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Weinfurters Capture Feature Wins at Marshfield Motor Speedway

Posted under Race Reports by Wayne Brevik on May 24th, 2009

By Wayne Brevik & Cliff Eckes

May 23, 2009; Marshfield, WI: Mother Nature was very cooperative Saturday night as racing action continued at Marshfield Motor Speedway. With temperatures in the 70’s and sunny skies looming, Sternweis & Sons, Inc. night at the races was going to be very exciting.

In the Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Model division, Rob Vanderloop was looking to add his name to the list of feature winners at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Vanderloop, a veteran driver from the Fox Valley, led the way in the 25-lap Super Late Model feature through lap 13. Looking to spoil Vanderloop’s hopes of his first feature win at Marshfield, was Wisconsin Rapids ace, Jeff Weinfurter. Weinfurter, who is familiar with victory circle, slipped past Vanderloop on the inside entering turn one. Vanderloop made every attempt on slamming the door on Weinfurter, however, it was Weinfurter that out muscled the car of Vanderloop down the backstretch on lap 14. Another Fox Valley driver, Travis Stebane, was also making his way to the front. Stebane, who has been very impressive this season, was having his own battle with defending Track Champion Tim Hintz for the third spot. Also looking to crack the top three was fast qualifier, Chris Weinkauf. Weinkauf, a Merrill native, looked to have the fastest car of the evening as he cracked the top five with 6 laps remaining. Hintz and Weinkauf worked their way around Travis Stebane on lap 21. However, it was going to be Jeff Weinfurter’s evening as he roared to yet another feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Rounding out the top five were Vanderloop, Hintz, Chris Weinkauf, and Travis Stebane.

Preliminary winners in the Culver’s of Marshfield Super Late Model division included fast timer Chris Weinkauf, Dash 4 Cash winner, Jason Weinkauf, and heat winners, Jeff Weinfurter and Travis Stebane.

In the D & D Amusement Games Super Stock Division, Brian Weinfurter and Erin Schlough led the way at the start. Weinfurter, who is no stranger to victory circle at Marshfield Motor Speedway, out motored Schlough to the first corner and wasn’t looking back. Weinfurter, who is defending champion, built a huge lead by lap seven. Working his way towards the front from the back, was Colin Reffner. The young Reffner, who was this evening’s fast qualifier, appears to have the talents of his grandfather, Tom Reffner. Reffner made some very veteran like passes to move into second by lap three. With Weinfurter distancing himself from the rest of the field, it was Reffner who was cutting into Weinfurter’s lead. Reffner didn’t have enough time though as the laps were counting down. However, the young Reffner, who was the heat winner, made the race very exciting as he got within a car length of Weinfurter as Marshfield Motor Speedway’s official starter, Patrick Barrett through the checkered flag. Having yet another impressive finish was Marshfield driver, Mark Langreck. Langreck, who was the Dash 4 Cash winner, finished third. Rounding out the top five in this exciting Super Stock feature was, rookie Erin Schlough and Matt Raykowski.

The 4-Cylinders, put on yet another exciting show at Marshfield Motor Speedway. Leading the way in the feature event was Neillsville’s Don Elmhorst. Hot on the heels of Elmhorst was Boyd’s Don Dunow. Dunow, whom of which is having an excellent year, took the lead away from Elmhorst on the races second lap. Dunow would continue to lead the race until lap six when Austin Stump make the outside pass entering turn three. Stump’s lead was brief however, as last year’s track champion, Jeremiah Strauss made the inside pass entering the track’s third turn. Strauss, who was this evening’s fast timer and heat winner, was looking to take his first clean sweep in his racing career. Stump made several attempts to reel in the very fast Strauss, but it was not to be as Strauss captures his first clean sweep. Stump, who looked very impressive, finished second with Gilman’s Derk Hauser, Randal Wilhorn, and Steve Hauser rounding out the top five.

The Junkyard Warriors made their appearance once again at Marshfield Motor Speedway, and would treat the fans to yet another very exciting performance. Marc Baldwin led the way in feature event and wasn’t challenged until lap seven. That was when point leader Tim Anderson powered by Baldwin entering turn three. Dustin Paul also got by Baldwin on the same lap. Also looking to keep Anderson out of victory circle was Sam Sudduth and Chad Kaser. Kaser and Sudduth battled lap after lap for the second position as Anderson pulled out to a five-car lead. When the checkered flag flew, it was Tim Anderson the victor. Sudduth edged out Kaser for the second spot with sensation driver Kyle Rasmussen and Shawn Carpenter rounding out the top five. Heat winners tonight were Marc Baldwin and Tim Anderson.

The Motorcycles, once again, showcased their talents once again with some very tight racing action. The numbers of cycle racers were down tonight, however, the excitement was high with a field of driver from around the state. Lee Johnson, a Big Falls resident, tripped the clock at 21.47 to lead all qualifiers. In the six-lap heat race, Hatley’s Steve Kasten threaded the needle off turn two between Cliff and Woody Eckes to gain the lead and victory. In the ten lap main event, Bobby Fedrowitz got the holeshot and lead going into turn three. Cliff Eckes and Steve Kasten blasted by Fedrowitz on both sides in their fight for the front spot. Kasten and Eckes raced side by side for the entire 10 lap main event putting the fans on the edge of their seats! With both drivers looking for a spot to gap the other to secure the lead, it was obvious to the fans that this race was coming right down the start/finish line. Action heated up for the third position as well, as Granton’s Craig Lewis and Woody Eckes of Spencer battled side by side. Age and Experience won out tonight as Eckes barely edged Lewis for the spot. However, up front was the real battle with Steve Kasten holding off Cliff Eckes for the win and capping off another thrilling motorcycle event on the fastest blacktop oval in the state.

Feature Results: 1. Steve Kasten, Yamaha 2. Cliff Eckes, Yamaha 3. Woody Eckes Yamaha 4. Craig Lewis Yamaha 5. Lee Johnson, Rotax 6. Bobby Fedrowitz, Honda 7. Ted Strebe, Yamaha 8. Troy Johnson, Rotax.

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