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Vanderloop Flag-To-Flag For Fischer/Dougherty Memorial Win

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on August 17th, 2009

August 15, 2009; Fairchild, WI: – Jack & Christy Fischer and Chuck Dougherty Memorial Race proved to be every bit of exciting as anticipated, here Saturday night at Marshfield Motor Speedway.

Divisions competing tonight were the Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Models, D & D Amusement Games Super Stocks, 4 Cylinders, Pure Stocks, and the Junkyard Warriors. Drivers pacing the track with the quick times in their respective divisions were Chris Weinkauf, Colin Reffner, Jeremiah Strauss, Kyle Gennett, and Tim Anderson.

Setting the pace in the Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Model feature was last year’s Track Champion Tim Hintz, and Fox Valley Ace Robb Vanderloop. Vanderloop, who is having one of his best years in a super late model, jumped out to the early lead edging out Hintz at the line at the completion of the first lap. Rory Melbinger slid to the inside of Hintz on the second lap to gain the runner up position. As Vanderloop continued to lead, point leader Chris Weinkauf worked his way to the third spot as he completed the pass on Tim Hintz. Running second in the point’s battle is that of Merrill’s Jason Weinkauf; Weinkauf was looking to take the position away from his brother, Chris. Two laps later, Jason Weinkauf did exactly that, made the pass on his brother to gain the third position. With Robb Vanderloop continuing to lead, Jason Weinkauf was looking for the runner up position, hence, setting his sights on Vanderloop for the race lead. Two laps later, Weinkauf made the pass of Melbinger for the runner up spot. Also moving pass Melbinger was that of Chris Weinkauf to gain the third positon. Continuing to set the pace and holding off the challenges of Jason Weinkauf, Robb Vanderloop was having a career night at the half mile paved oval. Weinkauf appeared to be a little better in the corners; however, Vanderloop gained it back on the front and backstretch. With eight laps remaining, Bangor’s Blake Horstman was looking to make some noise as he made the pass of Melbinger. Horstman, who appeared to have a very fast car, was looking to take the third spot from Chris Weinkauf. On the final lap, it appeared Jason Weinkauf might have something for the gentleman caring the number 18. Weinkauf got his nose under Vanderloop exiting corner number two, however, his car appeared to slip slightly giving the advantage to Vanderloop down the backstretch. Once starter Patrick Barrett threw the checkered flag, it was Robb Vanderloop gaining the feature win with Jason Weinkauf and Chris Weinkauf ending up second and third. Rounding out the top five was Horstman and Marshfield’s Rory Melbinger.

Colin Reffner has been simply sensational this year in his quest for the D & D Amusement Games Super Stock Point Championship. Reffner appears to relish making early-skilled passes on his counterparts. Tonight was no different, the young Wisconsin Rapids driver made a very veteran like move early on in the 20 lap feature event. With several cars checking up on the third lap, Reffner drove to the front of the field from his shotgun starting position on the field. Once Reffner cleared all opponents, his vision was to be smooth and earn another feature win to pad his point lead. However, one other driver appeared to possibly have something for Reffner. Visitor Adam Dagenhardt appeared to have a very good car, also working his way from the back of the field. Dagenhardt, who earlier in the evening won the Dash 4 Cash, worked his way to the runner up spot by lap eight. Dagenhardt, a Coulee Region driver, is no stranger to Marshfield Motor Speedway. He has made several starts in the Super Late Model division in past years. Also looking to make a statement in tonight’s feature event was Ryan Hinner. Hinner worked his way to the third position as he was setting his sights on Dagenhardt. With the laps counting down, it was readily apparent that the finishing order was going to remain status quo. With Reffner, Dagenhardt, and Hinner running first, second, and third respectively, and not gaining on each other, that is exactly how they would finish. Also finishing in the top five was Mark Langreck and Matt Raykowski.

It appears that the 4 Cylinder point championship will come down to the last night! With Jeremiah Strauss having it, and Randal Wilhorn wanting it, the night was set for a great showdown. Strauss gained top honors in qualifying, and with Wilhorn finishing second to Don Dunow in the fast heat, the fans were excited with anticipation in the 4 Cylinder feature event. Setting the pace was Dustin Paul and Pete Bell. With Bell leading the first two laps, Paul fought back to gain the top spot the next three laps. Starting twelfth on the field, Wilhorn quickly disposed of a gaggle of cars as he worked his way to the top spot by lap six. The Stevens Point sensation has been very fast despite any track he races on. Wilhorn and the Hauser tandem of Steve and Derk, ran in the top three positions with Austen Stump and Don Dunow on their heels. In the end, it was all Randal Wilhorn as he collected, yet another, checkered flag. Derk Hauser finished second with Steve Hauser winding up in the third position. The second three to cross the finish line in the 20 – lap feature event was Austen Stump, Don Dunow, and Jeremiah Strauss.

With Mother Nature dampening the speedway, the Pure Stock and Junkyard Warrior features were postponed. Junkyard Warriors will run double features next week.

Next week, it is WAXX 104.5 FM night at the races. Also, it is kids bike races with many bike giveaways for the children. Gates open at 5 pm with Miller Qualifying at 6 pm and the exciting racing action beginning at 7:30 pm. Remember, a race isn’t just a race it’s why you race! See you next Saturday night at one of the finest paved ovals in the Midwest.