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Wayne Mackesy Captures Career First SLM Victory

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on August 21st, 2004

By Mary Langreck

August 21, 2004; Marshfield, WI: – The Mid-State Truck Service Night at the races with WAXX 104.5 FM had Jeff Weinfurter set quick time for the CARQUEST Super Lates. Tim Hintz grabbed another Super Stock fast time as did Jeremiah Strauss in the 4-Cylinders and Pat Dickman in the 1-Man Cruisers.

The 4-Cylinder semi-feature and feature events from August 7 both ran at the beginning of the night with Don Dunow and Ricky Brandl taking first and second to advance to the feature. The feature race was led by Scott Gascoigne, then Paul Berg and last by JJ Flick who picked up his first feature win. Jeremiah Strauss came in second, Berg third, Kevin Eckes fourth and Keith Wirtz fifth.

The 1-Man Cruiser feature from August 7 saw Dave Knauf lead lap one, then Pat Dickman led the next eight with Cody Meyer taking over for his first feature win. Dickman took second, Justin Moore third, Sam Sudduth fourth and Larry Larsh fifth.

Darek Gress led the first four laps of the CARQUEST Super Late Model feature. Wayne Mackesy led the next four until Brian Back took the lead. On lap ten an accident ensued from contact with Jeff Weinfurter and Darek Gress. Gress along with Russ Weiler and John Frazier were done for the evening after all making hard contact with the outside wall. Weinfurter restarted at the rear. Back continued a strong lead as Mark Eswein came through the field. Lap 21, contact between Back and Eswein caused both to spin and turning the lead back to Mackesy. Mackesy led the final four laps for the win, Weinfurter came back to take second, Judd Brandl third, Dean LaPointe fourth and Eugene Gregorich Jr. fifth.

The CARQUEST Super Stock feature lap one was led by Chad Scholl, and the next two by Travis Zvolena. Lap four, Brian Weinfurter took the lead with Tim Hintz and Cale Laessig looking to take it from him. Hintz took the lead on lap 11 and was able to stay ahead of Laessig for the win. Laessig finished second, Larry Schultz third, Weinfurter fourth and Zvolena fifth.

The first two laps of the CWMSA 4-Cylinder feature were led by Adam Eckes. Lap three, Paul Berg, who came from a tenth place start took the lead and the win. Fast timer Jeremiah Strauss came to the front to finish second, Kevin Eckes third, JJ Flick fourth and Dale Louze fifth.

Sam Sudduth and Justin Moore each took a turn leading the 1-Man Cruiser feature, but then Pat Dickman took charge for the win. Cody Meyer grabbed the second spot, Dave Knauf third, Matt Cournoyer fourth and Sudduth fifth.

The Powder Puff races were won by Crystal Darr and Donna Brandl. The mechanics races were won by Adam Krzykowski and an unknown driver in the #01 car of Pat Dickman.

Next Friday night is the Truck & Tractor Pull. Pit gates open at 4 p.m., pulls start at 7 p.m. Adult grandstand admission is $5.00, students ages 10-15 $3.00 and under 10 is free.

Next Saturday is The Eve of Destruction sponsored by Martinovich Trucking and Z104. Some events include Forward/Backward Races, Relay Races, 2nd Over the Line Race, Outhouse race, stunt by “Hot Rod” Rodney, Jet Car Burn plus much more. Raindated for Sunday same times. Adult grandstand admission is $10.00, Students ages 10-15 $5.00, and under ten free.

CARQUEST Super Late Models: Jeff Weinfurter 18.022
CARQUEST CWSSA Super Stocks: Tim Hintz 20.393
CWMSA 4-Cylinders: Jeremiah Strauss 22.304
1-Man Cruisers: Pat Dickman 23.565

CARQUEST Super Late Models
Heat 1: Gress, Baldry, R. Weiler, K. Davis, Bell.
Heat 2: Weinfurter, Frazier, E. Weiler, Eswein, VanDerGeest.

Heat 1: Hintz, Laessig, Weinfurter, Schultz, Havlicek.

CWMSA 4-Cylinders
Heat 1: Kemnetz, Schlough, Feltz, Brandl, A. Eckes.
Heat 2: Flick, Strauss, K. Eckes, Berg, Louze.

1-Man Cruisers
Heat 1: Dickman, Cournoyer, Meyer, Moore, Sudduth.

CARQUEST Super Late Model: Mackesy, Weinfurter, Brandl, LaPointe, Gregorich, E. Weiler, Bell, K. Davis, Back, Totzke.

CARQUEST CWSSA Super Stock: Hintz, Laessig, Schultz, Weinfurter, Zvolena, Havlicek, Stanley, Meyer, Scholl, Raykowski.

CWMSA 4-Cylinder: Berg, Strauss, K. Eckes, Flick, Louze, Adams, Kemnetz, Dunow, Gascoigne, A. Eckes.

1-Man Cruiser: Dickman, Meyer, Knauf, Cournoyer, Sudduth, Larsh, Moore.

2-Man Cruiser:

Features From 08/07/04
CWMSA 4-Cylinder Semi: Dunow, Brandl, Elmhorst, Cormack, Metzler.

CWMSA 4-Cylinder: Flick, Strauss, Berg, K. Eckes, Wirtz, Adams, Dunow, Gascoigne, A. Eckes, Schlough.

1-Man Cruiser: Meyer, Moore, Sudduth, Larsh, Dickman, Knauf, Denny, Erdman.