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VanDerGeest Takes Super Late Checkers, Pyburn Best in Supers

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on May 21st, 2006

By Sara Johnson

May 21, 2006; Marshfield, WI: – Another cool night for race fans to struggle through, but the racing action was hot for Stratford Sign Company night. Jeff Weinfurter topped the super late model time trials. Matt Pyburn made it two nights in a row for super stock fast timer and then followed up with the feature win. Kyle Opelt, only his second race night at Marshfield Speedway beat the other 21 cars in the 4-Cylinder division to grab quick time. Wayne Dietz got his first fast time of the season in the 1-Man Cruiser division.

The super late model feature would be an exciting 25-lap race with a scary wreck. Troy Nelson and Kyle Davis started on the front row and battled back and forth for the lead spot. With only five laps completed, the first caution flew for the spun car of Rick Grunden. When the race resumed the field doubled up for the only time, with the leader on the point alone. Davis led the field through the re-start, but Nelson was right there battling for the lead. Doug Drost, Jay VanDerGeest, Tim Hintz and more hard chargers were all chasing the leader looking for their opportunity to advance their position. Lap 12 the caution was out again, this time for the spun car of Bob Danes. When the race re-started, single file, Davis continued with his lead, but after lap 16 was completed, contact between the leaders would end the race for Davis. His machine tipped up on its side so that the whole underside of the car could be seen as he traveled down the back-stretch. Fortunately he landed back on all four wheels and Davis is okay. When the race re-started, VanDerGeest moved up to the lead. Fast timer Jeff Weinfurter was right there ready to take it away, and tried several times, but was unable to complete the pass. Drost and Hintz raced hard behind the leaders. With eight laps to go, M.G. Gajewski passed Eugene Gregorich Jr. for the fifth spot and kept it. VanDerGeest won, Weinfurter second, Drost third, Hintz fourth and Gajewski fifth.

Dean LaPointe led the first lap of the super late model semi-feature. Pete Kempf then grabbed the lead for the next seven laps. With only three laps remaining, Jason Weinkauf passed Kempf for the lead. Kempf was able to hold off LaPointe and secure the last transfer spot. Weinkauf won, Kempf second, both transferred to the feature race, LaPointe third, John Frazier fourth and Eric Wisz fifth.

Larry Schultz led the first two laps of the 20 lap super stock feature. Randy Meyer then took the lead on lap three with Bo Bennish racing hard behind him and grabbing the second spot on lap four. Brian Weinfurter, Randy Emmerich and fast timer Matt Pyburn were all on the fast track to the front of the field. Lap 13, Travis Zvolena raced up into fifth to join the battle between the top five. Wes Coon and Chad Scholl were also looking for a top five finish and began the battle for that fifth spot. Lap 17, lapped traffic became part of the equation. Bennish and Weinfurter were able to work the lapped traffic to their advantage and moved up into the one and two spots. Lap 18 the caution flew for the spun car of Randy Meyer. Before another lap was completed, the caution was out again, this time for Luke Bravener. With only two laps remaining, it was going to be a green-white-checkered finish. Bennish led the field for the white flag lap, but on the final lap, Pyburn took the checkers first, Bennish second, Zvolena third, Weinfurter fourth and Scholl fifth.

Jeremiah Strauss led the first half of the 15-lap 4-Cylinder feature. Lap two, the caution flew for spun cars on the back-stretch. There was contact between Erin Schlough and Dan McGiveron who were racing second and third. JJ Flick was collected up in the wreck and was the only one unable to continue. On the re-start, Adam Krzykowski moved up into the second spot. Steve Stewart raced from his tenth place starting spot up to second, by lap four. Derk Hauser raced up behind Stewart and on lap nine passed both Stewart and Strauss for the lead. Lap 10, Stewart rallied back to take the lead. Derk’s dad, Steve Hauser was also running fast tonight and worked his way up into the third spot. Stewart won, Derk Hauser second, Steve Hauser third and Strauss fourth.

The 4-Cylinder semi-feature was a 10-lap contest with three lead changes. Eric Haring led the first five laps. John Lietz passed him to lead lap six. Greg Blount then took the lead for the remainder of the race. Blount won, Lietz second, both transferred to the feature, Dale Louze third, Don Elmhorst fourth and Haring fifth.

Travis Paul led eight laps of the 1-Man Cruiser feature. Fast timer Todd Hoeper then took the lead for the win. Kyle Rasmussen was racing hard against Justin Moore for the second spot, when as they came around the final lap, Rasmussen’s car flew through the infield of turns three and four. Moore then finished second, but Rasmussen was able hang on and take an impressive third. Fast timer Wayne Dietz finished fourth and Pat Dickman fifth.

Due to last weekend’s races cancellation from weather, some of the IMCA Oldtimers wanted to have a race this weekend. Five full bodied cars came to race. Unfortunately a wreck during the heat race narrowed the car count to three for the feature. Chris Loberg and Mark May battled for the win of the feature event, with Loberg taking home the win.

Next Saturday night, May 27th, is Buck Night, ALL grandstand admission just $1 per person. Racing includes CarQuest Super Late Models, CarQuest Super Stocks, Motorcycles, 1-Man Cruisers and Junkyard Warriors. Pit gates open at 3:30, practice at 4:30, grandstand gates open at 5 p.m., time trials at 5:30 and racing at 7 p.m. Rain dated for Sunday, two hours earlier. Marshfield Super Speedway is located 3.5 miles west of Marshfield on County Road H.


Super Late Model: Jeff Weinfurter 17.982
Super Stock: Matt Pyburn 19.758
4-Cylinder: Kyle Opelt 22.380
1-Man Cruiser: Wayne Dietz 24.501

Super Late Model
Heat 1: Froehlich, Frazier, Wisz, LaPointe, D. Davis.
Heat 2: J. Weinkauf, Kraus, Nelson, Drost, Grunden.
Heat 3: Gregorich, Weiler, Gajewski, Weinfurter, C. Weinkauf.

Super Stock
Heat 1: Schultz, R. Meyer, Munthe, Stanley, Ochodnicky.
Heat 2: Bennish, Zvolena, Scholl, Pyburn, Weinfurter.

Heat 1: Lietz, Haring, Sischo, Elmhorst, Lueck.
Heat 2: Brandl, Strauss, McGiveron.
Heat 3: S. Hauser, Stewart, D. Hauser, Dunow, Krzykowski.

1-Man Cruiser
Heat 1: Paul, Hoeper, Moore, Dietz, P. Dickman.

Super Late Model: J. Weinkauf, Kempf, LaPointe, Frazier, Wisz.

4-Cylinder: Blount, Lietz, Louze, Elmhorst, Haring.

Super Late Model: VanDerGeest, Weinfurter, Drost, Hintz, Gajewski, Gregorich, Weiler, C. Weinkauf, J. Weinkauf, Pettis.

Super Stock: Pyburn, Bennish, Zvolena, Weinfurter, Scholl, Coon, Emmerich, Zakrezewski, R. Meyer, Schultz.

4-Cylinder: Stewart, D. Hauser, S. Hauser, Strauss, Krzykowski, Opelt, Berg, McGiveron.

1-Man Cruiser: Hoeper, Moore, Rasmussen, Dietz, P. Dickman, Bender, Kundinger, Denny, Paul, T. Dickman.