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Weinkauf Brothers Take 1-2 Finish in Marshfield Super Lates!

Posted under Race Reports by Chris Budzban on May 27th, 2006

By Sara Johnson

May 27, 2006; Marshfield, WI: – Hot and muggy weather greeted the many fans for Buck Night. Tim Hintz scored his first super late model fast time. Matt Pyburn made it three fast times in a row with his super stock. Wayne Dietz was quickest timer in the 1-Man cruisers.

Elliott Weiler led the 20 car field of super late models through the first three circuits. Jason Weinkauf passed Weiler for the lead successfully on lap four. Chris Weinkauf then began challenging Weiler for the second spot. A few laps later he was successful and then began the chase for the lead. As Chris Weinkauf began try and reel in his brother Jason, the field behind raced hard to advance their spots. Weiler continued to hold onto the third spot with Eugene Gregorich Jr, Jeff Weinfurter and M.G. Gajewski all trying to pick up a spot. Gregorich battled with Weiler working for that third spot and got it on lap 12. Weinfurter then began trying to take the fourth spot from Weiler, but Gajewski made the move on Weinfurter to grab the fifth spot. Meanwhile Jason Weinkauf continued to lead the field ahead of his brother to the checkers. Jason Weinkauf took the win, Chris Weinkauf second, Gregorich third, Weiler fourth and Gajewski fifth.

The caution flew before a lap was even completed in the super stock feature for the spun car of Scott Simons. Larry Schultz led the first lap once it was back underway. Matt Raykowski took the lead for the next five laps. Lap five the caution was out again for the spun car of Bruce Stanley. Several more cautions would plague the super stock feature race, but Cale Laessig, the new leader, would take them through each one as he held out for the win. Raykowski, Randy Meyer, Chad Scholl and Schultz would all swap back and forth within the top five. Wes Coon and Matt Pyburn raced to the front and were in the top five for the last half of the race. The yellow came out with only three to go, when a smoke problem with Coon’s car became worse. Coon retired his machine to the pits. Pyburn then slide up into the third spot with Weinfurter and Randy Emmerich moving up in the top five. Emmerich then had troubles and also pitted. Laessig led the field for the win, Scholl second, Pyburn third, Weinfurter fourth and Travis Zvolena fifth.

Motorcycle Results by Woody Eckes

A dozen daring cyclists fought it out on the blacktop tonight; and after practice it looked like the blacktop was winning; with Hatley’s Steve Kasten falling by himself in turn two as his front tire washed out. His leathers and helmet did their job and he recovered his speed with a close 3rd place finish in the first heat behind Mark Zeidler and Brad Seavers. The second heat was a four-man shoot out between Randy Ruffi of Duluth, Troy Johnson of Big Falls, TJ Zeidler of Ringle and Marshfield’s Cliff Eckes Jr. Eckes gapped the field at the end setting up a very interesting ten lap feature race.

With the top three from each heat on the front row, six engines revved madly waiting for the twitch of the starters green flag. Off the line they sped, into turn one a spray of sparks off their steel shoes and tires smoking off into the backstretch. The Zeidler brothers, Mark and TJ shared the lead for the first lap before the younger Mark hurtled his 450 Honda into the lead, setting a pace no one else could match. But luck was not on his side as his rear sprocket came off, dashing his chances for a clear cut victory; and bringing out the red flag.

The remaining riders lined up single file for a restart; and all slammed into the first corner, charging out onto the straightaway in groups two and three wide. TJ Zeidler held onto the lead for the first lap but on lap two the practice crash not slowing down Steve Kasten, he burst into the lead. Marshfield’s Cliff Eckes Jr. followed his wheel tracks past Zeidler for second, but although he could match Kasten’s pace he could not pass him, and Steve Kasten put his name in the record book as the first cycle feature winner at Marshfield Super Speedway for 2006.

Results: 1.Steve Kasten, YAM 2.Cliff Eckes Jr. YAM 3.TJ Zeidler YAM 4.Randy Ruffi YAM 5.Troy Johnson ROT 6.Brad Seavers HON 7.Ron Bean YAM 8.Dan Vrana HON 9.Woody Eckes YAM 10. Todd Lewis YAM 11.Craig Nigh HON 12.Mark Zeidler HON

The 1-Man Cruiser feature also struggled with cautions. In the end, fast timer Wayne Dietz won, Lester Kuehn second, Kyle Rasmussen third, Mike Denny fourth and Travis Paul fifth.

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