TJ Zeidler pulling a holeshot and leading the regulars for the first couple of laps. Marshfield’s Bobby Fedrowitz was the first competitor to shuffle TJ from the lead and the rest of the top runners found their way past too as they welcomed TJ back in typical racing fashion…..
The finishing order was Kasten, Eckes, Fedrowitz, Lewis, Zeidler, Eckes and Strebe.
The feature race was ten furious circuits of showmanship on two wheels. Heat winner Kasten lined up on the back row with his 502 mount while the rest of the 450 mounted field charged into the first corner. Marshfields’ Cliff Eckes timed the starters flag drop perfectly to lead into the first turn while the rest of the riders jammed together in a mass of handlebars, elbows and exhaust pipes as they fought over every inch of real estate on the wide, fast track. Kasten’s back row start gave him a definite disadvantage but he overcame it brilliantly with some great passes with on the inside and outside of the other competitors as he wrestled his way to the front. Meanwhile up front Cliff Eckes circulated in command of the situation; or so he thought……Kasten and Craig Lewis were a comin’…… Lewis made it Eckes’ back wheel first but while he waited for an opening Kasten surged by him and took the fight right to Eckes. Two laps from the end Kasten put the finishing touches to his pass attempt on Eckes to take his first victory of the season out here.
10 lap feature results: 1. Steve Kasten Yamaha 2. Cliff Eckes Honda 3. Craig Lewis Yamaha 4. Bobby Fedrowitz Honda 5. Ted Strebe Yamaha 6. Woody Eckes Yamaha 7. TJ Zeidler Kawasaki
Next date the cycles are out here is July 9th.